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  1. Coat type doesn't have any affect on the temperament at all from what I've experienced. It's how they're raised, trained and genetics that affect temperament not coat type.
  2. As far as I'm aware it's for someone who is breeding ANKC unrecognised breeds. Some are the Australian Bosdog, Tamaskan and there are a few others.
  3. I have spoken with Steve today and he is contacting people as the dog did well in his additional drive tests.
  4. Haven't heard back from the ranger so not sure. Will update when I do.
  5. The dog is being tested more thoroughly on Monday so will let you know. Thanks.
  6. I think Fraser island should be closed off and become a dingo sanctuary for 10 years so that the new generation of dingoes stay away from people. Too many people get attacked.
  7. The dog is in the riverina NSW and I am not sure what kind of detection but he has proven to have fantastic ball drive, great confidence and boundless energy.
  8. Thanks, have spoken with Steve and will be doing further tests on the dog for him.
  9. Could you send me their details? The dog has until wednesday.
  10. Hi guys, I have a dog in a pound that has been temp tested and I think has potential to be a detection dog. I'm just wondering whether anyone has a contact regarding this, he only has a few days left and seems like a good candidate. Thank you
  11. Redirected aggression is a pretty bad type, when a dog is in a worked up state and lashes out it will go things it would not normally go. Here is what happened to me from a dog that redirected aggression. There was someone at the gate then a fight and someone was trying to break it up and the dog stopped attacking the dog and grabbed me. I still have the scar. If I was a child or had my head closer to the ground I would have been a lot worse off. Don't underestimate the power of redirected aggression. The dog was not mine but went to a behaviourist and is now fine but it wouldn't have been without professional help.
  12. Back in the day 'bad' dogs were culled. Where I grew up no one would try to fix a dog that displayed inappropriate behaviour it was just put down. This meant that the dogs that roamed were normally well-adjusted and nice dogs. There are a lot of dogs around today that would never have made it this long back when I was a child. The above coupled with a change in social practices, more congested living and the law makes dogs more confined and dogs that used to get their exercise and socialisation by roaming the street or playing in huge backyards are now confined and isolated in much smaller areas which can lead to issues.
  13. This is going to happen when people don't follow rules and wild animals with wild instincts become emboldened.
  14. I yell incoherent gibberish until it leaves. :laugh:
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