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  1. Neuter Shows Sa

    Done! Thank you :)
  2. I call that 'the whale eye'
  3. Aussie Shepherd would certainly spring to mind. My suggestion for a smallish all rounder would be the Border Terrier. Such great dogs all too often overlooked.
  4. Price Of Whippets?

    Price of Whippets? This thread proves that Whippets are PRICELESS!!
  5. thanks guys. Bobby has come a long way with his behaviour too. He can go off lead almost every walk now, and hangs up on the verandah at home without trying to wander off, and his in house routine is perfect. Neither of my dogs are 'obedience' trained. I prefer behavioural training and it seems to fit the Skye's well. I often admire how much we achieve with virtually no effort! But then maybe it's about choosing the right breed? The Bobster (that is a new species of hairy lobster) is a whore....a belly rubs whore. You only have to glance at him and he assumes the position
  6. They are fairly rare. They are on the UK Kennel Cubs 'Vulnerable Native Breeds' list. Only a handful are registered in Aus. most years
  7. Just thought i'd drop by with an update for the Bobster. It's been almost 5 months since he arrived and he just gets better every day. Hope everyone is well. Bobby a few days shy of 5 months with me now. As a reference this is what he looked like an hour after he arrived off the plane back in December '12 Getting harder to tell the little mops apart these days....
  8. Turn Offs For Dog Names.

    Both my current dogs had their names when I got them and I never changed them, and they are what I would call boring, cutesy, predictable ...all of what I dislike! Lucky the dogs are awesome characters My next dog no matter what the breed I'm calling it Poofy Le Qua just because I can. I used to know a dog named Ruff, not ruffy or ruffles, just Ruff, and his last name was Cox!
  9. LINK PET owners will have to register their dogs and cats every year under recommendations being considered by the NSW government. The Companion Animals Taskforce released two reports to government on Monday that aim to reduce the 30,000 pets put down across the state every year and protect the community from dog attacks. The task force has recommended scrapping lifetime registrations for dogs and cats in favour of annual registrations. Liberal MP and vet Andrew Cornwall, who chaired the task force, conceded that push would be "contested". "Of animals that are on the register, we believe anecdotally that some 50 per cent of those details are incorrect," he said. "We feel it was a mistake that was made by the previous government going for lifetime registration ... (This recommendation) feels right, but trying to unscramble that omelette may be too difficult." Under the proposal, the yearly fees would be cheaper for owners of desexed animals bought from a pound or shelter. RSPCA chief executive officer Steve Coleman said it was possible the extra cost of yearly registrations would deter some people from registering new pups or kittens altogether. But he believed most owners would act responsibly. "If their animals become lost, who wouldn't want to make sure they've done everything that they can possibly do to make sure those animals go back to their rightful owners?" he said on Monday. Other recommendations include the establishment of a breeder licensing system to crack down on "puppy farms", and a ban on breeders from selling un-microchipped dogs and cats to pet shops. The government will also consider new laws to recognise "potentially dangerous" dogs in addition to the existing regulations around dangerous dogs. The Companion Animals Taskforce has also asked Local Government Minister Don Page and Attorney-General Greg Smith to work with the federal government to establish a national dog attack and dangerous dog database. Animal lovers, breeders and pet sellers will have six weeks to make submissions before Mr Page and Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson give their responses to the reports.
  10. Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I apparently will be attending a dog show in or around Sydney this coming Sunday with a O/S friend to look at some puppies. Can someone tell me is the Border Collie club show all breeds? If not are there any other all breeds or terrier shows on around Sydney that day? I tried to find the info on Dogs NSW but struggled. OMG you guys have soooo many to choose from. Over here its 1 city show or 1 country show, not both even! Anyway I'm thinking it will be the BCC if that is all breeds so who else will be there? TIA :)
  11. Nsw Shows 07/04/13 ?

  12. Nsw Shows 07/04/13 ?

    sorry to bother you but where is stroud? Is it anywhere close to Sydney? I'm wondering now if the people we are supposed to see have other breed/s. My O/S friend is now on a plane so I will find out the details in a few days, I was just trying to find out myself. Thanks everyone for trying to help x
  13. Nsw Shows 07/04/13 ?

    OK thank you very much. Does anyone know of any all breed or terrier breed shows on the 7th around Sydney?
  14. Washing Machine

    wow I'm on my second F&P smartdrive top loader and never had a problem! First one finally spat it after 18 yrs, got a front loader which I hated for a number of reasons and couldn't go buy another F&P fast enough!
  15. lol but he even looks good from that angle
  16. Washing Machine

    The thing I grew to hate most about my front loader is that I ALWAYS find one last thing I want to chuck in, in that first few minutes after you start the machine.....and that just isn't possible with a front loader! It drove me mad I'll go and have a look what model me F&P is. ETA..model WA70T60GW1
  17. Washing Machine

    When my trusty old F&P toploader died I got a front loader & bloody hated the thing. When I separated I couldn't tell him fast enough how much I'd love to leave him the washing machine ......... and promptly went out & got another top loader F&P. I wash salon towels in it sometimes and even after that my clothes aren't hairy! My old F & P washed literally tons of dog hairy salon towels and never in it's 18 yrs of faithful service did it break down (except for about a week after I got it my then Irish Setter juvenile delinquent chewed the cord back to a stub so it always had an extension cord with it). I moved that old F&P around the country a couple of times too!
  18. Where would the funding come from? As soon as you bring in commercial interests you just end up with dribble where the commercial interest drives the content & view point.
  19. I'm wondering if anyone can clarify the history of why on earth the Poodle, especially the Standard Poodle ended up not in the gun dog group? Is there a logical explanation of why a gun dog is not in the gun dog group. Golly it's even shown in it's 'working' clip. To me it is clearly a gun dog?? The way I see it the toy & mini were developed as companion size Poodles, although I have known a couple of minis competent under a gun. Why are the smaller sizes not left in 7 or moved to 1 and the Standard Poodle not in the gun dogs?? Like I said in my opening question, is there any history for the decision to keep them all together in a group that so clearly does not fit the 'standard' original Poodle that was clearly bred as a gun dog? And are they shown in the gun dog group anywhere in the world?
  20. haha great shot! they look like sheep?
  21. Easter Doggies

    We don't need props ..............
  22. Is The Poodle Not A Gun Dog ?

    yeah I know the 2 breeds. If it were my choice Tib.Spans would be in a toy/companion group & the Tib.Terrier (which is a breed I really love!) would be grouped with terriers.... LOl there are so many dogs with names that don't seem to fit the group they are in, and others that don't seem to function for the group they are. Much confusion!
  23. Is The Poodle Not A Gun Dog ?

    Thanks that is interesting. I don't doubt it as they are smart agile little cuties :)
  24. Is The Poodle Not A Gun Dog ?

    Tibetan Spaniels have confusing classification. Here in Australia, they're in the Toy Group. But in the USA they're in the Non-sporting group. If you look at all the winners at Westminster, there's Tenzin BOB Tibbie listed with the non-sporting. I have no idea the history of such a weirdness. I'm only guessing that Tibetan Spaniels would have been developed as companion dogs? Toy Spaniels. Possibly serving as ornate little doorbells on temple steps? I would put them in the toy group, but I would prefer to see a 'Companion Dog' group developed. Off to look up the history of Tibbies.....
  25. Dog Attack In Atherton Uk

    You are kidding aren't you? Poor animal management and neglect can be found across all socioeconomic sectors