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  1. Sucession Of Placings?

    It is rather exciting for the puppy. In NSW they can compete in these classes Baby of Breed Best Baby of Group And Best Baby in Show..... I listed a URL to show you.... http://dogsnsw.org.au/images/stories/PDFS/Path_to_Best_in_Show.pdf Horrible Herbert preferred to just kiss stewards and judges when in Baby Puppy class. But he had such fun. :D 'S
  2. Toilet Training An 8Week Old Puppy

    Aw, I did not realise you knew me that well! We were doing variations of this scenario at 05:55am today..... Poor Herbert was poorly. He needed to do what he had done a mere 4 hours earlier.... Cue grumpy crazy Momma
  3. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Puppies'!!!!!!!!!! Precious wee puppies!!!! So smooch able
  4. What Do You See As Reasonable

    Another point is bending over backwards, being on call 24/7 leads to burn out and then resentment. Again, people are the issue.
  5. What Do You See As Reasonable

    I think your approach is fine. People are dip shits.
  6. Lesson With Luci Ellem At Camarna Kennels

    Pick from theses: Brilliant Capable Most skilled.
  7. Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?

    Aw, what a shame. Maybe the timing is not right and there is that wonderful dog there. I so understand the emptiness for both you and wee Hun Bun.. I can not yet pick another dog for us. It just seems nothing works. Unlike you, I have not spoken too much about this. We have the darling Herbert but I know we all need another dog. Gentle Hugs xxx
  8. Suzanne Clothier Seminar 2015

    Hope I am not too late. Interested in Newcastle, please. [email protected] Thanks
  9. Peanut Butter

    Now we know why Ernie farts....Even if they might be organic types
  10. New Gap Greyhound

    Oh my! Oh my! Such a beautiful gal! Just super to hear.
  11. Lily Is Home Safe!

    Thank Dog
  12. I was wondering if the greyhound was not suitable but correctly chosen, they would be great, why not go with the dachshund? The fact one is keen might sway the other as well.... Unknown bred to both might backfire, IMO.
  13. And secure fences with a reasonably sized back yard are needed. One of the Vizsla girls had no issues in climbing the 11 foot fence.... Such fun The current Vizsla is actively engaged in doing a complete engineering make over of the same yard..... Holes spaced 22 inches apart. Said holes appear to be an effort to get back to Queensland. I know this because his litter brother [ in Queensland] is digging similar holes to attempt a reunion. BOTH dogs have plenty of exercise, activity but they gotta dig
  14. Benny's Battle - Oral Osetosarcoma

    So sorry to hear of Benny being ill. Do your best to keep him as free of pain as possible. That is the most crucial thing. Hugs to you at this time.
  15. Feeding Fish

    What time can the westies and I join Ronin for dinner??!! Horrible Herbert is equally hopeful of being invited. Must make sure to turn off the 'punter or the dog gets delusions of grandeur regarding food.