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  1. Trying to wrap his dogs in cling wrap to keep the fleas away?
  2. It is beautiful Perse. And I don't even live in the "beautifulliest" part. I must say my drive to work is usually very pretty but limited safe space to pull over
  3. yes to cold. Sadly - that's the driveway into work - so it would have been no earlier than 7.30 - probably just after 8. (not "early" in my books.)
  4. 30. Can't believe we're up to week 30!!! A lazy one, actually taken last week (shh).
  5. Great update @Thistle the dog. Nice to see the thread bumped back up. It's been quiet in here (as you can probably tell).
  6. Pleasureis all mine. Don't tell Stevie, but I think Minnie is adorable And yes... I can imagine that wouldbe quite a sight!
  7. And last one from @Dame Danny's Darling. ORLA This is Orla. She is a little old lady who is very hard to photograph as she has such a black face and very dark eyes.
  8. Ps: @Dame Danny's Darling She's lovely. What a sweet face.
  9. "This is another of Minnie - she has managed to remove her coat. She is being treated for lack of flea protection for many years - hence the pink back"
  10. From @Dame Danny's Darling "This photograph is of Stevie (in the front) and Minnie (at the back). Stevie is not quite sure about it as it was Minnie who climbed in after he’d been lying there for a while LOL."
  11. Uh. I don't mean to sound rude but are they sure it's parvo? Every case I've ever seen (sadly both personal experience and doing kennels at a vet clinic) has required high intensity care. Isolation, drips, high levels of hygiene. It can also live in the soil for years - so keeping her at home can put future dogs at risk. I have just googled it, seems you might be able to treat at home. Hopefully someone with more experience than I will come along and help - but I personally would want her at the vets and on a drip. Good luck! Its a horrible virus.
  12. I don't know that I'd want a Standard desexed that early to be honest. I'd prefer to wait longer if I could.
  13. Little from col. A, little from col. B.
  14. Personally can't wait.
  15. No harm done. But your friend is very, very wrong in this particular case. Mutts are wonderful, but sadly, being "shed free" isn't one of their superpowers.