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  1. Hi all, Wanted to check and see if anyone has any experience with Sidney Aarons. We've booked in a board and train next month for a few weeks while we're away, wanted to also have our pup get the most out of the boarding time so decided to go with Sidney. We're in Canberra and based on location and reviews seemed like a good option. Also having a chat with Sidney was positive, so after anyone else's experiexperience Thanks in advance!
  2. She is doing awesome! Thanks for following up :) We are just working on getting her used to the new house rules, with lots of praise, rewards and drive training, also with the occasional NO! :p Really keen to get her out there and used to other dogs, as she has never been great with them, but slowly getting there. She can be peaceful around dogs now, i wish i new more people in ACT!
  3. Yup that is a good idea! We have a dlink cloud camera that does one directional sound, so we can monitor her through that!
  4. Fortunately it seems as though she has settled down now, and did not whine when we left today!
  5. Thanks for the info, i will look into those collars.
  6. i didn't think collars do anything for whining?
  7. Hey all, Long story short, i moved from my parents place about 2 years ago and left our GSD behind. We just brought her to Canberra over the weekend, so she is no longer living with my parents. Now when left alone for any short amount of time (a shower), she whines when in her run. This is very unlike her, when inside she sleeps in her crate and no other issues. My wife and i are both going back to work tomorrow, and this behavior has got me worried. She never used to do this at my parents place, i was the one who trained her as well, she was also in a run in Sydney. We walk her, train her, and are teaching her the new house rules. She is responding really well to all of that, but seems she has developed separation anxiety. Any tips or recommendations? Cheers
  8. I don't want to worry you and most probably its not something else going on - usually just one is seen as pretty normal and your vet is probably right but its is sometimes a warning sign that there is something else going on and spotting that sooner for me is better than later so if it were mine Id ask for the chemicals to be checked just in case. Fully understand where you're coming from and appreciate your input!
  9. It actually doesn't bother her, it's bothering me more lol.
  10. He didn't suggest it, but thanks for that. Since this is the elbow that she always puts pressure on, lands on etc. I think he mentioned if would have started from there.
  11. The vet said it was Calcinosis Circumscripta. He said the only real way to get rid of it is through surgery, but it is not urgent. It is not infected and doesn't need antibiotics. He also said it wasn't likely that it would get infected. She is allowed to lick it, and no need to dress it, clean it etc. Cost of removal: $500
  12. It definitely has been, has never made her think twice. It has gradually gotten bigger, i thought it was a callus as she is always on that elbow. I am hoping to get to the vet first thing tomorrow morning.
  13. She is going, they are currently closed, and will be by the time i get home tomorrow. So unless they are open on friday, it will have to be Saturday. So looking at what i can do in the mean time if i can't get tomorrow off. Or other helpful advice.
  14. Hi all Sara has quite a large lump that i thought / think was a callus on her front elbow. It has been ok until day before when i noticed her licking it. I noticed a tiny bit of blood on a small patch of it. Come yesterday, when she got back from her walk, i checked on it again, and it looked like there was dry milk like substance on it. I cleaned it and put some rubbing alcohol on it. I then covered it with a damp make shift bandage, which is actually a cut up sock. I have tried to moisturize the lump lately then cover it with this sock. She just eventually pulls it off her self. When pressed, after i noticed this white substance, more would ooze out. It eventually stopped. Today it looks like while i was away at work a little more came out on to her bed, just specs here and there. I cleaned it again, and applied a warm compress for about 5 minutes. No more fluid came out. After doing the compress, i kind of bandaged the sock to her so she hopefully doesn't pull it off, and i haven't noticed any blood on it or on her bed at all. Does anyone know what this is? Is it a cause for concern? Cheers
  15. I agree :) Rob in SA said they would score it for me as well, but i can give the rest of the info when i get it.
  16. What would / should they score after surgery ?
  17. Fair enough, It was from someone with a Vet background, who is very involved with hip dysplaysia, well at least i think so anyway.
  18. Next comment from that person was that she would likely rate one down from excellent
  19. Thanks, how can i contact Ray ? I have lost my dogs papers Is there a way to get the details again ?
  20. The person who has commented on the x-rays is a well known person in the GSD community in NSW. Don't want to say too much in case the person doesn't want that, sorry. You can PM me if you like ?
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