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  1. We have 2 of these, we love love love them!!!
  2. I saw them on k9pro too!! We love our ruffwear harnesses!!
  3. Big hugs to you SG. I 100% believe you gave Molly not only the best 8+ months ever, but you gave her the greatest gift of her wings. Take it easy on yourself and give your own dogs extra tummy rubs tonight x
  4. Rotti's at the Beach!!! Just gorgeous Starkehre!!
  5. We bought one dog run from Pet Panels Shane was great, very helpful. He sends them most places.
  6. Big hugs Visla! You definitely dodged a bullet. Good on you for being diligent. Something wonderful is always just around the corner, so don't give up!
  7. Yeah juice was looking. K I love your profile pic!!!
  8. As someone who owns a property in a body corporate.. Run! And find a free standing house. I'm serious. We are only 1 of 12 houses. But all it takes is one pain-in-the-ass owner, and every complex has one. Take it as a sign from the heavens, this place is not for you!
  9. I find random/lost/escaped dogs all the time! If they have a collar/tags on I phone the owners. If not I always take them to the pound - because a) it's almost always outside of business hours, b) I feel like it's the safest place for them, c) the owners are more likely to find them. Our pound is pretty amazing and will try to find the owners. Just earlier this week I was walking my dogs, when suddenly a male rotti went from being in his backyard, to in front of me! (Minus of bunch of his fence pailings). I popped him on my lead (he had no collar on) knocked on his owners door, and the neighbours doors. No answer. Then it bucketted down rain on us as I proceeded to walk home. I towelled the dogs dry, got myself clean and dry, and on my way to take him to the pound drove to his house - and his frantic owners were home. Thank goodness!! I think you did the right thing. If my dog were lost, I would much prefer to be able to find them in the pound/RSPCA than them be in someone's backyard.
  10. Oh Loba, sorry to hear such a sad update. Is he still as fearful as previously? Have there been any other changes in his behaviour? Is he struggling with the changes of the past 3 months?
  11. Ditto Maddy. That's exactly what I'd be doing too. (ETS - I actually did do it once, in a very similar circumstance) Sorry you're stuck in this SG.
  12. Hey Cuko13, It says you are in NSW - are you able to say roughly where? When do you think you will be going o'seas?
  13. OMG peanut butter!! Totally forgot that one! Thanks SM
  14. Mine get chicken liver broth. You could literally use A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Think dinner left overs, treats, kibble, tinned dog food, fruits and veggies, sardines are a big hit too.
  15. Oh my dog!! She is talented!