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  1. Some frenchies are overboard too.Vit-B in diet can calm them down abit.Good luck with her and so sorry you are having theses problems with her.But very happy you want to try and help her.
  2. Yes Mjosa its so cruel too.l have had plenty of puppy buyers contact me with some real horror storys...Lost money they have saved up for a very longtime.
  3. Just to clear something up...l havent been scammed.Other people have been..l own Mortonplace kennels and put this up for buyers to beware.lt sickens me that scum like that can take peoples hard earned money.Shame they cant get a real job
  4. Hi all just a quick email letting everyone know that theres scammers out there again. They have adds for frenchie pups with faulse papers.Please if you have brought or looking to buy a frenchie and have been suplied with papers with the Mortonplace prefix. Please get in contact with me.Mortonplace DONT sell frenchies on full papaers.Mortonplace only sells pups from Victoria not any other state.. l have been email a copy of papers that were supplied during the sale and they have been doctored.Faulse papers and maybe even no pup. Mortonplace kennels have contacted Vicdogs and police about th
  5. People like these fruit loops give humans a bad name... Hang 10 there NOT humans there just plain gutter trash. l hupe the veggies they eat scream, real load when they sink there teeth in
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