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  1. We Welcomed a new Dog to our home on Saturday

    Awwww she's beautiful! Congratulations! Lucky Lola
  2. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    I wish it was only true of wealthy people and dogs.. sadly it is not. Makes me so sad
  3. Phoebe has puppies!

    Awww Bless! So gorgeous Rebanne.
  4. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

    Naaawwww so gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  5. Phoebe has puppies!

    Awww congrats! Just gorgeous! Hope Pheobe is feeling okay
  6. Dogs love us, not just for the food..

    Apparently.. Here's the linky http://www.canberratimes.com.au/technology/sci-tech/it-really-is-puppy-love-science-finds-dogs-like-you-for-you-not-just-your-food-20170912-gyfi0f.html
  7. Starkehre babies?

    Oh my gosh!!! LOOK at them!!! They are all doing so well!! And soooo beautiful!!! Congratulations to you guys!!! Love love love Now that we've had our Rotti fix, we can all wait till next year for rotti babies! Well done Seven, she's a superstar!
  8. Phoebe has puppies!

    Oh Pheobe you gorgeous girl! I've never seen a pregnant grey or grey puppies either - this is exciting!!!!
  9. Starkehre babies?

    **cough cough** Does Starkehre have some baby rotti news to share???, pleeeeaaaassseee!!!
  10. Leave it vs drop

    Our dogs are taught: "Give" - let go of the toy or similar. "Leave it" - don't touch that, don't eat that etc. Good luck with your training!
  11. Do Not Feed Offal?

    Thanks everyone!! I feed offal in my home made dried treats. I've never had any cause for concern, just trying to err on the side of caution. I didn't know about the freezing. My freezer is -19, and everything is frozen till required so that is definitely a positive!!! Oohh edit - the tassie link says frozen at -20C for 48hrs. **runs to change freezer temp**
  12. Do Not Feed Offal?

    Resurrecting this old thread.. because I have a question that I can't find an obvious answer to.. Does anyone know which sheep organs are most risky for Hydatis? From what I read - liver & lungs pop up a lot. What about hearts? Are hearts an equally big risk? Or kidneys? Thanks all!
  13. Making "the" decision

    Dear SM, Haven't read the whole thread. Am so sorry for your loss (have seen some of your other posts and couldn't work out what I'd missed). He was the luckiest boy to have such a great 3.5yrs with you, and now he runs free. Something new is always just around the corner, so make the most of your uninterrupted sleep! Big hugs x
  14. Advice With Rehoming?

    Lovely update Skip. Well done
  15. Foster Dogs

    I think at your end Roova. Pics are perfect for me! Way to go KTB! Lucky fosters!