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  1. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    It’s an argument you can’t win. Losing your dog was 100% the result of your mismanagement of the dog in the surroundings. Please try to understand that a pet cannot be held reliable to or responsible for keeping itself safe. Like when owners act surprised and somehow blame their cat for getting run over, when it was the owner who opened the bloody door. Managing a pet and keeping it safe is approximately like managing a perpetual toddler. Before you let a pet act on its own behalf to keep itself safe, ask yourself whether you’d let a toddler do the same thing, whthere a toddler could keep themselves safe facing the same dangers.
  2. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    I think the best thing at the moment is to love your puppy and wait until you have a definitive diagnosis.
  3. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    Could it be Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia added a couple of general info links. Link Link
  4. Corded poodle

    This is from the official standard the we use in Australia. Reading it properly, as long as your dog can be assessed as having the right abundance and texture of coat, there really are no hard and fast rules on the trim, or brushed out v corded. They are all eligible in Poodle classes. Where it all falls apart is what has become the norm, what’s expected, etc. There’s technically nothing in our standard stopping anyone from showing a corded poodle in a HCC trim, if they want to, but it better be some sort of amazing example of a Poodle to get a good look in a line up of brushed out scissor sculpted dogs with 3 foot tie ups! Sad, but true.
  5. Corded poodle

    Re reading your post, I think you are saying you are in Europe? I’m not certain, but I don’t see why a corded Poodle should not be allowed to compete as a Poodle in any poodle class, as like I explained, it’s the same breed, one brushed, the other not. I dont know if Europe has alternative registries like in the USA, where they have the UKC where rules are rather different from their AKC.
  6. Corded poodle

    As far as I’m aware, the poodle can be shown corded or brushed out in any ANKC dog show. As long as it is trimmed into the appropriate choice of styles for the rules of showing, it doesn’t matter whether it’s brushed out or corded. There doesn’t need to be a special class for corded poodles, separate from brushed out ones, as it’s not actually a different coat type ( like where there’s separate classes for the wire coat & smooth coat Fox Terrier). A corded poodle has exactly the same coat type as any Poodle, the only difference being is one is brushed, the other not
  7. Tibbie hair loss

    Just about every Tibbie (I assume we are talking Spaniel, not Terrier) that graces my grooming table has had runny eye issues. Please ask the vet to check for signs of entropian. As for the skin, at that age, I’d suspect Alopecia X if everything else has been ruled out. Most people have limited success treating that, but it tends to be a condition of aesthetics rather than a true health concern.
  8. Bull terrier puppy mill

  9. Grass seed again!

    There really isn’t much you can do in and around SA even in the most built up areas, except keep things tidy, try to walk on sealed areas, and check check check...... One massive advantage to checking really well is forced air, in the form of a cheap forced air dryer off eBay. Every day, blow through the coat thoroughly, close to the skin, paying close visual attention as you go. Blast the air deep into the area between the toes, under the pads, around the genitals, through the ear coat, and through the entire coat generally. It’s the easiest and most effective way to blow the little bastards out of the coat. Just search ‘dog hair dryers’ and you’ll find several options of 2800watt forced air dryers for around $75-80. They are more than adequate for the job. You could try using a human hair dryer with heat off, but the little dog ones are far better IMO. Clipping the coat coat can help, but in all honesty, you’d have to shave the coat off with a 7 blade smooth all over, and even that’s no guarantee, you still have to check. Beside the coat will grow back within weeks and need re clippping, Just be mindful of where you walk and do a deep air check through the coat, takes 5 mins daily.
  10. Hard cheese dog treat

    I haven’t used it. I just searched ‘Himalayan dog chew Australia ‘ and grabbed the link
  11. Hard cheese dog treat

    You can buy it online HERE
  12. Red Fox Labradors

    I sent you a Message with a possible lead...
  13. Alopecia - Pomeranian

    Hi there. I have a bit of experience with grooming dogs who have become bald to varying degrees with Alopecia X. Several Pomeranian and poodles mainly. Up until recently I had never known an owner to have success, until a long long time client has seen a remarkable turn around.. they too had spend many thousands and were at their wits end. Their champion ex show Pom went from a magnificent coat to virtually bald on the whole body. I don’t want to identify the client here so if it’s ok I will send you a message through the forum here and I can give you more insight into what has seemingly been a miracle for this little dog! I will say for others reading this, the product line that has seen success is called DERMagic.
  14. Double K Groomers Edge Shampoo

    I’m pretty sure I saw some on the shelves at Clipper Jack in SA a couple of weeks ago. Worth a shot if you’re desperate. Where were you getting it? oh, and I just remembered I saw this post on the Pupkus page the other day. It might be there has been a change of distributor disrupting supply. “” Pupkus Australia is Proud to announce that we will soon be distributing DoubleK Products. This will include Dryers, Clippers and Groomer’s Edge Shampoo as well as we will be continuing on with the servicing & repairs of dryers and clippers. We are just finalising all the necessary details with DoubleK and will be placing our first order with them very shortly, with the plan to get the order over to Australia as quickly as we can. We understand many of you have been waiting for products for a while so to ensure we can supply as many of you as quickly as we can, we are now taking orders for both Dryers and Shampoo to ensure our first shipment caters to as many of you as possible. Please email us your order at [email protected] “”
  15. Sweet Rosie. Only 3..too soon!

    So sorry to read this. i did immediately think of this recent thread. I don’t know if the dog is still in need https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/271000-4-yr-old-male-springer-spaniel-in-need-sydney/?tab=comments#comment-6926814 also keep keep an eye out here https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/dogs.asp
  16. Where to advertise

    Message @Troy and see if you can put him on the breed rescue page on DOL. I was able to list a couple of pure breed rescues that came through on there a few yrs ago. https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/rescue.asp
  17. Fly Snapping after eating

    Have the vets considered chiari malformation/SM, or similar. It’s a condition of degrees and not all dogs display overt symptoms that are often put forward in the media. Some are very subtle. From a head tilt to licking parts of the body, ear scratching, tongue flapping etc. not all dogs are a screaming mess with it.
  18. Newfoundland Newbie

    I’ll add that what I’d really suggest is you chase up some breeders either to visit them at home or see them at a dog show, and actually spend some time up close and personal with more than a couple of Newfoundland. They are so much more dog than a Labrador.
  19. Newfoundland Newbie

    I worked at a Newfoundland kennel for 3 yrs back in the 80’s. They are divine animals, although not for everyone. Personally not the dog for me. I like a more serious personality myself. The main points I would make are do your homework on breeders. A healthy well conformed Newfy is a thing of beauty and an asset to cherish. But a poorly bred Newfy will bring you nothing but heartache and expense. Also A breeder that will support you through the life stages of your Newfy. Like many giant breeds, they can be expensive to buy, expensive to run, and wear out a little earlier than you might like. They really are more than your average dog. Once you have sourced a great dog from a great breeder, like mentioned above, it is CRITICAL to implement boundaries from the moment the dog steps into your life. They are a breed that needs a lot of work on self control. You really really don’t want to be trying to teach that to a juvenile Newfy. It must be enforced from the absolutely earliest days. And, again as mentioned before, and being a groomer myself, if your Newfy is not well maintained between professional grooms, and not well versed in decent grooming manners, don’t expect much sympathy from your groomer. If you can find one! A well bred Newfy kept slim, fit, active and well trained will be a delight. I wouldn’t suggest a Newfy if you’re particularly house proud. Slobber for one. Hair for another, but mostly because of the sheer size and magnitude of the dog and the coat, a simple walk around the garden will see a lot of garden tracked inside. A trip to the beach will see half the beach in your car, and some more in your living room. Theyre not a wipe down and you’re done kind of a dog. A whole other league to a Labrador coat.
  20. Why Do Everyone Hate The Rspca?

    My very first dog came from the RSPCA 37 yrs ago, when I was 10. It sparked a life long love of animals. I still work with animals now. In the last several years I’ve had a few less than satisfactory encounters with the RSPCA trying to adopt dogs. Until early last year when I managed to adopt my current dog which they actually went above and beyond, although there were some communication issues. Ive had several dealings with the AWL and they’ve always been very positive. Most recently yesterday, when I adopted a cat from them! My only gripe with that experience is the pricing. I don’t think the cat was too expensive, considering they did do all the vet work, but all the mixed breed cats were $25-50 fully vetted, the one I fell in love with happened to be a pure breed, so was $300. There was another pure breed there at $250. All the animals of that species should be the same price IMO, except maybe senior pets. Over all, I don’t have any major gripes with either organisation. I do however have issues with animal welfare laws, and the criminal justice system.
  21. Worms or maggots in stool

    It sounds like tapeworm to me. They look kind of like short flat segments of pasta. Roundworm looks like long spaghetti. Definitely re worm with a different wormer to the one you regularly use. Look at the active ingredients and see if you can’t find something different. Make sure it’s an all wormer, that covers tape worm and seeing as you have a scrounger, hydadit worms as well. Tapeworms are commonly tied to the life cycle of fleas, so if you find your dog has tapeworm, flea prevention is imperative. Also, if it’s tapeworm, they tend to crawl out of the anus in little segments too! Once they are out, they dry up and sometimes you will find them stuck in the hair around the anus, under the tail, in the rear furnishings, dried out looking like grains of rice in the hair.
  22. They have a FB page with a phone number listed.
  23. Dryer cages

    I’ve managed to groom for over 30 yrs without owning or using a cage dryer. I feel they are mainly utilised where volume of grooms takes priority over quality experience for the animal. *some groomers will use fan/cage drying for dogs with age, illness or disability related needs, but then again, I’ve alwyas preferred to manage those grooming experience by making it a hands on drying routine with a stand dryer, rather than stick them in a hostile cage environment to stick it out on their own. if you really feel you need to look at them, I believe OzGrooming World May be a place to start. I’ve also seen home made versions with box fans attached to crates of various types. There have been more than a few cases of severe injury, mainly burns due to metal cage surfaces becoming red hot, and death, mainly due to overheating, when cage drying has been used. Personaly I don’t use them, or advise their use, and certainly would not leave my pet at, or work for, a facility that used them edited to add.....the only real reason I’ve seen to justify cage drying is where corded breeds are involved, and seeing as this is rare inside pet grooming, I would assume an open penned area with a non heated fan would be suitable.
  24. Well that’s one I didn’t know. Some Bouvier standards don’t recognise that colour either, while they can be shown in some countries. I’m after a large breed myself waiting on a Bouvier, and I’d really love a mature puppy or adult rehome, but I’m not prepared to take on the HD. Good luck
  25. She’s lovely but I thought Russian Black Terriers only came in black? This dog could also have Bouvier or Briard heritage if her background isn’t 100% certain. Unless RBT throw non standard colours to which I’d love to learn more from someone in the know.