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  1. Dryfood - An on going problem

    We just got our Nutriscan results!! I am blown away. They have literally paid for themselves. My little Shitzu who I thought might be the problem child, had a lot of low reactions. But my super fussy boy had tonnes of high reactions! And my not fussy, almost never reacts girl had a lot of medium responses. Whoa! I am stunned. After watching my previous beautiful beautiful dog suffer after a lifetime of incorrect foods, I'm so thankful that I have this extra info so I can do everything possible to prevent these 3 amigos suffering similar problems. Best $$ I've spent so far!!!
  2. Two boisterous Labrador brothers

    I have a book called "why does my dog do that". I'd be happy to give it to you, you'd just have to pm me a postal address.
  3. LoI previously had a Cane Corso, and to be honest, I had tried him on a'll sorts of different dry foods, VAN, etc. But nothing came close to a raw diet. His coat was so much more sleek, his weight was stable and he was more content in general. If you Google BARF (bones & raw food), or even if you can get your hands on Dr Ian Billinghursts' book "give your dog a bone". It will give you lots of great info to think about. Edit to say - I originally fed raw chicken carcasses or similar along with dry food. But even on a brand like Eukanuba dry food (no idea how to spell that) he had a sparse patchy dry coat, and enormous soft stools. We had none of those issues on BARF.
  4. I love her!!
  5. Give her a big kiss from all of us. (Weight gain couldn't possibly be from too many treats.. there's no such a thing!!!)
  6. Oh I'm so sorry it's grown She sounds otherwise happy. Bless her! Sending lots of good vibes or food vibes, whichever she'd like!
  7. How is the beautiful Trouble T?
  8. Help!

    Am not sure why you are so convinced it's not food or Zara being on heat that isn't the trigger? Either way, you've been given some very sensible advice ie- separate them, and don't leave them unsupervised. Period. It's up to you if you take it! I would never ever trust 2 staffy bitches unsupervised, let alone 3! But that's just based on my experience. Good luck!! Edit to say - I don't mean to sound nasty. I'm just a little perplexed as to what else the issue could be.
  9. Help with severe anxiety

    I agree with others. It sounds more severe than thundershirt & adaptil collars (unfortunately). I've had my fair share of anxious dogs, and I think the sooner you see a veterinarian behaviorist, the better. It really sounds like you need some professional help. Good luck! Let us know how you go.
  10. Dryfood - An on going problem

    Hey Stitch, in Jean Dodds book, she says the saliva string sample is "stable for 30days". I'm so excited to get ours done this week!!
  11. Dryfood - An on going problem

    I'm so clever I posted 3 times!
  12. Dryfood - An on going problem

    A wonderful holistic vet here does have the kits. They're $650 each everything included (I don't have to do the posting etc). It's actually a small price to pay, considering my quest for lower allergy/novel protein sources has already cost far more than that. There was the 30kg of goat which gave them itches and hot spots.. currently I have 30kg each of Camel, Emu & Possum to experiment with! We're having them done next week - I'll let you know how it goes!
  13. Dryfood - An on going problem

    I'm not sure actually. Years ago I remember being overwhelmed by the idea. But I could have sworn someone told me a holistic vet here has the kits. I just have to get my slack backside to ask the vet myself! My plan was to do them via her if she had them..
  14. Gilly is 21 today!!!!!!

    21!! That is AMAZING!!!! Happy Birthday Gilly!