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  1. Meeting Scary Dogs

    Just don't let your fear be recognised by your dog as it may start to react to certain dogs which can sometime trigger a reaction in some dogs when there may have been none if your dog was confident :)
  2. Meeting Scary Dogs

    Breeds of dogs don't faze me as each dog is an individual but if I pick up body language or behaviour in a dog that I feel is unsafe and the owner is unaware, ignorant, apathetic or over their head then I will avoid. I have had so many people tell me their dog displaying clear prey drive signals just 'wants to play' with my much smaller dog. Actually a few years ago I came across a lady with a certain purebred dog who 'just wanted to play', 'it's just excited to see your dog'. I avoided that dog as it didn't want to play. Fast forward 2 years later and the dog had to be put down for attacking other dogs seriously. Don't ever ignore your gut feelings even if you may seem rude to other people. Just don't let your fear of one dog, or the media create unrealistic notions of a specific breed or type. Be alert but not alarmed :)
  3. Can anyone form Koolie Rescue please contact me urgently, thank you.
  4. What Time Do You Feed Your Dogs?

    Sounds familiar lol
  5. Fatal Crash Lake Boga

    A friend has spoken directly to Dorothy and it isn't GTE.
  6. Fatal Crash Lake Boga

    I have been informed it wasn't GTE but a private volunteer transporter called Noel. The person in the other car has passed away. RIP
  7. How Do You Stop Water Bowl Diggers?

    Clam Shell pools! I have the worst 45kg water digger ever but even she gives up with the clam shells!
  8. Have you tried Great dane Rescue in Victoria?
  9. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    Dogs will find a way. if it's too cold during the day or very wet I would pop he rin the Laundry but she does need sunlight and fresh air so if it's a nice mild day and you are out then that would be Ok but just make sure she's not left too long and is given something to occupy herself otherwise she could start with the barking again. Always make sure she has lots of warm snuggly things during the day. I thought she looked a bit jack russell that's why i asked lol
  10. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    Yeah that pen would be good for a place to keep her during time she cannot be surpervised during the day but not at night, just not warm enough and too draughty. What did they say she was crossed with?
  11. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    8 week old puppies usually need 3-4 small meals a day as they only have little bellies. I would be splitting her feed sup, you may notice she starts to eat it all as she'll be less full. What is she currently eating? She's adorable!
  12. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    You need to wait until she's had her second vaccination (a week or two after is ideal) before letting her out of your property at all or introducing her to other dogs. Diseases can be transmitted many ways, not just ingesting poo but just like us, we can catch something simply from touching where an infected person has been and it's the same for dogs. I would suggest having her vaccinated fully (C5) this does parvo, hepatitis, distemper and both kennel coughs (dogs have to be vaccinated fully to attend puppy school). Has she visited the vet yet. Probably best to get her fully vet checked if you haven't yet. I assume she came with her vaccination papers to prove she has been done? As for whimpering when needing to go, most puppies don't associate going outside with going to the toilet so will just go when they feel like it. Your best bet is to wake once or twice during the night to take her out and let her go. That way she never gets to the point of needing to go and will associate going outside with going to the toilet. Newspaper is always a good idea for those inevitable accidents. Also setting up a feeding routine will help you estimate poo and wee times better as well. I'm glad we can help you as having a new puppy is daunting enough. Having your FIRST ever new puppy must be very overwhelming at times. there are lots of knowledgeable people here to help you if you stick it out. Having an educated vet and a puppy pre school trainer will help you out as well. You'll also meet others in a similar boat as well. forgot to ask you her name? And you know cute puppy pictures are compulsory right?
  13. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    That's fine, just make sure she has adequate warm shelter for extra cold and wet days. Night time is a different matter for tiny puppies.
  14. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    Once they were about 4-5 months old I started slowly introducing them to being outside alone but made it very very inviting and used to give them a kong or a big bone to chew on to keep them occupied. (make sure bone is raw if you do that). I would personally wait until spring before starting outside learning.
  15. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    As i said, the majority of my dogs are outside all the time now but as pups they were inside. It's just too cold and lonely for an 8 week old baby.
  16. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    Make her an outside dog later. I honestly think it's too cold for a puppy to be out alone. I own a couple of outside dogs but when i got them as puppies they were inside.
  17. I don't require anymore at this stage. Thanks everyone
  18. Dingo For Sale :(

    He's need a separate area as dingoes don't take kindly to outsiders.
  19. Dingo For Sale :(

    I know wildcare take dingo pups but I don't know about adults
  20. Maremma's For Pets

    I own a pet maremma and socialising him intensely with everything I wanted him to be ok with for the rest of his life was the most important bit. I got him used to being walked, being introduced to strangers, adjusting to different people and dogs. His barking is the biggest issue and is easily controlled by bringing him in or putting him away for the night. They are fabulous dogs but aren't for everyone and in the wrong hands I've seen it go very very badly so the home is the key to a good maremma.
  21. My Heart Is Breaking...

    I work in 4 pounds and especially at this time of year not all make it. Sometimes one really gets under your skin more than others. If I can I always go and sit with the dog as it's euthanised because they usually bond with me during my visits and temp assessing/general interaction. The vet is really good though and will tell the dog what a good boy/girl it is and they are usually wagging their tails before they go which makes it better for them but harder for most of us. After that I usually have a day or two off talking about the pound as I need a break emotionally. Luckily that doesn't happen very often and I try not to become attached to the dogs I care for generally because it is a pound and there is no guarantee.
  22. Croc Attack

    So anyway...how about that croc attack!
  23. I would take the puppy to another vet as blood in a puppy poo can be very bad. Good luck with your new puppy. A new vet first thing in the morning.
  24. Croc Attack

    Trent has always been a great showman and very professional. He also has an amazingly high pain threshold. I saw him have some pretty nasty injuries whilst working there and he barely noticed lol
  25. Good news! The council has approved the funding for the new pound and they hope to start work in the new financial year!