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  1. Hi everyone


    i have just moved into a new place which has a backyard and seperate  fenced courtyard. The courtyard area has some banksia trees in and has lots of the seed pods/cones laying around. I will be getting out to pick them up eventually, but what I am asking in the meantime is are they poisonous to dogs, as 8 have one that chews anything he can get his mouth onto! Lol

  2. Harper will play with Funnel Webs, but can't be bothered with Huntsmans... stupid dog!

    The other 3 won't lift a paw to earn their keep around here either... grrr! You should have seen them when I had mice... just sat and watched them, but wouldn't try to catch them unless they were already dead... *sigh*


    So are funnel webs deadly to dogs? We think my mini foxie had one the other night, kept a really close eye on her all night.

  3. Hi

    I am starting to research my next breed dog (hopefully to get in the next year or two) and have always loved collies. I have spent the last 2 days reading through this whole thread!

    Does anyone know of any breeders in the newcastle nsw region who wouldn't mind me getting in contact with them, get to know their dogs a bit and see if it's the breed for me?


  4. Thanks for all the responses everyone. I am going to write down a few breeds that I particularly love and go see some at some shows when they are on local to me. There are some great suggestions on here so will do some research into them and then hopefully narrow that down!

  5. Thanks for all the replies.

    Of course I will get a breed that I want as a pet as well, I'm not just going to get a dog to show then leave it locked up and not be part of the family!

    I'm in the newcastle area. I know they have shows at Hillsborough and am planning on trying to get there when there is one on next.

    The reason I asked for suggestions is that I like so many different breeds! There are many long coated breeds that I love too but I thought that a short coated breed would be easier.

    I have shown horses in the past of varying breeds and know different breeds have different presentation.

    I am after something that is easy to train with a calm temperament overall.

  6. I am after something that is a little saner than my mini foxie! She is a nutcase most of the time! Lol

    I have teenage kids (aged 14 and 17) but I am the one who will do everything for the dog I get. They will feed if necessary but don't do much else, except snuggle cuddles by the youngest of a night time and also first thing in the morning! Typical teenagers! Lol

    Dog will be both inside and outside, dependant on if we are home or not.

  7. Hi all

    I have been giving it some thought lately and think I would like to have a go at showing a dog. I am after some suggestions on possible breeds that are good for a total beginner!

    I love nearly all breeds of dog, but due to issues in my past I don't like the bull breeds, such as staffy etc. I am sorry if that sounds biased but it is due to things that have happens to me by those type breeds.

    I currently have a female desexed mini foxie (2yo) so ideally would like a breed that gets on well with other dogs. I would like it to be around medium size, with a short coat.

    I am after suggestions at this stage so I can then research breeds further. So hard when there are so many beautiful breeds out there! Lol

    Oh and I do intend to go to some dog shows and look at breeds there too.

  8. We have never once encouraged the behaviour, even when she was very young.

    Obedience training officially begins this weekend but we have done puppy pre school.

    We do go straight outside with her as soon as we get home.

    She is not actually biting just mouthing our arm there is no downward pressure at all.

    She is not jumping up at our arms it is when I bend down to pat her.

  9. Hi all

    My mini foxie pup Taya is now 8 months old. When she hasn't seen us for a while or gets excited she mouths our arms and hands (not biting down just open mouth wrapped around arm and wraps her tongue around us).

    How can we get her to stop this? I have tried removing arm whilst growling no, removing arm and walking away ignoriong her, tap on nose when she does it.

    Also with the excitement with my youngest son and I she pees when we give her attention after being out or whatever. At the moment for that we don't acknowledge her until we are out on the grass, but she still does the occasional one inside if we aren't quick enough.

    Oh and she is desexed if that makes a difference.

    And here is a pic of her just cause I love her!

    Any suugestions?

    Thanks in advance.


  10. Hi All

    I am starting to look for somewhere to take my 4 month old mini foxie Taya for training.

    We have done puppy school where she did pretty good, but now want to continue with her training.

    She is pretty good with sit, down, roll over. Not so good with come and stay.

    We haven't begun walking her yet as she has only just had her last lot of needles so will also need to start her with heel too.

    Any suggestions on the best place to go?


  11. Hi all

    Well Taya is now almost 10 weeks old and has settled in really well.

    I have noticed though that she is starting to leave food at some meal times. For example today she polished off breakfast and lunch but has left most of her dinner so far which she has had available for 2 hours now.

    She is still very active, playing and sleeping, and drinking well.

    I am starting to wonder if she might be better on 2 feeds a day now?

    is she old enough to drop to that?

    Thanks in advance for replies!

  12. Hi all

    Just wanted to give an update!

    We ended up getting a mini foxie female pup, who my son absolutely adores and she seems to adore him back, going looking for him when he is at school and crying when she can't find him! Please meet Taya!


  13. Ok so we have been to the vets.

    She said she is a very healthy well hydrated puppy. She thinks that she is getting enough liquid from her food hence not seeing her drink much. She got wormed today and I have more to give her in 2 weeks then 2 weeks after that she is due for her 2nd needles and will get done then too.

    Vet is happy with quantities I am feeding her, but agreed about changing over to better quality foods, also agrees about being done slowly!

    Pup absolutely scoffed her lunch down today and I will just keep monitoring the situation. I also saw her have a good drink earlier after she had had her lunch and a play.

    Thank you all for the advice.

  14. Yes pup had her vaccination on Thursday. I don't know about worming, which is something else I am asking the vet about today. I know she didn't get wormed last week apparently the vet wanted to wait?

    She is full of play and life this morning but I am still going to get her checked out.

    Thanks again.

  15. Just a quick update she ate a good portion of her dinner tonight, she got a bit of lamb mixed with some of her My Dog puppy and only left one mouthful, which was the tinned food. All the lamb went real quick! LOL

    As mentioned above I do intend to take her to the vet tomorrow to ensure I am doing the right things so thanks for all the advice.

  16. Thanks for all the advice!

    She has had a couple of really good plays this afternoon and has finished the food I left out for her lunch.

    I know weetbix isn't good for pups, but I thought it best to continue initially with what she was getting before I brought her home and gradually change over to what I want to feed.

    She seems to have trouble eating the dry food which is why I have given the puppy milk to her - I mix the biscuits with some puppy milk to soften them.

    I do intend to take her to the vet tomorrow to ensure she is ok, if she hadn't been playing the way she has been (full of beans!) I would have taken her as a matter of urgency.

    I was thinking about giving her a little cooked roast lamb tonight (we are having a roast dinner) with a little bit of gravy on. Do you think this would be ok?

    In regards to quantity she is actually eating - I am talking maybe 2 teaspoons per meal for lunch and dinner. I know she would only have a small tummy but thought that wouldn't be too much for her.

    Thanks again.

  17. Hi All

    Well on Friday I collected our new mini foxie puppy (aged 6 weeks) from her breeder. I made sure I had exactly the same foods as she was already getting - the only difference was I bought puppy milk instead of human toddler formula (breeder has a toddler so just used that).

    Friday night she ate ok, not brilliant, but ok. Saturday morning she went ok after a while, still not brilliant. She has gradually tapered off to if I am lucky she will have a couple of mouthfuls. I leave it there so she can eat when she wants, changing it at each meal time (3 times a day).

    She is currently getting offered for breakfast about 1/3 of a weetbix, some woolworths brand puppy biscuits (smashed up a bit) wet down with a bit of warm water and some puppy milk.

    For lunch and dinner I am offering her some of the My Dog moist puppy food.

    I have never had a puppy this young before and am just a little concerned about her not eating.

    She also doesn't drink very much at all.

    She is sleeping a lot, which I put down to her age, but she is still having some good active periods and play time. Toileting seems ok too, 3-4 poos each day and wees every couple of hours.

    Any suggestions?


  18. My son has been asking for a puppy over the past few weeks, and is thinking he might like a Foxie/Jack Russell type dog. His best mate (who is also autistic) has a foxie and I think that may be why he wants that type of dog.

    Are there any real negatives to these breeds?

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