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  1. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Hmmm.. Don't Breed & Avoiding the Issue.. This Thread is on Brindle in Pugs... Have no interest in your side tracking ... DNA & Science demonstrates Brindle is NOT possible in purebred Pugs... Nothing More Nothing Less.. Start another thread if you wish to discuss other issues.. The Question is Brindle occurring in the Pug Breed Nothing More Nothing Less.. This Thread is on Brindle in Pugs... Have no interest in your side tracking ... DNA & Science demonstrates Brindle is NOT possible in purebred Pugs... Nothing More Nothing Less.. Start another thread if you wish to discuss other issues.. And then we can discuss your Motivations, Experiences & anything Troll related...
  2. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Very broad statements.. Just the same old excuses.. Do you have any supportive evidence & specifics? Or is it more about blowing smoke rather than manning up & doing something that you claim to be passionate about. smoke & Mirrors & little if any substance.. Like this Brindle Nonsense . AVOID THE SCIENCE because it isn't convenient..
  3. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Actually BYB..ing in no way enhanced by what you claim.. There are ways about doing Gene Pool enhancement & it's not the reasons you gave. Farm Working dogs & Conformation dogs.. completely different discussion. Breed Type as you might say.. We all have our preferences in what we like in our own dogs.
  4. Brindle Pug in Australia

    May I ask how long you have been in the Pug Breed ?? 50+ yrs for me.. Been there seen changes (Good & Bad).. BYB'ers have no reality to doing their time & prove that they have the Breed Interests at heart. Wouldn't have a clue what or how to achieve the Breed Standard.. More than happy to discuss the Breed Standard point by point.
  5. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Absolutely serious.. !!! Interesting how the attacks go on but NOT one valid reason as to why BYB's should be supported & what is their reason for existence other then exploitation of the animal to satisfy their own greed. The only recognised way to prove provenance of a PURE Bred animal is the Pedigree Papers. The photos supplied on other FB sites about this puppy are proof that the claims made on purity are not supported.
  6. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Jus a lot of excuses.. What is the purpose of a BYB.. Nothing other that $$$'s & that is what this whole post is about.. Is it Brindle? Get more for that or keep & Exploit.. BYB's have no other purpose..
  7. Brindle Pug in Australia

    BYB is what is is.. Pure Breeding for $$$'s.. Nothing about the Breed.. All the excuses in the world will never change the facts that BYB's & Puppy Farms need to be outlawed.. Along with any ANKC Breeders that don't abide by proper breeding practices & state regulations..
  8. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Just using your reference to Mosaic Mismarkings.. lol Thought you would grasp that one easily.. Ooops I was wrong. Maybe need to spell it out for you next time .. What evidence is there as to Pure Bred of these dogs ??? None.. That's another claim that cannot be substantiated.. Only document that has any weight to purity IS Pedigree or supporting documentation.. But then again that doesn't matter when the Greed of BYB's takes priority & there is no concern for the Breed from those that Breed solely for $$$'s.. Interesting that numerous pictures posted on FB but couldn't post one here. Even after a request was made. Deleted FB posts once challenged to provide further information. Hasn't even confirmed the photo posted here is the puppy they are talking about.
  9. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Ruralpug Sorry to disappoint but DNA & colouring is such that the Brindle Mosaic is not genetically possible in the Pug Breed. Not without the addition of a cross breed. Usually a French Bulldog is added to the mix. Far too complex an issue to discuss on a simple forum. There is science behind it.. Verified Chimeras is a DNA & Genetics issue & only way it can be proven beyond any doubt. What confuses me on this supposed Brindle is why ask the question then not provide the origins of the Sire & Dam. I could go into the many Falsified Pedigrees used to justify some of these dodgy colour claims. All it comes down to is Greedy BYB's trying to scam extra $$$'s
  10. Brindle Pug in Australia

    LOL DNA science simple says Brindle not possible in Pugs... SO anything that looks like a Pug with Brindle Pattern IS a CROSS Breed .. No maybe about it.. Chimera Pug.. Well that photo was debunked years ago.. The owner has never been found & the appropriate DNA Testing has never been done. Jumped on the coat tails of the proven Cat Chimera. Imagine if it was true the owner would be famous & make millions on Social Media. And if you check the Lighting .. The shadows are all in the wrong place. As are the reflections. No Flash used.. Check the eyes.
  11. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Let get to the science of it... DNA.. doesn't lie... To make it simple.. Brindle cannot come from 2 Pure Pugs... So the suggestion of it being Brindle is False. It could only originate from a Cross-Breed. Interestingly has managed to post many photos of other FB sites even after was asked for details here. Still claiming to be Brindle there.. "AI" was a smokescreen. Posts of other sites now removed once asked by many to provide more detail. Maybe it got too hard.. The Tangled Web unravelled..
  12. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Looks like Sam has gone missing.. All might not be as it seems.. Has absolutely no problems posting picture on Facebook sites & replying to comments with attachments. If anything a Pug-Frenchie Cross
  13. Brindle Pug in Australia

    surely you can take picture of your own Litter? Or you can use a cut paste & copy of wherever you are wanting to see on the page.. Whole Page the ALT & Print Screen is handy then just paste an save to an image.. Seems all too hard here.. So where did the MALE come from & who bred that Dog ?? That should be simple... Sounding more like a question of where do I get one rather than here is my Litter.. Sadly such questions bring out the Crazy Loons that know little of the Breed or the Standard.
  14. Brindle Pug in Australia

    In the OLd Days the term AI was only used with Frozen or Chilled.. Them days the old Turkey Baster was the "tool" of choice if you had a lazy or non-performing sire. The choice of words used by Sam is a little loose & naive especially when considering the question about Brindles in the Pug Breed.. Any reputable Breeder knows full well that a Brindle in Pugs can only come from using Cross-Breeds. DNA just makes it an impossible outcome from Pure Fawn or Black matings. This question bobs up quite often.. BUT we never seem to see any paperwork to support the claims of pure bred pugs.
  15. Brindle Pug in Australia

    Sam It seems an awful expensive thing to do an AI on your Girl when you don't have a registered Pedigree.. Hope you weren't scammed into buying any of that dodgy semen imported from UK as a rare colour? It is being advertised for huge dollars & is a complete fraud.. In Australia advertising something that it's not is fraught with danger & opens up a can of worms in the courts. There is NO such thing as a Brindle Pug.. It is simply the mating of 1 or 2 cross-breeds.. IF you have one in your litter then unfortunately you got scammed somewhere. Cheers John