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  1. Hi guys, thanks for all your input and replies.... He has been toilet trained since he was about 10-11weeks old.... He hasn't done a wee inside until 2 weeks ago and now he has done it every 2 or 3 days. I have him pretty much wee on command outside since he was a pup so he knows what to do... I think the most accurate comment is that he may have "matured" and wanting to mark his territory. He is not desexed, reason being is the breeder we got him from may want to use him in her breeding program down the track. He is from one of the best bloodlines in australia, within the show scene. If he is not used, I'll definitely love to get him to have a litter and keep a pup. He is the best, we'll natured dog that my partner and I have decided we want our future dogs to be a product of him Thanks again for all your suggestions I think I'll just have to as most have said, pretty much toilet train him again in a sense Daniel
  2. Hi, I'm just looking for some suggestions to rectify an issue that has only recently begun! I have a 2 year old male staffy, which until recently has never cocked his leg when he has done a wee. It is la brand new thing he has worked out although mostly he still just squats. Since he first lifted his leg we now have a problem with his doing it and weeing inside on the leg of the dining table, on the basket of folded washing and now on the kitchen cupboard doors... Just wondering if anyone has some tips to stop him from doing this as I know others would have had the same problem! Thanks, Daniel
  3. Thanks everyone for the reply and advice! I don't think it's overfeeding because he seems to always still want something. He gets about 4-5 raw chicken necks in morning with his dry food then same at night. I didn't know they could eat yoghurt and things like that he occasionally sneaks in a bit of ice cream when we have it so I think he'll like that! Any recommendations...? He does love carrots and watermelon that we give every now and then when we eat it. I think he is of good size and weight but then I seen a picture of one that was 9months that looked a bit bigger then him like thickness and size but maybe it's the way the picture was and I'm with him everyday so I don't have the perspective of others looking at him.
  4. Hi, my name is Daniel and this is my first ever post. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is 11months old and we treat him like our baby! A little while ago he lost interest in 2 different lots of his wet food that he had grown up on along the way, recommended by the breeder. He still eats his dry food though, but the only real other thing he will eat other then scab our food is chicken necks with his dry food... he seems to be too into wanting our food then turns his nose up at his own food seemingly because we don't have it. I just want to have him eating his food properly and would like to even make up food for him so in a way he thinks that it's proper food and is still good quality for him. ... Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
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