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  1. what about a small wire haired dog like a Griffon or Affenpinscher.  The coat isn’t as big as many of the wire terrier breeds. It will barely shed if brushed and combed properly. It’s a good in between coat,  between the higher maintenance of the true ‘non shedding’ types, and the short coats that shed a lot. The breed is quite small but relatively sturdy. Would enjoy exercise and family activities but could be kept stimulated with games, play and training within the home too. 

    The other breed that springs to mind is the Italian Greyhound. 

    The Miniature Dachshund comes in 3 coat varieties, I especially like the wire coats, but the long and smooth coats are also low maintenance and shedding can be kept to a minimum pretty easily with all 3 coat varieties.

    A lot of the digging/barking etc is down to training and effort that you put in. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Rascalmyshadow said:

    Not sure if they are still around, I’ve always used Liberty tables they are sturdy but fold down easily, they also have a built in handle that makes them easy to carry.

    I recently purchased a terrier table off Liberty. They’re not as public as they used to be. I contacted them through messaging their Liberty International Facebook page.. 

    They are good tables at very reasonable prices. And good old fashioned service as well. 


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  3. I think it’s time to say goodbye. 

    Think about how you’d like to remember your precious pet. If you take him home to pass, drugged up or otherwise, do you really want to see him gasping for air or screaming in pain, or such outcomes, and possibly have to rush him to an emergency vet to find all of you in that situation. Or would you rather take a deep breath and take the most peaceful and painless of options, of which we are so privileged to be able to choose for our pets. 

    There are vets who will visit you at home to perform this service. Your pet can be passed over peacefully in his bed or favourite chair, or gathered with his family in the yard in the sun, however you’d like it. 

    Can anyone here in Melbourne recommend a mobile vet? . Or you could ask your vet if they offer this service or know of one who does.

    It is a very difficult time, but please act quickly. Ease your dog over peacefully rather than let him drag on just for the sake of a few days.

    if you have never been present for the euthanasia process, it is so quick. Your pet will appear to rapidly drift off to sleep and that’s it. 


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  4. 2 hours ago, FootprintsinSand said:

    Veterinarian Dr David Rizkalla, from the Gables Veterinary Group, said the recognition of sentience was a good place to start enforcing animal rights.

    "It's more about protecting animals from people who can harm them, than giving animals better opportunities," he said.

    But he said it was important to clearly define which animals were recognised as sentient.

    "It could get in the way of the economy," he said.

    This is what jumps off the page at me.  All animals are sentient beings. And animal welfare absolutely should get in the way of the economy if it’s right for the animals! 

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  5. I’d debark a chronic barker no problem at all. I’ve been around several dogs who’ve been debarked and yes they still make noise but it’s a raspy hollow version of their former bark. The dogs don’t seem to know that their voice is different and behave the same as before. Which is why if the barking is found to be anxiety based, that the dogs anxiety continues to be supported long after the bark is modified. 

    From whhat I understand in SA at least it is not illegal, but you have to meet certain criteria. Ther are certainly vets in SA who will do the procedure.


    unfortunately it’s an emotional topic but firstly find out the legal facts for whatever state you reside in. 

    Personally as long as the dogs mental health is being supported it’s a no brainer. It’s people who think ‘the dog can’t expeess itself’ or other emotion charged BS. Things that will change are the dogs volume. And also stress reduction is reduced by default because every one around the dog is less anxious about the barking, and the dog isn’t having to be managed too quite the same level as before. In fact, the dog will be MORE free to express itself! 


    links. All states would have similar information available. 



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  6. Instead of extending the fence, I’d block off the whole corner with some board of fencing panel or similar, the same height or higher than the existing fences. You can tie it to the pool fencing easy enough, and sit the other side in one of the lows in the iron fence, which will brace it somewhat. Sit something heavy along the inside bottom to prevent pushing. But it should naturally brace itself into the corner if pushed .




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  7. 1 hour ago, attaboysmum said:

    Thanks, but that wasn't the post.  



    I tagged Troy who runs the forum. Hopefully theyll see the tag and drop in to help with your question. Or you could message Troy 

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  8. 18 minutes ago, asal said:

    spotted this dog for sale, never been imported to Australia to my knowldege.. but someone says it is one?


    AND only 29 dollars, its clear the kennels weekend at RSPCA Australia wide.




    this link is to the real deal



    As far as I can tell the Catahoula Leopard Dog is an AKC recognised breed, but is not as FCI recognised breed, and is not included on the list of ANKC recognised breeds. That doesn’t mean someone hasn’t brought them into the country, just they won’t be running around the show ring. But I’d be more inclined to think the alleged ones over here  are a general hunting mix with probably merle Dane genes in there, like bullarab, Am Bulldog, G Dane mixes or such, maybe even Koolie,  and anything boofy looking with that muddy Merle colour gets called a Catahoula or mix of.......

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  9. The Havanese do seem to be a bit sturdier than the pure maltese. We see quite a few Havanese in grooming these days. I normally prefer boys, but I find I like the disposition of the female Havanese a little better than the boys. A couple have had patella issues, a knee joint issue not uncommon amongst many of the small breeds. But I also know 2 that have Legge Perthes In the hip joints. Saying that, I’d choose a Havanese over a Maltese. 

    Another delightful small breed is the Lowchen. Definitely worth consideration. Don’t let the traditional haircut put you off, pets can easily be kept in a cute short teddy/lamb trim 

  10. The Wahl brand have several trimmers which are very popular choices amongst professional groomers. They have a 5in1 adjustable blade. Most Of us do feet on the shortest setting, and personally I do faces and sanitary areas on the middle setting for pets. 

    The SuperGroom, the Bravura (make sure you don’t accidentally buy the BravMini, great for toys), and the Creativa are all Wahl 5in1 trimmers. 

    There are other brands of little trimmers out there, such as Shernbao but I don’t have any direct experience with these. 

    Ive used Wahl brand 5in1 trimmers in a professional setting for many years and they are the standard tool for doing poodle face, feet, tail and other general sanitary trimming. I always make sure to get the types that can be used plugged in, as well as cordless with the battery, rather than battery only ones. 

  11. Hmm, thoughts on why actually......maybe due to aging when she bends to drink, holding her spine or her legs in a particular position may hurt a bit so she compensates by changing posture, which in turn sees her head on a slight tilt. Same for all joints I guess.  Maybe try raising the bowl if it is on the floor, and see if anything changes. 

  12. I can’t really give a definitive answer as to why, but maybe look into a spaniel bowl for water.  Picture included but just search ‘spaniel bowl’ in google and you’ll find choices of steel and ceramic also. The design help the ears go on the outside of the bowl. Tall, with a narrower opening, and sloping sides. 

    Also if Lacey would leave it on, a snood may help. 





  13. 20 minutes ago, asal said:

    They are everywhere, the bogans love them. big tough dog to scare people with. I am a microchipper and I get many phone calls from friends of friends who have bought a puppy on gumtree. I live near bogan territory. Tregear and Mt druit even the bus drivers are afraid to do those routes. my daughters best friends father still has glass in his body from an attack by one of his "fares". They also like throwing bottles and or rocks through the windscreens as the bus passes.


    many of the pups I am asked to chip, I am told proudly are genuine red nosed pure bit bulls... the majority aren't even vaccinated let alone microchipped. But at least this few care enough to get their new puppy chipped and vaccinated when I explain to them it has to be vaccinated or it will die... my vet calls the area the greatest vector of unvaccinated dogs in the sydney basin.


    the ankc figures for puppies bred may be imploding but not there... no ankc breeders involved in this roaring untraceable trade


    What breed are they being chipped as then? 

  14. I find it interesting that the comments under this Australian article are full of alleged pit bull owners, when pit bull terrier/American pit bull terrier are banned ffrom importation into Australia, and any dog already here, deemed to be of that breed/type must be desexed, where the hell are they all coming from!??  I can only assume that unpaperd American Staffordshire Bull Terriers are being referred to as pit bull terriers? And falling foul of the laws? Or not!!?? 



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  15. Yes if you settle on a Lagotto be very careful selecting a breeder, and the puppy. Personally,  For pure breeds , I’d look at the Miniature or Standard Poodle, over the Lagotto. 


    But Personally,  as a groomer of 33 yrs experience, I’d choose an oodley doodley dog every day of the week. I bloody love them! Yes, you find the occasional one that is a bit hyper, a little nutty, but generally I find the nutty ones are from homes where socialisation has meant go forth and be everyone’s friend, rather than go forth and learn to be calm and sensible in the face of distraction, if you get what I mean. 

    I’ve met and groomed at least a dozen Lagotto, most on regular grooming schedules, and to be perfectly honest, I’m yet to meet one I could say I really liked. But every single day I meet dooodly dogs that are just silly happy goofy balls of delight. 

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  16. Yeah I’d run a mile based on the ‘teacup’ reference. Ask them to familiarise themselves with the Chihuahua breed standard. All Chihuahuas should fall within the size parameters outlines in that breed standard. Teacup is not a legitimate term in any breed of dog, and you will definitely ot find it within the Chihuahua breed standard. A reference to teacup just means undersized, or smaller than correct for the breed. As Chihuahua are already very small, undersized specimens will possibly face greater challenges to their health and may be less likely to be healthy long lived anaimals. Please ask your friend to find a breeder who breeds Chihuahua to breed standard size. Undersize specimens absolutely may occur in the litters of breeders who breed to standard, but they will inform potential buyers of the situation and will never refer to undersize puppies as teacup. 

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