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  1. I worry about the risk of sarcoptic mange with that fox near the dogs as well.
  2. So this pleb runs South Coast Animal Rescue Inc? No, I think she's on friendly terms with them the more I'm reading I think someone who knows SCAR should let them know asap.
  3. I got sent this link. Interesting reading https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=234670036567123&story_fbid=532295433471247
  4. That's probably true, but looking at those photos, that's a load of animals to look after, I mean 5 dogs is heaps on it's own, let alone all the others. :laugh: , I'm thinking just feeding all of them would take hours, let alone cleaning up after them, brushing/grooming, training/walking/playing. Some people love that lifestyle and as long as the animals are all taken care of properly and live in good conditions then it's each to their own. It's when the animals suffer due to the person having more than they can handle that things go down hill fast.
  5. Yeah,we have quite a few animals. it's when you can't financially support them properly as well as run a clean set up that you enter into hoarding territory.
  6. I doubt she knows how to raise it properly, giant breeds aren't easy to grow and given it was a 'rescue' and she's not accepting the $1,000 I offered her makes me think she see's future profit in the dog. Harle pups can sell for $3,500 registered and $2,500 BYB. I know. I just hope she's not accepting it because she wants to keep it as a pet. I know I'm dreaming but hope against hope.
  7. I know. It's hard as a rescuer seeing your breed like that. I just hope that it gets cared for the right way considering they're definitely not willing to give it up.
  8. SAS, I found this photo of the dane pup. It looks in good health if that's any comfort to you.
  9. That link doesn't work for me :/ Clyde I'm so sorry how gut wrenching Don't you need a permit to keep a fox? Not in NSW. It's like finding a feral cat or European rat and decide to keep it.
  10. All my dogs are desexed just because it's convenient and i'm not a huge fan of some hormonal behaviour that can happen with entire dogs. I also do it as there are a fair few stray dogs that roam and I wouldn't want to risk an accidental mating/or other issues associated with a strange entire male trying to get onto my property no matter how much I tried to protect my dog. From a medical standpoint I have seen some disgusting cases of pyo and testicular cancer which has scared me off having entire dogs as well.
  11. Still looks sub standard and no dogs?
  12. Urgent Advice Please- Bloat?

    GDV will cause pain and discomfort and really fast. Keep an eye on her and if she seems even slightly out of sorts then call the vet. If you're worried at all call the vet and have a chat. How did you feed her, what did you feed her, how about drinking lots of water? Here's some good reading material so you're better informed. https://www.acvs.org/small-animal/gastric-dilatation-volvulus
  13. Busted!

    The look on her face is priceless. I have a video where I was doing a few tricks with torque and the cat just casually walks up and bites her on the arse as I ask her to sit. That was the session over. :laugh:
  14. Busted!

    I have to lock my cat away when the dogs eat. He likes to saunter into the middle of the kitchen floor and glare at them until they all slink away from their meals. Cats are jerks :laugh:
  15. Busted!

    :laugh: I like how Wisdom is like "Just let the cat do what it wants. Don't upset the cat"
  16. Bsl

    Kelpies are bred from short haired Collies from Scotland and cream kelpies are a genetic variation. Some dingo blood could possibly be present but it is minuscule. They are their own breed and not dingoes. I suggest reading up on the breed before making such claims.
  17. Bsl

    They are not fit to be pets either A girl I know has one and he was a chronic escape artist, regularly scaling fences and getting out near a very busy road, until one day he was actually hit by a car and sustained serious damage. Plenty of domestic dogs do exactly the same thing, and plenty of Dingoes kept as pets don't. This dog was on another level to any domesticated breed I've ever met. It killed livestock in suburbia on multiple occasions, too. So do many domestic dogs. Agreed. I've seen plenty of breeds of dogs do the same thing. Especially ones with high prey drive. It's not unusual. I know people with pet dingoes that never escape.
  18. What Breed For An Older Lady?

    I know many mature aged ladies with cocker spaniels around here. They seem to suit them really well. I agree that a greyhound would suit well as well
  19. What Breed For An Older Lady?

    Cocker Spaniel
  20. Invisible Fence

    Just wondering who here has an invisible fence and which would you recommend?
  21. Sam

    He was gorgeous. I came in here just to see his precious face again.
  22. A Good Breed For Someone With Anxiety?

    Not a breed I'd recommend for an hour's walking a day though. She does that with her dog most days, 30 mins morning and afternoon, depending on weather.
  23. A Good Breed For Someone With Anxiety?

    My friend has anxiety and PTSD and had a dogue and he's brilliant. very level-headed and calm.
  24. Invisible Fence

    I have adequate fencing just need something extra for one of my dogs
  25. Invisible Fence

    Thank, I'll have a look.