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  1. Am curious Hannah whats up!!!! Nothing bad I posted this as my status last ngiht so will post it here as it will be an open letter to the editor in tomorrow' paper My letter to the editor which will be appearing in the paper soon. I implore anyone that has visited Cootamundra Pound to get behind the proposed building of the new pound. The animals and staff really need it. Please contact me for more information about supporting this Dear Cootamundra Council. Firstly I would like to thank you for all your cooperation with rescue organisations regarding the pound dogs. To have a council so focused on rehoming dogs in such a responsible and caring manner is very refreshing. I have truly enjoyed working with you over the past 2 years and your staff are to be admired. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the current pound facilities. They are most definitely below acceptable housing standards and are not only unsightly but pose a heightened disease risk due to general degradation, improper housing regarding infection control as well as where they are situated in both fine and inclement weather. I am aware that there is a draft budget which has been drawn up and $120,000 has been put toward the building of a new pound in the coming year. I cannot get behind this and support this enough. Not only will it be able to house cats and dogs in proper and acceptable accommodations but will be more inviting to prospective rescuers and adopters as well as posing a much lessened infectious disease risk. I hope that Cootamundra Pound will be the first of many that follow suit in providing acceptable housing for impounded animals. Again I thank and respect your wonderful staff for all they do in the name of saving lives, they are truly fantastic people. Regards, Hannah
  2. Harden and Coota are currently in need of wormers.
  3. Just call him and speak with him directly.
  4. I'd be leery about a full positive behaviourist for this issue with this breed. I would go for a more rounded trainer that has experience with this particular breed of dog.
  5. Hi guys, I'm having trouble tracking done the bloodlines that are mostly associated with the irish spotting or mismark in kelpies. The reason i ask is because i've met two in the past (currently own one with stationbred kelpies on one side and coogee on the other) and she has a small amount of irish spotting on her neck and seems to work a lot like a collie and I've notice the other two I met worked very similar to her and was wondering if it was just chance or if there's something in it. I'd love to find out the lines associated with irish spotting and meet some of the dogs or speak to the breeders and have a look at their working style. There's a particular bloodline in Aust that is quite well known for producing the irish spots but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.
  6. If you can't get them to poundies then I know that some homeless shelters etc would probably give them to the homeless as matresses. That could be an option?
  7. Cane Corso's

    Yeah the well managed ones are lovely dogs. They're just a lot of dog for inexperienced people.
  8. Cane Corso's

    Yup they are. I know of a few crosses and a lady who had 4 (purebred) and had them all put down for aggression over a few years. They are definitely not a dog for the inexperienced dog owner.
  9. Irish Spotting/mismarked Working Kelpies

    Was he definitely just pure kelpie cross pure staffy? If so there's a chance, it's tougher to tell with unknowncrosses as there's always a chance there's a number of breeds contributing to colour genetics.
  10. I was just talking generally not you specifically :)
  11. Irish Spotting/mismarked Working Kelpies

    Yup that's irish spotting :) It's sometimes hard to know whether they are pure kelpie or have border collie in them and that's why they work like one. Still can't locate that breeder lolYou can see the white broken stripe on this one's face (not mine). That's the irish spotting I mean. The one I had had a small spot on the top of her neck http://dims.vetstreet.com/dims3/MMAH/crop/0x0+0+0/resize/645x380/quality/90/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fassets.prod.vetstreet.com%2F35%2Fda1240aec111e088ab0050568d634f%2Ffile%2FAustralian-Kelpie-3-645km071411.jpg
  12. I work in Jugiong which is just off the hume highway so you can always drop them off to me at work. Literally seconds off the highway :)
  13. It depends, I currently have no large coats at all and we have a couple of larger dogs in the pound. Not sure what Nina has. It's up to you, you can send them to me or Nina.
  14. Med-Lrg coats and blankets :)if you contact me (unless you want to send to one of nina's pounds) then I can distribute to the pounds as needed.
  15. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    Most Staffords don't bother to nest until the last minute. They are always too busy to get in the box and if there's people about, there's always somewhere else to be. Stafford bitches are in general great mothers, providing the owners know what sings to look for and whelp with calcium sanzdoz or troy syrup on hand. Ok thanks for that. I have limited experience with whelping SBTs, I know if working dogs don't nest they usually don't mother correctly either
  16. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    I would have some bottles and teats on hand, some feeding syringes, some heat mats and colostrum as well. Just in case
  17. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    Just keep an eye on her as dogs that don't nest can sometimes (in my experience) be poor mothers.
  18. Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack

    That cat probably saved his life or at least his leg. Best cat in the world.
  19. Try JRT Rescue in Sydney ETA: They could also try registered breeders with older dogs they're no longer using or showing.
  20. Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack

    The moment that dog clocked onto the boy and its posture went rigid I freaked out. That boy could've died, that attack was serious. GO SUPER CAT!
  21. Dogs Keeps Shaking

    If my vet had have lied to me i would have sued their arses. I'm sorry but if my dog was in pain and suffering from a debilitating illness i would want my veterinarian to tell me whether I wanted to hear it or not. I understand it must be very hard for you to accept but I believe you need to say your final goodbyes and have your dog euthanased. He sounds as if he is suffering and is in pain. It is the hardest decision but our dogs trust us with their entire lives, entire meaning the very end and the hardest decision. I would also suggest getting a new vet for any remaining animals once your dog passes. So sorry for your impending loss.
  22. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    I was going to say the same :laugh: I will definitely post photos when the puppies arrive. I'm feeling a little more confident today; I had a lengthy discussion with my vet yesterday and she suggested letting my girl at least go into labour, rather then having an elective c-section. She is confident all will go well but did tell me if its getting close to AH and nothing is happening, get her up to the surgery so I don't get slugged with extra fees. The whelping box is ready to go and my girl had a nap it in last night. She's still sleeping in our room (I don't think I will be able to change that until the time comes - she whines and barks if she's not in the bedroom with us and our boy). I'm going to go to the op-shop on Saturday and stock up on old sheets - I've got a few, but I would rather be super prepared and most of our rags are old towels with loopy fabric. Thanks again all - photos to come! Could you move the box into your bedroom or you may find she tries to move the pups there by herself.
  23. Is A Border Collie For Me?

    the key with any high energy breed is consistency and commitment in training and exercise as well as family time. Get a good breeder who gets to know your family so they can choose the right puppy for you. A recognised obedience school with proven track record and good reviews. Go to a few meets without the dog first to see if you like what you see. Same with puppy school. Borders can be wonderful dogs with great direction and training and they can be absolute nightmares without so as long as you're dedicated and committed. I wouldn't see why this couldn't work.