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  1. I really needed to read that after the day I had with one of my dogs yesterday.... Thank you.
  2. I find with Frenchies its mainly VIC and New Zealand. So it might depend on the breed?
  3. thats a great idea Dee Lee! I will do that. We have already started looking at where the dog friendly parks are in the area so will try to start up convo's with other doggie owners.
  4. Thank you HazyWal and tdierikx for your reccomendations! Benny does look really good and has great reviews. I have had to rush one of my girls to the vet once (she was vomiting blood) and so I am super paranoid I may have to do it again and looking for somewhere within a 10 min drive radius.
  5. My Frenchie also likes to intently sniff eye sockets. weird!
  6. I was hoping to get some reccomendations for a vet located in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. We have recently purchased our first home and will be moving to Maroubra very soon. We are coming from Penrith so it will be silly to keep using the vet in Penrith as much as we like them. Can anyone reccomend a good vet particulary around Maroubra or nearby? Many thanks!!!! :D
  7. One of my Frenchie's purr's when she is enjoying a good pat/cuddle.... the other one grumbles with happiness... I love their noises.
  8. DEFINTELY go to another vet!! and take the pup TODAY!! Most vets will offer a free puppy check-up to get you to start going to them as your regular vet. Ditch the pet store vet.
  9. I'm writing to the organisers too. This is appalling!
  10. eewwwww! hahaha! How on earth do you explain that to anyone that saw it happen?! haha
  11. They grow so quickly! Mila is now 7 months and is as big as our other Frenchie. She still has a lot of filling out to do and has lots of excess skins she will grow into.
  12. Ours hates showers too... you can't tell! :laugh:
  13. I never said this situation is funny? not sure how you got that? I dont let them near each other at dinner the moment we discovered there was a problem. But puppy does forget and tries to walk into the other, which we quickly stop. we are there to supervise at all times. We tell her to stop and sit and stay... which she does because we have trained her to do so. We do not crate our girls at dinner time. We train them to behave appropriately and that dinner ours until we say they can eat. I know how serious the situation is and which is why we are managing it.
  14. I have 2 female Frenchies and 1 is food agressive. Frenchies are again smaller so more managable, but she has given the other dog some decent bites when we have incidents. The non-food aggressive one is only 8 months old so she doesnt fight back and has quickly learnt not to go near her at dinner time, but being a puppy, she forgets sometimes. We used the NILF method. Plus also if there is a incident, we put the older one on her side and she needs to lay there while the younger one eats. She learns quickly that we are the boss and decide who eats. We have got them them a good level where we can feed them in the same room WITH supervision. And we can give them both treats while they are next to each other. The risky moments are when puppy drops crumbs of treats on the floor and they both go to pick the crumbs up. So we only give very small treats that they dont have to chew up much. I always worry when puppy reaches maturity if one day she will fight back.... but as long as we stay on top of it, I think we should be okay.
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