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  1. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Life space probiotics are fine (we have used them for humans and animals previously. Its the brand Augustine approved recommends) Protexin is a multi strain one for animals. I use it for all my animals.
  2. Actually.. here's an interesting thought.. My 2 Heinz variety dogs, super hair shedders - I hardly ever bath them. They never smell. They roll in sorts of weird stuff, and swim in muddy dams! My little Shih tzu, 2 weeks is about the limit before bath time! And I clip him every 2-4 weeks to keep his coat a comfortable length. There is obviously extra expense (and inconvenience) associated with a non shedding breed requiring regular grooming.
  3. Please help me make the right decision

    Totally not the advice you want.. But my kids have stuff scattered everywhere too.. dogs chew them, I throw them in the bin. It is a truly excellent system for keeping the amounts of 'stuff' in check !! For the same amount of money you could get a dog from a local rescue, one that has been around children and genuinely likes children? (A beautiful soft laaaazy greyhound perhaps!) Whether a new pup or older dog gets along with your sisters dogs -that you will not know until they meet. There are no guarantees! Dont let money be the decider. But honestly, if you are stressing, might be best to walk away from this and re-think what you and the family really want. Good luck!!!!
  4. Cavaliers are on my doggie bucket list Based on your posts, my vote is for a cavalier.
  5. Introducing.... Bolt!

    @Malamum.. you been too busy with Jet!!!
  6. Puppy Spam Time

  7. Oh jwt, I am so happy to see this update. I often wonder about you. They look like best buddies, I'm so pleased for you
  8. Help

    Wowsers! Good luck
  9. Help

    I think an in-home trainer is your best course of action. A) you need someone to see the behavior first hand and B) hopefully you have a trainer that you like and used previously. Sounds very stressful for you and your boy. I hope you figure out the cause and can find a safe solution.
  10. If you get stuck, PM me am happy to help ok!
  11. Sars-happy to make you some salmon based fresh or dried food to get you through for now? Am in ACT so no trouble for me.
  12. Blackhawk

  13. Puppy Spam Time

    Awwwww we've been (not so patiently) waiting to see mumma Seven and her new brood. Well done you guys!
  14. Weird Vomit LOG

    The other thing is dry food needs rehydrating (sort of) in a dogs digestive system. Wet food does not. Chloe may have eaten a bit too fast or too much or whatever. As long as she is behaving as normally, its nothing to panic about.
  15. Oh good on you for coming to get advice. We humans are not always the right match for some dogs. My own dog, a Shepard x kelpie, is completely bonkers. He came from a home that simply wasn't the right match for him. They were a lovely family, but he was alone all day, needs lots of exercise & brain games. I highly commend his former owners for surrendering him, and I am very thankful they did. He is my dog, he was exactly the dog we were looking for. And he is so happy with us, I feel like I understand him. Anyway, I think you're doing a great job trying so hard. There is absolutely no shame in surrendering the dog (to a proper reputable rescue) if it's not working. It would surely take a huge load off your shoulders! Good luck, hope you find a solution.