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  1. Years ago when I worked at kennels we had one run set aside for aggressive & dangerous dogs. Dogs housed in that run could not be touched and the run not entered. The run had a shallow slide out tray for feeding to facilitate feeding and cleaning of the tray without having to enter or touch the run.
  2. Getting a new puppy

    I’ve known 2 Porties for grooming. One was a tiny undersized female curly coat who was pretty much the shyest dog I’ve ever met in 30+ years of pet grooming. She wasn’t even truly relaxed in her own home. She was sweet and obliging, but consumed by anxiety and crazy shy. The other was a wavy coat male. A big solid boy. He destroyed his owners home and could escape Alcatraz! Once he got out over a 6 ft metal fence and survived getting hit by a truck! He was a lovely dog but quite stubborn and a bit of a nightmare of a puppy. To a large extent, breeding, rearing & training makes the dog what you want it to be. Breed selection is still important though. one breed that popped into my head that you might take a look at is the Curly Coated Retriever. They are medium/large dog with a biddable temperament. They are trainable and will take plenty of exercise. The coat is easy care and pretty low maintenance. If brushed regularly shedding can be kept to to a minimum, certainly no worse than the Beagle and Cattle Dog. Doggy Day Care is quite accessible in most areas these days, and is an option for working people.
  3. I will never understand why people have made raw feeding so complicated! I like Ike your Happy Meal analogy. I always compare eating a whole fresh apple to eating a slice of apple pie!
  4. The downside of DNA testing

    That’s thought provoking. Unfortunately in relation to pedigree pure breed dogs, if the heart disease is found in the breed, ‘breeding away from that’ is limited to looking within the same breed, a massive restriction to work with. Eta...I only listened to the short grab on the FB page.....now listening to the whole podcast..
  5. The downside of DNA testing

    The idea of DNA testing is fine. It’s the response to the results that becomes the issue. A problem is found, but instead of looking outward into a vast pool of available material (every domestic dog on earth) for a solution, pure breed pedigree breeding by its very nature, looks inwards to an ever diminishing, narrow limited pool ( dogs of the same breed) for the solution. There becomes a point where the pool is so shallow and full of contaminates that it’s beyond salvage unless fresh material is sourced to top it up with. Yes, even that fresh material may be contaminated, but it’s really the only hope of keeping the pool at a sustainable level. DNA could equally be used as a powerful tool in discovering ways to replenish gene pools. I used to have my feet planted firmly over in the pure breed pedigree world. But as I’ve gotten older, and hopefully wiser, I’ve come to despair of what I once held in high regard. The gravity of the inherent problem of the idea of purity.
  6. Proheart 12 Side Effects nearly fatal

    When it first became available years ago, I didn’t then, still don’t, treat for heart worm, due to being in a very low risk zone , but a lot of my grooming clients were asking about it/hearing about it, so I asked my vet what his thoughts were regarding this annual heart worm treatment. His response was “I wouldn’t bloody put it in my dog” .......
  7. Nipping around butt area

    If he’s nibbling at the area at the base of his tail , esp the area above his tail on his back, it is most likely fleas, or possibly, flea. Ive been a dog groomer over 30 yrs now and I’d say 99 out of 100 times, even in the absence of visible fleas, it’s fleas. Almost always the owner says no fleas, and within a minute I can find one on the dog! If the dog has had flea allergy before, it has a compounding nature .....every time the dog gets fleas, the reaction gets more severe. Some dogs are truly allergic to fleas and ONE flea bit will have them itching and biting for up to a month as if they were still crawling with them. Id treat the dog as if it were a flea issue, and if the biting and chewing is making raw spots, or open sores, I’d also back it up with a short course of cortisone to stop it becoming a secondary skin infection. If the biting and chewing is most present directly on either side of the anus, then it’s likely an anal gland issue, which I would seek veterinary attention for.
  8. This poor man mauled

  9. Choice Pet insurance review

  10. Article on Greencross sale

    The best thing that can happen to a small privately run grooming salon is for a corporate (such as Petbarn) to move in nearby, for the same reasons as outlined in the story above. I know several groomers that have been approached with buy out offers from big box corporates. They’ve all gone on to flourish in the face of the corporate competition.
  11. Raincoat

    Anything here?
  12. Pimple like thing - what is this

    Good plan. Of course it’s possible it’s something else, so a vet check will give you peace of mind
  13. Pimple like thing - what is this

    If it’s small and the hole the muck comes out of is tiny, I’d probably manage it by expressing it regularly. If the hole is or becomes larger it becomes more difficult to manage that way. Sometimes they can get quite large and impacted and trying to express it manually could cause quite a large hole and other problems. Also sometime the hole can exude material that hardens into what looks like a cutaneous horn. As a groomer I see a lot of these. Many are manageable with home care , but some should definitely have veterinary intervention. If in in any doubt talk it through with your vet.
  14. Pimple like thing - what is this

    It sounds like a sebaceous cyst
  15. What are they rolling in?

    There’s obviously something there. I’ve seen dogs fully neck dive onto an itty bitty incy bit of bird shit! In the apparent absence of anything visual, it’s probably that something else peed there previously and it’s dried up, or the poop has been picked up but the scent lingers. One theory I run with it’s its the domestic dog version of powerful innate instinct in regards to catching dinner. If for example they might want to hunt the local ducks, they roll in duck shit, therefore smelling less like a dog, more like a duck, enabling them to get closer to their prey undetected.
  16. Which store allow dogs?

    Yep! Running grooming salons, I frequently had clients let their dogs urinate on my shop front, and other nearby shopfronts, crap on the footpath and surrounds as they came up to the salon, and make no attempt at all to clean up or even notify me of the issue, AND let them piss all over my reception area and just stand there and watch, make no attempt to assist or ask about cleaning up, and even, I kid you not, be the ONLY dog in reception, let their dog crap on the floor and then claim it couldn’t have been their dog! Reception is about 2 square meteres, I think I know what’s going on in there! And then of course there’s the people who deliberately or cluelessly, let their dogs behave and interact with people and animals in the surrounding area, in completely inappropriate manner, and don’t, can’t, whatever, make any attempts at rectifying things or removing themselves. Until the wider population gets a grip on truly responsible pet ownership, not much is going to change sadly.
  17. What type of dog should I get?

    what about a small wire haired dog like a Griffon or Affenpinscher. The coat isn’t as big as many of the wire terrier breeds. It will barely shed if brushed and combed properly. It’s a good in between coat, between the higher maintenance of the true ‘non shedding’ types, and the short coats that shed a lot. The breed is quite small but relatively sturdy. Would enjoy exercise and family activities but could be kept stimulated with games, play and training within the home too. The other breed that springs to mind is the Italian Greyhound. The Miniature Dachshund comes in 3 coat varieties, I especially like the wire coats, but the long and smooth coats are also low maintenance and shedding can be kept to a minimum pretty easily with all 3 coat varieties. A lot of the digging/barking etc is down to training and effort that you put in.
  18. Looking for funky pet ID tags

    https://www.brightstarbuddies.com.au/dog-tags.html#template_id=3762 these just popped up on a banner ad right here on DOL! They are a bit pricey but they have sooooo many design choices!
  19. Solvensky Cuvac Breeders?

    If there were any here you’d probably find them as Kuvasz as the closest thing or like above the Tatra
  20. I recently purchased a terrier table off Liberty. They’re not as public as they used to be. I contacted them through messaging their Liberty International Facebook page.. They are good tables at very reasonable prices. And good old fashioned service as well.
  21. Take a look at Petnetwork.com.au. They sell to the public. it says you’re in SA? If that’s right, look up Clipper Jack He usually has a few on display/for sale in his workshop and is very helpful. Or join HERE and keep a look out. Tables often come up. Just a few days ago someone put up 4 professional tables with accessories!
  22. I think it’s time to say goodbye. Think about how you’d like to remember your precious pet. If you take him home to pass, drugged up or otherwise, do you really want to see him gasping for air or screaming in pain, or such outcomes, and possibly have to rush him to an emergency vet to find all of you in that situation. Or would you rather take a deep breath and take the most peaceful and painless of options, of which we are so privileged to be able to choose for our pets. There are vets who will visit you at home to perform this service. Your pet can be passed over peacefully in his bed or favourite chair, or gathered with his family in the yard in the sun, however you’d like it. Can anyone here in Melbourne recommend a mobile vet? . Or you could ask your vet if they offer this service or know of one who does. It is a very difficult time, but please act quickly. Ease your dog over peacefully rather than let him drag on just for the sake of a few days. if you have never been present for the euthanasia process, it is so quick. Your pet will appear to rapidly drift off to sleep and that’s it.
  23. Dogs are sentient beings

    This is what jumps off the page at me. All animals are sentient beings. And animal welfare absolutely should get in the way of the economy if it’s right for the animals!
  24. Debarking

    I just randomly came across a video of a cute little client I used to have who is de barked. How can I post a video from iPhoto?
  25. Debarking

    I’d debark a chronic barker no problem at all. I’ve been around several dogs who’ve been debarked and yes they still make noise but it’s a raspy hollow version of their former bark. The dogs don’t seem to know that their voice is different and behave the same as before. Which is why if the barking is found to be anxiety based, that the dogs anxiety continues to be supported long after the bark is modified. From whhat I understand in SA at least it is not illegal, but you have to meet certain criteria. Ther are certainly vets in SA who will do the procedure. unfortunately it’s an emotional topic but firstly find out the legal facts for whatever state you reside in. Personally as long as the dogs mental health is being supported it’s a no brainer. It’s people who think ‘the dog can’t expeess itself’ or other emotion charged BS. Things that will change are the dogs volume. And also stress reduction is reduced by default because every one around the dog is less anxious about the barking, and the dog isn’t having to be managed too quite the same level as before. In fact, the dog will be MORE free to express itself! links. All states would have similar information available. Vic SA