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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering for the breeders amongst you, what would you hope to hear from a person enquiring about one of your dogs? I think I'm a decent dog owner. Some of you might remember my thread about my gorgeous rescue Roo, who sadly had to be put to sleep after I realised that despite trying for many years that there was nothing I could do for her anxiety. I've never forgotten the support I got from this forum at that time. It's two years on, I'm ready to share my life with a dog again, and I've done my research and selected a breed. Not another rescue for me - if they were anx
  2. This was the first thing I read when I got up this morning and I've been in tears for the last hour. I can't even imagine being told this had happened to Roo ... So very sad for the business owners and the owners of all of those animals, when many owners would have been interstate and overseas and powerless to do anything. That CFA firefighter who lost his own two dogs and saved one by giving it mouth to mouth ... what an amazing man, to do that when he must have been so heartbroken himself. I have no experience of running a kennel, or of fire, so comment on what the owners could or could
  3. KaPooch in Thornbury are truly exceptional.
  4. Northcote Plaza Vet Clinic is great. When they knew I would be putting Roo to sleep, they gave me all her meds at cost until that date.
  5. She's hot with dark hair .... :) If the girl was gorgeous it's probably her!
  6. Oh, this is so sad and sweet at the same time. Your stories are beautiful. And amazing. I hope Roo visits me.
  7. Thank you. I feel better today in no small part due to your collective wisdom. I know you have been here before and it is soothing. I won't find the 'it's only a dog' incredulous looks here x
  8. Thank you Perse. You have always been able to say exactly the right thing.
  9. Selflessness Patience Perseverance The importance of being present in a moment
  10. It has been a difficult time here. No thump thump thump of a tail as I wake up. No little paws padding down the hall to see what's what. No toy dropped at the side of my bed. No cold wet nose pressed against my cheek. Nothing to pack up work and head home for. No-one excited to see me when I arrive. No furry little body weaving around my legs. No reason to go for a walk, just a pink lead hanging by the front door and haunting me. No purring noise of excitement. No excited jumping. Just silence and a very big house. I miss my friend.
  11. Thank you all for your lovely words. I so grateful. I feel plagued with guilt that Roo was frightened in her last few minutes. I didn't understand how quick the sedation would be... I spent her last few lucid minutes in another room getting her some peanut butter..when I came back she only had one lick before she was gone. I don't feel I got to say goodbye, or look in her eyes one last time. I hope she forgives me. I miss her and I'm sorry. I love her so much. Thank you all for your support.
  12. Hopefully with sound rather than smell.....
  13. Hi dol-ers. I came in to say thanks again for your support. I feel lost, and pace the house looking for Roo, the way she paced it looking for me for so many lonely days while I was gone. Finally, I truly understand her fear and anxiety. Sometimes I think I can see her on the stairs, or in her bed, but of course I can't. Twice, I have picked up her lead from where it still hangs over the staircase when I open the front door to go for a walk, forgetting that she can no longer come. I talk to her. I feel as though she still listens. I know I will never have a better friend. She was frightened w
  14. Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks for your touching support. Thank you for thinking of Roo and I. I don't feel too good. I can't find much to say. But I do appreciate it and I'll come back when I can to thank you properly and maybe post some pics.
  15. Thanks so much everyone. Nekh and Tdierikx, you've made me cry as well. My thoughts are with Buddy and Woosie. It IS hard. Because this forum and it's members have given me so much, I'd like to 'pay it forward' if I can. I have some items for anxious dogs that may be of use for people, pick up from Melbourne or I'll post if they're smaller. PM me if interested. 1. SAVIC dog crate, large 2. Drugs - reconcile, trazodone, clonidine 3. DAP diffuser, 1/3 remaining 4. Thundershirt 5. Bowls, bedding, toys and leashes etc I will donate to a shelter, however if people need particular items please
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