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  1. Corneal Ulcer

    Sorry I forgot again! Here we go
  2. Corneal Ulcer

    Oops, forgot to take a pic will do it today I swear!!
  3. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh hi Aunty T , He is good. His eye has been gunky a few mornings, so we have just finished another course of Doxycycline. I don't think there's any infection brewing, I actually think with all his ball craziness he is getting fluff and dirt in his eye and that's the cause. He seems to be able to see a bit better (hasn't walked into anything for at least a week!). He is his usual happy, ball crazy, food stealing self! I'll take a pic when he is finished eating his bone Thanks for checking in, we been thinking of you too
  4. Photography books for sale

    Awwww lurve the profile pic
  5. Food Advice Please!

    Sausages. Sausages are irresistible to dogs!
  6. Dog Poo Composting

    I been thinking about this thread actually.. and provided you weren't planning on fertilizing the veggie patch with it how fabulous is the idea of scooping the doggie poop into a compost bin and letting nature do its thing - very cool. Why didnt I think of this
  7. Hot spots between toes

    I think its food issue. I realise you dont think its a food issue - it's your dog though. But geez, the poor bugger is really suffering for a long time while you figure it out
  8. I have a Shihtzu and clip him myself. I am definitely a novice, so plenty of dodgy home haircuts I bought KM2 clippers with a #10 blade, and metal comb covers. (I can't offer any comparison as they are my first ever professional clippers) I find this the easiest as I can just slip a different comb cover on as I'm going. (The blades switch on and off easily too) I've bought a few different length blades, and to be honest, it was money wasted as I much prefer the #10 blade with metal comb covers. My Shihtzu is a sensitive little pumpkin, so he doesn't like super short hair, and no clippers anywhere near his privates I didn't buy a grooming table, but I did buy a grooming arm that I join on a table. To ensure my dog doesn't leap off etc. Keeps your arms free. I don't have a professional dryer (geez I would love one!), I use good old trusty hair dryer on lowest warm setting. Takes ages! The other thing that groomers do, that you may not be aware of is: *Check ears/ear hair, apply drops/powders if needed. *Clip toenails (you'll need nail clippers), its easier to clip a tiny 1mm often, that trim long overgrown nails. So keep an eye on them and trim them regularly. *Trim hairs in between paw pads (you'll need some very sharp hair cutting scissors). *Anal glands.. while I wouldn't rush in and empty them unless needed, this is often a problem with these little dogs, so if you're not already well versed, perhaps some reading on the subject. Roughly every 4 weeks is my preferred clipping routine. More often than not, needing a bath at 2 weeks. I find any longer than 4 weeks and it takes far far longer to clip/bath, and also he is started to get matted, so it's less comfortable overall. Also be super careful around elbows and arm pits. And ears! There are folds of skin, that aren't obvious if hair gets long, and you can easily accidentally nick the skin. Good luck!!!! Edit for typos
  9. Corneal Ulcer

    Yes definitely!! Feeling much less stressed and he is too, amazing how much difference just a tiny bit of vision makes (and minus the cone of shame). Lucky boy! The only way I could get a decent pic.. play 'tug-of-war' with his tennis ball Am waiting on a new #5 clipper blade.. so his reprieve from baths/clips will soon expire Thanks for all the well wishes (We feel very special)
  10. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh Hi Aunty T Thanks for the woo-woos Pickles & Harper Teddy is good. Actually he is driving me NUTS with his 24/7 ball throwing requests!! He still can only see a teeny tiny bit -so he's a bit of a hazard, and requires constant supervision, to be expected. He's back to toileting inside when it suits him (get those fluffy paws wet-I think not!), little bugger! I'll add a pic of his eye, just for you! (I haven't bathed him yet, I'm holding out as long as I can ) Thanks for thinking of us! I was thinking of you just yesterday.
  11. Lagotto or GR/Pooodle cross as first family dog?

    I'm yet to meet an oodle mix I don't like. But I don't know if I've ever met a dog I didn't love on first sight! If you go with a non shedding breed (or mix) please be sure you are prepared (committed) to grooming. Dropping off at the groomer every 6 weeks is not enough, they still need regular brushing, and at least one bath in between groomer visits. It is A LOT of work. Good luck! Edit for all the typos eeekkk
  12. Corneal Ulcer

    Awww thanks you guys!!!
  13. Corneal Ulcer

    Hey Snook He's great. He can see a tiny bit around the top of his eye, so that makes him very happy! He has his cone off and is happily licking his groin (boys!) and annoying everyone with his requests to play with his tennis ball (even if it takes him half an hour to find it!) he wasted no time pulling clothes out of the washing basket to hide is tennis ball in (his other fav game). Funny little dude he is He is going to have to have a bath soon, even if I don't wash his face. He's getting very stinky! Thanks for checking in, please give Justice and big smooshy kiss from us
  14. Trouble is only 12... inoperable tumour... grrr!

    Awwww she's like 'seriously, how long till I get to eat already - fine, I'll tip the packet out myself!' Sweet dreams beautiful girl, you are so loved (and Teddy thanks you for all the love and woo-woos) Big hugs T xx
  15. Corneal Ulcer

    Vet check today, and Vet is sooo happy! One more check end of week, then we get to ditch the cone and wait for it to heal. (Next check won't be for 4 weeks!) Seriously- how lucky is this dog! I am so thrilled, and hoping all continues to heal perfectly. Thank you all for the well wishes and the woo-woos