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  1. My boy hated kennels & wouldn't eat at them - needing to be hand fed when he was there for any length of time. A day isn't a long time, so maybe he just didn't get to settle. Hopefully he'll settle back into being home now & maybe in the future a few day trips / visits and even over night stays will help him realize its nice & safe & fun and that you're coming back.
  2. Oh - I don't want to make you feel worse again - but I do really believe dogs understand and mourn too. It's probably not so much she's worried you wont come back - but she's a bit sad/lonely. Fairly off topic - I used to walk Scottie with a group of reactive dogs - by the end of it we were down to two - Scottie and Gem. The first week I went without Scottie Gem was really wary of me - giving me the side eye and keeping her distance. Then when I went to get in my car at the end of the hour she went totally nuts - all her usually "I'll eat any dog who comes near me" business - even thought she'd gotten pretty good with Scottie - within distance and reason. It took a while until I twigged that she must have assumed I had him in the back of the car (and had left him there while we'd gone for a lovely stroll ) Anyhow - it took her Mum opening my car up and letting her inspect it for her to realise he wasn't there. She's been totally fine ever since. Not sure what the best thing to suggest is - Maybe some enrichment type stuff if she's a foodie... but really probably just time. Last time I had a pair I don't think the girl mourned the loss of the boy. She was totally the boss and I assume she either thought "good riddance" or "Where's the help gone".
  3. I just googled it - Pluto appears to have been one of the foundation stallions. (please correct me if I'm wrong PC).
  4. I think it's great you're aware of it, but also agree she probably just needs time to adjust and find her new normal.
  5. ***Drool*** He's just divine (and you already know how I feel about Thistle).
  6. What an awesome update. Always love hearing about Thistle, so glad Thyme is helping <3
  7. U You've basically named our toybox. Only missing "inside ball". Which was, funnily enough, the ball we'd play with inside. Our reasoning was the same it started as "wheres the ball (or monkey) and grew as the range did. He couldn't pick them all by name but was pretty good. Here's a free bit of advice in case you do wash him/it. Don't put it through the hottest of hot washes. It might seem like a good, hygienic choice. You'll only end up with unsqueaking, however, clean toys. Ive heard ...
  8. Very sound advice indeed.
  9. Frow. Da. Moose. Mummy!
  10. Lol @Papillon Kisses - Poor Mal. & thanks SG
  11. Guin loved "wiggly fingers" not so much a toy, but a game. Scottie had a few. But it was moosey who lasted better than basically anything else. Not bad for a 50 c boxing day Special. He was always careful with be honest I suspect its because he didn't squeak, but he still did well.
  12. I think it's a glitch that just started recently.
  13. They're really lovely birds Perse. Many years ago now my family went camping at Lake Mungo and the camp birds were just total characters. My first and only experience with them, but one I remember fondly.
  14. Id be tempted to flip her the bird. Not that it would help the situation.