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  1. Nature's Gift

    I have recently started feeding my oldie the NG tinned and she loves it ! She is getting fussy in her old age so i am happy for her to eat something she loves.
  2. Harness or Collar, what do you use for walks?

    When Sasha was a lot younger she was a puller so I used a sporn harness , now she is 14 and walks at a much slower pace I use a flat collar. She still loves her daily walk and will get excited as we leave the house so will pull, but not for long.
  3. Bleeding Barnacles

    My Kelpie had one on her face and like your Cav , she would rub it and it would bleed and get scabby so we talked to the Vet, and even though it was harmless we wanted it removed. Oh and she is nearly 14 ... we just had to get blood tests done before surgery... it was actually delayed 6 months because her bloods showed a problem with her liver. ‘I think as long as your Cav gets a clean bill of health then I can’t see why they wouldn’t do it.
  4. Tooth extraction Perth

    Not sure whether it happens in Perth but here in SA certain vets can set up a payment plan or go to Centrelink and set one up there. For the future get a pet tooth brush and toothpaste and brush their teeth daily.. you can buy them at the Vet. Its a bit strange for the dog at first but the toothpaste is flavoured ... my dogs love having their teeth brushed, it’s a treat for them Cant help you but maybe ring around and see what you come up with.
  5. Approriate dog fencing

    I’m not a fan of dogs being out the front .. as Rebanne says, it can create problems. I had to change my dog walking route because owners had their dog/s out the front launching themselves at the fence. Their mentality was because their dogs were behind a fence they were harmless :/ Yay for getting a new puppy ! How exciting
  6. Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

    My personal opinion ...... no they aren’t worth the risk , not after my dog was attacked twice on two seperate occasions. People think that because it’s a fenced off dog area , that gives them permission to socialise with other dog owners and ignore the fact that their dog is being aggressive towards another dog. And when it’s pointed out that their dog needs to be under effective control they couldn’t have cared less.
  7. I’m so sorry T . Safe travels over the bridge darling girl xo
  8. Socialising a dog - daycare?

    My dogs don’t socialise much with other dogs except when in passing on their walk. They are very calm and that’s how I like it.. Occasionally they will stop and say hi to a dog but I can read their body language pretty well.
  9. Grass seed again!

    Thank you
  10. Grass seed again!

    Thank you for the link
  11. British bulldog x American staffy

    In summer I would never leave a dog outside longer than the time it takes to do it’s business... but that’s just me.Today in Adelaide it’s 39 degrees and my dogs are happily snoozing next to me under the aircon. The problem with cross breeds is you don’t know which traits it will mostly have until it’s a bit older... so all you can do it wait and see.
  12. Grass seed again!

    Thanks for the tip about dryers! I never thought to use one Lacey is a CKCS and apart from trimming her feet, ears etc I leave her coat as it is.
  13. Grass seed again!

    I need some ideas because I’m at my wits end In the last 3 weeks I have had Lacey at the emergency vet twice because of a grass seed.. one in her ear that pierced her ear drum and then today she was back there again with a grass seed in her foot . I check both of my dogs 2-3 times a DAY and yet the little b******s are still getting in , I just don’t know what to do. Currently Lacey is wearing a snood when she is outside , but now I am thinking of getting her some socks to wear... I feel like wrapping her in bubble wrap! I keep my grass short and use a catcher but that hasn’t worked. If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them
  14. I was feeding my 2 dogs BH grain free salmon and they seemed to thrive on it for a while and then I started a new bag and bam! I had to put plastic sheeting on my flooring because the diarrhoea was so bad it was just coming out on it’s own free will :/ it was horrible. Luckily the company I bought it from took it back ... now I feed them TOTW which they love. This happened about 2-3 years ago ... but I’m not sure what happened to the formula back then.
  15. Toilet Training

    I agree with Dogs and RP..... When I got my CKCS I had her trained fairly quickly, sometimes just like human babies some take longer than others.. I just got lucky. I hadn’t had a puppy for a few years before I got Lacey so I just winged it... I only had one exit to the backyard so fairly quickly she knew where to go when she wanted to go out.. I also gave her plenty of praise after she went , possibly went too overboard haha but she loved the attention and learnt quickly. I agree that you need to go back to basics.. good luck