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  1. Experience. also if the parent's asked if the dog could be patted it would have been included in the story, instead of 'the little girl saw the other dog being patted' Willem you seem to be opposed to speculation whilst doing a lot of it yourself. If we don't speculate and read between the lines then what's the point in even discussing it in a forum
  2. I like the move by Bunnings, I hope they don't go back on their policy after this incident and I do think we need to encourage dogs in more public places because this is where people start to realise that they need to be responsible both as pet owners and parents around strange dogs. I know we've bypassed bunnings on the way home more than once because it's been too hot to leave the dogs in the car so I'll definitely be bringing ours in next time if they are already with us rather than making another trip out. What I don't agree with the whole thing is that bunnings paid the medical costs, albeit minor this takes away the responsibility of the owner. It doesn't matter where you are or how it happened the owner should be the one fronting any medical costs caused by their dog. and yes the parent's are also to blame, there was mention that the little girl had just gotten over her fear of dogs which is often seen in children who have very little experience with dogs and clearly her parents have gone for the 'you'll be right, all dogs are friendly' approach in helping her get over her fear. I was at the beach the other day watching this guy fishing with his grey hound x dane or something of the sort off lead. Dog couldn't care less about us but I noticed a young family perked his interest straight away. Owner managed to call the dog off once but as the family got closer this dog clearly wanted to get to the kids. Mum and Dad attempted to shield the children as the dog ran up to them and luckily the dog was friendly. OH scoffed at this attempt to shield as unnecessary, not sure he was expecting his dog loving wife to respond with the fact that I would have done the same thing. The dogs approach was to rush up the family, try to by pass the parents to get to the kids, clearly the children were new and interesting so it was anyone's guess how the dog would react up close. at the end of the day there needs to be a bit more education on all fronts
  3. Fattening A Finicky Eater

    I got told by the inlaws when Sarah and Collie were staying with them last weekend that Sarah had gone off her food and was eating half her dinner at best. based on the amount of food they went through in less than a week and the fact that Collie's ribs we're feeling a bit more filled out I'm guessing she was probably just full :p Gotta love having a self regulating dog. Also we generally feed our 2 raw meat from a local pet shot with black hawk kibble, cost is probably on par (or even less when you factor in smaller portions) with commercial wet food and there's no preparation other than to portion up meals before putting them in the freezer.
  4. Glass Eyes For Dogs

    Just the local vet, I'm pretty sure the specialist said that drops weren't necessary until the cataracts were more advanced but it was awhile ago Probably should book in with the specialist and go from there.
  5. Glass Eyes For Dogs

    Thanks for all of that Kirty he does have PRA, we were told 2.5 years ago when he got his initial diagnosis from the specialist that he will probably need eye drops. Every time we've been to the vet since (for either him or Sarah) we get them to check his eyes and he's been fine, it's only in the last 6 weeks he's gone from practically no cataract with still some sight to one full blown white eye and only very very slight vision in his other eye and now we're noticing some slight swelling. With a baby on the way I'd rather get any large medical expenses out of the way rather than persist with drops when he'll need to have the surgery in the future anyway.
  6. Dogs Instead Of Kids

    I always wanted both, spent many of my early adult years with pocket pets as an apartment alternative until I had the space for a dog :p Dogs are companions, they don't ask for much (at least ours don't) and are an absolute joy to have around and snuggle up with when I'm not feeling well, they don't really grow up although they leave us all too soon. I'm currently pregnant and I'm under no illusion that it's going to be hard (although my definition of hard probably needs some adjusting) but I'm hoping raising children to hopefully be compassionate and contributing members of society will be a lot more rewarding that teaching my dog to spin :p
  7. Dogs Who Change Personality And Behaviours

    Sarah is still changing after 2 and a half years with us. She's gone from a scared little girl to a cheeky and confident poodle. I say poodle coz she's so friggen bouncy and quick and has a decent prey drive :p Collie and Sarah didn't play for ages and now it's almost a daily activity She's gotten pretty cheeky as well and will sneak onto the couch for cuddles or run out the front door only to bounce around in the front yard. She'll now actually grab the ball when playing fetch, poor blind collie often doesn't realize what's happened until he stumbles upon her when searching for the ball, he then sits there with the saddest look on his face until she gets bored chewing it and walks away. And she loves her cuddles, if I stop the pats she'll often put a paw on me to say 'more!' And she goes through stages of liking OH more or less, this seems directly tied to how often he's accidentally scared her recently. One thing that hasn't changed, an accidental loud sharp noise followed by a scurry of nails on floorboard is always then followed by 'Sorry Sarah!' Oh and she has two barks. The 'you left me outside all alone' bark and 'hurry up and throw the damn ball' bark
  8. Can Dogs Be Naughty...

    Yup, the truly 'naughty' dogs are just repeating the things that they enjoy doing as they haven't been taught not to. This is why it's the untrained dogs that end up dumped at the pound. They're not naughty, they just haven't been shown any other way to live
  9. Purebreds Are Evil

    A lot of purebred breeds have had a period of time where they severely suffered from over breeding and the consequential health issues that come along with that Other breeds have become almost extinct and needed to be crossed out to continue/improve the breed. Hybrid vigour was a thing and did make sense back in the days before genetic testing, however in order for it to work you need to be selective about the breeds you are crossing - no point mixing two breeds that get PRA and assume that your dog isn't going to go blind. Most people don't realise that pedigree breeding has actually advanced and a lot more is done to ensure the health of each individual dog than was available back in the 70's and 80's but there are still downfalls, many show judges are known to have a preferences which impact judging. I for one would like to see less 'show' and more tests (actual measurements, temperament tests etc) to warrant a champion title.
  10. Purebreds Are Evil

    Someone posted the attached spreadsheet awhile ago, more so aimed at the types of breeders rather than the breed but after all it's the unethical breeders that create these issues in the first place.
  11. Do You Celebrate Your Dogs Bday Or Gotcha Day?

    I always remember the day after :laugh: Collie's birthday is Jan 14 Sarah's is April 15 according to her microchip deets and her gotcha day is the 25th May
  12. A few rescues are getting together next Saturday for an Adoption Day at 4Paws and More Pet Supplies in Sunbury. If you're in the area please stop by for a sausage, chat and cuddle of some of our adoptables. https://www.facebook.com/events/381362535389152/
  13. Dogs On Melbourne Trains

    There are definitely muzzles available for smaller dogs, most commonly used by groomers :p
  14. Anthropomorphism.

    I didn't get through all of that, good luck finding a carer with that essay
  15. Impact Of No Pull Harnesses On Dogs

    I'd be interested in what people think of this no pull harness that we use with Collie. http://www.cleanrun.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_ID=3470&ParentCat=202 It's designed to tighten around the girth, bit like a martingale but for the chest instead of the neck. we find it gives us more control of collie's movements than a martingale as he can't actually see where he's going. there is a front attachment as an option to use in conjunction with the back attachment but we don't use it
  16. France must be doing something right if the worst thing someone could do to a dog is involve them in 'begging' surely the rescue's efforts could be better used elsewhere or at least gain evidence of actual mistreatment before you steal the dog
  17. Breed Recommendations Please

    They're in kiama. I keep hearing different opinions of the working spaniels! A few have said that ESS are full on, working dogs only. But I've also heard cockers are more busy and less focussed, so it's hard to know! In terms of size and "look" they're spot on. It's just the high drive and no off switch that worries me. I'd actually quite like one for agility but they aren't interested in doing any of that so 80% of the time the dog wouldn't get much "work". I've also heard working cockers are very intense, they aren't particularly common and the ones that are out there are definitely bred to work so it's a bit different to finding a less intense border collie or kelpie. Is there any reason your parents are against regular grooming? A typical cocker spaniel would fit that environment well and providing it has regular grooms would dry off pretty quickly. I find cockers that have been left entire generally don't have as much coat as the ones that were desexed young as well.
  18. Impact Of No Pull Harnesses On Dogs

    Devils advocate here... While Dr Zink does seem very qualified to make her assumptions they are just that. For most dogs they would only be in the harness at the most for 30-60 mins per day which unless shown evidence to the contrary I can't see how that would impact the dogs gait permanently. Also the article only refers to front clip harnesses, there are other no pull harness options like the sporn harness and those that tighten up around the chest that allow the dog to spread their weight evenly on both the left and right sides so I'd hardly call it a 'No-pull debate'
  19. Yep I hate that, my dog is blind, he takes longer to find the ball and if your dog swoops in to grab it he gets very confused and sad
  20. My Dog My Choice

    There's always going to be a need for registered breeders and it would be nice if more rescues could point families in the right direction if they aren't suitable for a rescue dog I knew a family that wanted a cocker spaniel, it would be an only dog and they had a young daughter, so many of the cockers that come through rescue are very anxious are just not suited to being an only dog, the young child pretty much ruled out the others. Unfortunately they didn't know the right avenues to go about getting a registered puppy and they ended up with a cocker from a well known online source in victoria. I groomed this dog a few weeks ago and having it's first groom at 10 months old I had to use a muzzle.. simply put the dog is fear aggressive which is a far cry from the breed standard temperament. I ended up advising the family to get a muzzle as they were too anxious to brush their dog
  21. Cocker Spaniels are extremely prone to anxiety. They're smart but not too smart, biddable but not too biddable (um where's my treat first), and will take as much or as little exercise that you can throw at them (age depending). But what they won't negotiate on is needing regular and quality human interaction, if that means following you into the toilet and jumping up on your lap because you haven't met today's quota then so be it
  22. Western Australian Thread

    I'm not in WA... yet we bought a house last month near Rockingham and it's being leased for 12 months so we're planning to make the move over when the lease expires :) Can't wait to get back to Perth sunshine and beaches
  23. I had a customer with a 3 legged oodle, he was born that way and she seemed so proud of the fact that she took him on. Pity she didn't pity him enough to give the guy a brush once in awhile. First groom was at 7 months old, 2nd was about 5 months after than and at 6pm at night I sent him home because I didn't have the time to deal with a 1 year old fully matted oodle that had only ever been groomed once. Advised her to reschedule for a weekend when I could give the guy some breaks but not surprisingly I never heard from her again
  24. It Happened Again :o(

    I go to Aquapaws weekly. They do have an off leash fenced in section but it's not very big. People there have common sense and know not to go in with their dog if it is in use so I don't think you need a sign. Again it's small so if someone does look like they want to come in really all you have to do is say No... it literally is the size of a small suburban backyard. Maybe if you ask the owner she will let you run your dog in one of the bigger horse paddocks but the fencing is not the same as the off leash yard. Edit : Have you tried Kepala?? Their facilities would suit your needs for a secure off leash romp. Hmm. Still, even if it's small it'd be nice to introduce her to new locations and people. Our first visit will be 2nd week September :D I've not heard of kepala! But it looks like they only do pet boarding? Which would probably set her way back - strangers are scarier than dogs and if I'm not there she'll shut down Or do you reckon if I called up and asked they'd let us have a quick romp on our own? I don't mind paying, I'd just like to let her go off lead sometime and ...yknow run around without worry. Do they have a strong 'give dogs space' Policy? Sorry I'm on mobile so the site is hard to navigate XD *cautiously excited thank you!* Here are the details for Kepala's country club http://www.kepala.com.au/country_club They have 2 large grass runs, an agility area, a sand run, an indoor pool and outdoor pool. all of which you can hire out for as long as you need them (depending on other bookings) You can run into other dogs between runs, all are on lead though and most people that use the country club are pretty dog savy so they would take notice of a harness that said your dogs needs space
  25. :) just came across the same thing check out the link http://www.boredpanda.com/russian-werewolf-dog-muzzle/