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  1. Water Additive for Tartar control

    Tbh I don’t think they work... in the past I have tried them but didn’t see any change so I use a toothbrush and pet toothpaste, my dogs love it and see it as a daily treat lol.
  2. A dog loo that looks like a winner!

    Just a thought.... I was in Cheap as Chips yesterday afternoon and they had big rolls of fake grass but can’t remember how much it was, maybe using a big roll of grass you can make up one of your own and just replace the grass when needed. Meant to add... it was the one opposite Hollywood Plaza.
  3. Kobi

    I remember Kobi well I didn’t realise he was 14! I am so sorry for your loss ... I know how much you loved him.
  4. Flea and worm treatments

    Thanks for that
  5. Flea and worm treatments

    I’m glad I’m not the only one I have been thinking about not doing it monthly as they aren’t around other dogs that much .. it’s a hard habit to break lol. I researched and Budget seemed to be the cheapest and they have free postage if you spend over $29.
  6. Flea and worm treatments

    Oh thanks for that .. will have a look
  7. Flea and worm treatments

    I used to use them but they only do the 6 pack ... I would get the 6 pack but with my trip back home to scatter my Dads ashes at Christmas it’s left me a bit skint.
  8. Flea and worm treatments

    One is a 8 kg CKCS and the other one is a Kelpie at 17kg .. I have been using Sentinel , I have tried the spot on treatments but I find they aren’t as affective because I always end up with some of it in their coat and not their skin lol.
  9. I’m sure we have had posts like this before but I’m not trawling through pages and pages In the last 12 months flea and worm treatments have got so expensive! I ussually buy from Petcircle but even their prices have gone up. I have also used Budget pet products but they aren’t budget anymore... for 3 months worth I am paying nearly $110 for 2 dogs I guess it isn’t a lot when you look at it but it’s still exxy when you have to pay in one go. What does everyone use these days ?
  10. Dog walking & summer heat

    It’s been hot here the last 3 days so haven’t taken them for their daily walk... but we have a plastic shell pool that my CAV loves and my other dog loves balls.. so my CAV gets a swim and the other one play fetch inside... they seem to be happy enough.
  11. Phoebe has puppies!

    Awww thanks Go to the link icon at the top and copy/paste ... ( testing to see if it works ) https://youtu.be/41taYOq1kVY
  12. Phoebe has puppies!

    They are all stunning... but Polly
  13. Dog Park

    I used to take my 2 dogs to the dog park regularly but decided that we would stick to walking around the neighbourhood.... they seem to be a lot calmer and happier. It’s not the dogs that are the problem it’s the stupid owners who allow their dogs to play unsupervised while they are busy chatting , or have their noses in their phone.
  14. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    I am so sorry to hear of Bubbys passing ... another Dol dog gone Rip beautiful boy xo
  15. Farewell Darcy

    I am so sorry Rip Darcy you gorgeous boy xo