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  1. Did anyone find their diabetic dog was more hungry than usual please? Rosie, my little dog, is fussing for food about 6 hours after she has had her breakfast. This did not happen before she developed Diabetes. Any advice please. Thank you. :)
  2. Thank you Rappie. I may just do that! :)
  3. Thank you Rappie. I may just do that! :)
  4. Can I ask you what "Treats" you gave your dog please. I thought they could have anything between meals.
  5. This forum is absolutely great! I feel sooooo much better now and not alone. A BIG THANK YOU to you all! I really appreciate all the tips and advise. My vet has been wonderful and so helpful, but it's talking with people like you that makes all the difference. You can't beat hands on experience can you?! :)
  6. A BIG thank you to you all! You don't know how much I appreciated your input and I certainly will take you on on your kind offer to ask questions if I've forgotten to ask my vet. I take on board what you say about a monitor. Rosie is going back to my vet on Friday for a day of glucose level testing. Just hoping things are OK! Am witting everything down, ie: water intake, food, general demeanour etc. to take with me. Am wondering if pet insurance is the way to go with this one. Any thoughts ?!
  7. Hi Everyone. I'm new to this forum and would dearly love to hear your thoughts and advice. My 5 year old Maltese - Rosie - has developed Diabetes following an attack of Pancreatitis. I'm finding it all rather daunting at the moment. She came home on Saturday afternoon, having spent 6 days in the vet's hospital. She has insulin twice a day. Any advice would be gratefully received. I just worry about her!
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