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  1. New breed in Australia

    As far as I can tell the Catahoula Leopard Dog is an AKC recognised breed, but is not as FCI recognised breed, and is not included on the list of ANKC recognised breeds. That doesn’t mean someone hasn’t brought them into the country, just they won’t be running around the show ring. But I’d be more inclined to think the alleged ones over here are a general hunting mix with probably merle Dane genes in there, like bullarab, Am Bulldog, G Dane mixes or such, maybe even Koolie, and anything boofy looking with that muddy Merle colour gets called a Catahoula or mix of.......
  2. The Havanese do seem to be a bit sturdier than the pure maltese. We see quite a few Havanese in grooming these days. I normally prefer boys, but I find I like the disposition of the female Havanese a little better than the boys. A couple have had patella issues, a knee joint issue not uncommon amongst many of the small breeds. But I also know 2 that have Legge Perthes In the hip joints. Saying that, I’d choose a Havanese over a Maltese. Another delightful small breed is the Lowchen. Definitely worth consideration. Don’t let the traditional haircut put you off, pets can easily be kept in a cute short teddy/lamb trim
  3. Clippers for poodle feet

    The Wahl brand have several trimmers which are very popular choices amongst professional groomers. They have a 5in1 adjustable blade. Most Of us do feet on the shortest setting, and personally I do faces and sanitary areas on the middle setting for pets. The SuperGroom, the Bravura (make sure you don’t accidentally buy the BravMini, great for toys), and the Creativa are all Wahl 5in1 trimmers. There are other brands of little trimmers out there, such as Shernbao but I don’t have any direct experience with these. Ive used Wahl brand 5in1 trimmers in a professional setting for many years and they are the standard tool for doing poodle face, feet, tail and other general sanitary trimming. I always make sure to get the types that can be used plugged in, as well as cordless with the battery, rather than battery only ones.
  4. Old dog drinking

    Hmm, thoughts on why actually......maybe due to aging when she bends to drink, holding her spine or her legs in a particular position may hurt a bit so she compensates by changing posture, which in turn sees her head on a slight tilt. Same for all joints I guess. Maybe try raising the bowl if it is on the floor, and see if anything changes.
  5. Old dog drinking

    I can’t really give a definitive answer as to why, but maybe look into a spaniel bowl for water. Picture included but just search ‘spaniel bowl’ in google and you’ll find choices of steel and ceramic also. The design help the ears go on the outside of the bowl. Tall, with a narrower opening, and sloping sides. Also if Lacey would leave it on, a snood may help.
  6. Sydney dog attack

    What breed are they being chipped as then?
  7. Sydney dog attack

    I find it interesting that the comments under this Australian article are full of alleged pit bull owners, when pit bull terrier/American pit bull terrier are banned ffrom importation into Australia, and any dog already here, deemed to be of that breed/type must be desexed, where the hell are they all coming from!?? I can only assume that unpaperd American Staffordshire Bull Terriers are being referred to as pit bull terriers? And falling foul of the laws? Or not!!?? https://www.k9centre.com.au/restricted-dog-breeds-in-australia/
  8. Yes if you settle on a Lagotto be very careful selecting a breeder, and the puppy. Personally, For pure breeds , I’d look at the Miniature or Standard Poodle, over the Lagotto. But Personally, as a groomer of 33 yrs experience, I’d choose an oodley doodley dog every day of the week. I bloody love them! Yes, you find the occasional one that is a bit hyper, a little nutty, but generally I find the nutty ones are from homes where socialisation has meant go forth and be everyone’s friend, rather than go forth and learn to be calm and sensible in the face of distraction, if you get what I mean. I’ve met and groomed at least a dozen Lagotto, most on regular grooming schedules, and to be perfectly honest, I’m yet to meet one I could say I really liked. But every single day I meet dooodly dogs that are just silly happy goofy balls of delight.
  9. North Chihuahuas

    Yeah I’d run a mile based on the ‘teacup’ reference. Ask them to familiarise themselves with the Chihuahua breed standard. All Chihuahuas should fall within the size parameters outlines in that breed standard. Teacup is not a legitimate term in any breed of dog, and you will definitely ot find it within the Chihuahua breed standard. A reference to teacup just means undersized, or smaller than correct for the breed. As Chihuahua are already very small, undersized specimens will possibly face greater challenges to their health and may be less likely to be healthy long lived anaimals. Please ask your friend to find a breeder who breeds Chihuahua to breed standard size. Undersize specimens absolutely may occur in the litters of breeders who breed to standard, but they will inform potential buyers of the situation and will never refer to undersize puppies as teacup.
  10. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    It’s an argument you can’t win. Losing your dog was 100% the result of your mismanagement of the dog in the surroundings. Please try to understand that a pet cannot be held reliable to or responsible for keeping itself safe. Like when owners act surprised and somehow blame their cat for getting run over, when it was the owner who opened the bloody door. Managing a pet and keeping it safe is approximately like managing a perpetual toddler. Before you let a pet act on its own behalf to keep itself safe, ask yourself whether you’d let a toddler do the same thing, whthere a toddler could keep themselves safe facing the same dangers.
  11. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    I think the best thing at the moment is to love your puppy and wait until you have a definitive diagnosis.
  12. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    Could it be Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia added a couple of general info links. Link Link
  13. Corded poodle

    This is from the official standard the we use in Australia. Reading it properly, as long as your dog can be assessed as having the right abundance and texture of coat, there really are no hard and fast rules on the trim, or brushed out v corded. They are all eligible in Poodle classes. Where it all falls apart is what has become the norm, what’s expected, etc. There’s technically nothing in our standard stopping anyone from showing a corded poodle in a HCC trim, if they want to, but it better be some sort of amazing example of a Poodle to get a good look in a line up of brushed out scissor sculpted dogs with 3 foot tie ups! Sad, but true.
  14. Corded poodle

    Re reading your post, I think you are saying you are in Europe? I’m not certain, but I don’t see why a corded Poodle should not be allowed to compete as a Poodle in any poodle class, as like I explained, it’s the same breed, one brushed, the other not. I dont know if Europe has alternative registries like in the USA, where they have the UKC where rules are rather different from their AKC.
  15. Corded poodle

    As far as I’m aware, the poodle can be shown corded or brushed out in any ANKC dog show. As long as it is trimmed into the appropriate choice of styles for the rules of showing, it doesn’t matter whether it’s brushed out or corded. There doesn’t need to be a special class for corded poodles, separate from brushed out ones, as it’s not actually a different coat type ( like where there’s separate classes for the wire coat & smooth coat Fox Terrier). A corded poodle has exactly the same coat type as any Poodle, the only difference being is one is brushed, the other not
  16. Tibbie hair loss

    Just about every Tibbie (I assume we are talking Spaniel, not Terrier) that graces my grooming table has had runny eye issues. Please ask the vet to check for signs of entropian. As for the skin, at that age, I’d suspect Alopecia X if everything else has been ruled out. Most people have limited success treating that, but it tends to be a condition of aesthetics rather than a true health concern.
  17. Bull terrier puppy mill

  18. Grass seed again!

    There really isn’t much you can do in and around SA even in the most built up areas, except keep things tidy, try to walk on sealed areas, and check check check...... One massive advantage to checking really well is forced air, in the form of a cheap forced air dryer off eBay. Every day, blow through the coat thoroughly, close to the skin, paying close visual attention as you go. Blast the air deep into the area between the toes, under the pads, around the genitals, through the ear coat, and through the entire coat generally. It’s the easiest and most effective way to blow the little bastards out of the coat. Just search ‘dog hair dryers’ and you’ll find several options of 2800watt forced air dryers for around $75-80. They are more than adequate for the job. You could try using a human hair dryer with heat off, but the little dog ones are far better IMO. Clipping the coat coat can help, but in all honesty, you’d have to shave the coat off with a 7 blade smooth all over, and even that’s no guarantee, you still have to check. Beside the coat will grow back within weeks and need re clippping, Just be mindful of where you walk and do a deep air check through the coat, takes 5 mins daily.
  19. Hard cheese dog treat

    I haven’t used it. I just searched ‘Himalayan dog chew Australia ‘ and grabbed the link
  20. Hard cheese dog treat

    You can buy it online HERE
  21. Red Fox Labradors

    I sent you a Message with a possible lead...
  22. Alopecia - Pomeranian

    Hi there. I have a bit of experience with grooming dogs who have become bald to varying degrees with Alopecia X. Several Pomeranian and poodles mainly. Up until recently I had never known an owner to have success, until a long long time client has seen a remarkable turn around.. they too had spend many thousands and were at their wits end. Their champion ex show Pom went from a magnificent coat to virtually bald on the whole body. I don’t want to identify the client here so if it’s ok I will send you a message through the forum here and I can give you more insight into what has seemingly been a miracle for this little dog! I will say for others reading this, the product line that has seen success is called DERMagic.
  23. Double K Groomers Edge Shampoo

    I’m pretty sure I saw some on the shelves at Clipper Jack in SA a couple of weeks ago. Worth a shot if you’re desperate. Where were you getting it? oh, and I just remembered I saw this post on the Pupkus page the other day. It might be there has been a change of distributor disrupting supply. “” Pupkus Australia is Proud to announce that we will soon be distributing DoubleK Products. This will include Dryers, Clippers and Groomer’s Edge Shampoo as well as we will be continuing on with the servicing & repairs of dryers and clippers. We are just finalising all the necessary details with DoubleK and will be placing our first order with them very shortly, with the plan to get the order over to Australia as quickly as we can. We understand many of you have been waiting for products for a while so to ensure we can supply as many of you as quickly as we can, we are now taking orders for both Dryers and Shampoo to ensure our first shipment caters to as many of you as possible. Please email us your order at [email protected] “”
  24. Sweet Rosie. Only 3..too soon!

    So sorry to read this. i did immediately think of this recent thread. I don’t know if the dog is still in need https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/271000-4-yr-old-male-springer-spaniel-in-need-sydney/?tab=comments#comment-6926814 also keep keep an eye out here https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/dogs.asp
  25. Where to advertise

    Message @Troy and see if you can put him on the breed rescue page on DOL. I was able to list a couple of pure breed rescues that came through on there a few yrs ago. https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/rescue.asp