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  1. Re the FDA.. the FDA is as American. All these big corporations are in bed with each other, and that includes Monsanto. If we listened to a single word the FDA said, we'd be eating gmo corn syrup based foods, at least 3 meals a day. Take it with a pinch of salt.
  2. Yes! Tinned salmon has bones. The 400gm (or there abouts) tins.
  3. Hahahaha 2 of my 3 are looking a little round at the moment so we'll be breaking our treats a little smaller! But but but we're starving... haha Mr Crazy needs to keep busy. He needs lots of jobs to do all day, hence they get a good portion of their food via enrichment activities spread over the day.
  4. You could try Pandi on tinned Salmon? Can still portion & freeze, see if it helps those anal glands?
  5. Gosh none of my current or previous dogs would have managed one meal a day, there'd be bile vomits everywhere! I think what you are doing is perfect Pandi. And if that's working for your tiny girl, no need to change anything. My 3 get: *a small piece of mince in the morning, because Mr Crazy has hs medication (its mince I have minced myself so the meat type varies), *a small meaty brisket or lamb bone, *at walk time they get dried treats (which is essentially dried barf) and they get other treats in their enrichment activities, *then in the evening Mr Crazy has his medication so they all get a little bit of minced something.
  6. I get the feeling she has changed her mind. Nothing to do with securing a rental. Sit tight. Perhaps don't engage with her for at least a few days.
  7. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    I forgot the most important thing.. Balance over time!!
  8. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    Might I suggest checking with butchers near you? Many of them have their own 'offal mince', which is often a combination of beef & lamb trim, hearts, kidneys & liver. It would make life much easier, you can portion & freeze, use it in kongs etc. Chicken carcasses or wings would be (my) preference over drumsticks. Even Turkey necks. Ask butcher about brisket bones, and lamb off cuts. They have a good balance of meat/fat/bone. And tinned Sardines or Salmon (wild caught only), even if you simply add to dry food. They will add a nice, cheap, dose of omega-3s. And eggs.. scrambled eggs, whole raw eggs. However you like! Well done to you and your lucky doggy.
  9. Fly Snapping after eating

    How interesting!
  10. Cork tiles and dogs

    We had cork tiles in our old house for 5+ years. We never re-coated them. I don't know how old they were, the house was at least 18years old before we bought it. Yes they will tolerate spills, more so than laminate flooring. Also everything bounces, so you'll never break another glass I don't remember so much about them being slippery. I did run to the oven after mopping them, and slipped and broke my arm. But I am pretty uncoordinated and clumsy!! I never noticed any of my dogs or fosters slipping on cork. They most certainly did on laminate. And they do slip on ceramic tiles. I'm not sure what the cost comparison is with cork. That would be a factor for me too. (I think it's ugly, that's the only reason we replaced it)
  11. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Oooh sorry Pandi I forgot to reply! Maybe have to ring a butcher and ask. Ask about chicken necks, Turkey necks, duck necks, rabbit or quail. Chicken necks would be the easiest & cheapest, so might be the most cost effective starting point? I find things with bone tend to fill my dogs up, so here's to hoping it can keep Pandi's tummy full a bit longer.
  12. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Oh I love shark tank! I must find the episode!!! I'm sorry, I know I get carried away! I try to stay out of threads involved people or dog nutrition because I am so passionate about it. Sometimes my fingers move too fast on the phone before my brain can stop me responding!!
  13. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Frontier is as good as it gets! ( we don't feed commercial food, if I did frontier would be top of the list. Unfortunately it has too many ingredients we are sensitive to) Try the psyllium? Or what about adding something like minced chicken necks, or Turkey necks? Something with bone in it. (Since she is tiny, you could buy it by the kilo, freeze in ice cube size portions). That *should * fix up the anal gland issue.
  14. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    We are always learning. I have fed soo many (good and bad) kibbles over the years. You don't know what you don't know! I think Canidae & Wellness Core are better choices. Meals for mutts too. Raw food trumps all of them.. Trust your own instinct, and Nuggets! You don't have to listen to this crazy dog & food lady
  15. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    Frontier is nice and affordable too haha a friend tried it and did a cost comparison.. it was like $16 a day to feed her dogs! I'd have to sell a kidney!! It does have an impressive ingredient list - except for the almonds.. why almonds?. You could try oats if you soak them. Or Phivo from Augustine Approved has a psyllium husk recipe for anal gland issues (which I'm guessing could be why the bottom rubbing), OR.. there could be an Ingredient/s in there your dog is sensitive too? I'm not a fan of stay loyal, it has some garbage too. Most dry foods do. But at least stay loyal has actual vegetables!! The alarm bells for Pete Evan's (based on the ingredient list above): *Fish/Tuna meal - tuna is best avoided due to high mercury. How do you know what the other type of 'fish' is? *Marine Fish oil - again, from which fish source? *Hydrolyzed Yeast - its nothing healthy, it's to make it taste good. It causes massive health problems in humans. *Arrowroot/Tapioca/Cassava - Cassava is a root vegetable (starchy veg.. hmm pete.. ), why are the other 2 needed? *Whole egg powder? I presume a waste product, because it would surely be more cost effective to use whole eggs! Cage free I wonder? *FOS - you have no way of knowing where this was sourced. It's trying to be all fancy 'look at my clever name' we have this probiotic stuff, but there would be no benefit whatsoever since kibble is heat treated. *Yucca - heaps of companies add this. It's to reduce stool odor. No dietary benefits. *Antioxidants & Rosemary Extract- all food companies use these, trying to look healthy. They aren't. They are just preservatives. There's better kibble out there. I doubt Pete Evans had much to do with this food. He's just getting paid big bucks for putting his face on it. I think that'll do from me. I highly highly recommend Dr Jean Dodds book 'Canine Nutrigenomics'. It looks at how food, influences health, on a cellular level. (I always talk about that book!) Edit - the link to Phivo thingy https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/dog-anal-glands-diy-solution/