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  1. Sometimes bathing them too often can cause them to itch... unless he is getting muddy/ dusty a lot I would cut down the bathing. My dogs are due for a bath but they haven’t had one for about 4 months... they aren’t smelly either I would just brush him to make sure his coat is free of burrs etc.
  2. I use Dentipet... I get it from my Vetrinarian. I also use a toddler toothbrush because my CKCS has tiny teeth and I find a toddler brush a good size. What I do and it works for me ... I let them lick a tiny bit off the brush to get a bit of a taste and then I brush away, they love getting their teeth brushed.
  3. Old age and how do you cope?

    I have a Vet appointment for her in early May to do a repeat of blood screening so will ask about injections while I’m there.
  4. Old age and how do you cope?

    Sorry I just saw this! Thank you
  5. Cav grooming

    Lacey’s coat went woolly after she was desexed .... I trim under her feet every couple of weeks and check her every couple of days as she is a magnet for grass seeds and burrs :/ apart from that she is very easy to keep groomed.
  6. Old age and how do you cope?

    I tried a box and she wouldn’t have a bar of it i even tried to encourage her with treats but no she didn’t want to try. Its ok though.. she has a really nice thick matteress on the floor that she likes sleeping on.
  7. Old age and how do you cope?

    I have always been extra cuddly with Sasha as she is the oldest and we have a very close bond.. last night she wanted up on my bed so my housemate picked her up and put her on my bed and for a few minutes , I just laid next to her and buried my nose in her fur... it was one of many special moments we have shared over the years I have had her on Sasha’s blend for a few years and last year when she pulled a muscle in her neck she was given Carprofen tablets which I give her one if she needs it. Its her birthday on 28th March so I plan on spoiling her a bit lol. Meant to add... she still demands her daily walk even if it’s pouring with rain haha it’s just a 10 minute walk around the block.
  8. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    I can’t see a problem with it but I’m not a breeder ... they can be very protective of their pups.
  9. Billy + Margo dry food

    I was feeding my dogs Blackhawk ... they loved it, and when the new formula came in they went off it. I now feed them Taste of the wild and they love it ... they do less poos too I have noticed.
  10. Old age and how do you cope?

    Yes your right.... I am blessed to have the time I do have with her, I need to remember that dogs live in the moment and so I make sure I spend a lot of time with her.
  11. Old age and how do you cope?

    It’s so hard isn’t it Every now and then she gets the zoomies but more often she just sleeps.
  12. Rose hip Vital..latest opinions

    I have given my two dogs Sasha’s Blend since they were young as a preventative.. one had 2 hip surgeries and my older one has never had joint problems.. so I guess it is down to the individual dog.
  13. Hi everyone My Kelpie will be 13 in 4 weeks ... although she is still her normal crazy self, I have noticed literally overnight that she is looking her age. She used to be able to get up on my bed but now she can’t get up on my bed anymore, so I have stopped her from doing that but I miss my girl being with me on my bed... she is 19 kg so too heavy for me to lift her. I tried training her to walk up the steps I have here for my CAV but she doesn’t want to know. I am not ready for her to be old and frail How does everyone cope with the knowledge that their loved one is on limited time? It’s making me sad and worried.
  14. I think you have already answered your own question... yes he is gorgeous but I think you are letting your heart and emotions get in the way.
  15. Water Bowl Drama!

    My dog is the same... she will only drink water from her own bowl ... she is also like that with her balls, she only plays with her own ball... if someone throws a different ball to her she won’t catch or play with it.