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  1. Weird Vomit LOG

    The other thing is dry food needs rehydrating (sort of) in a dogs digestive system. Wet food does not. Chloe may have eaten a bit too fast or too much or whatever. As long as she is behaving as normally, its nothing to panic about.
  2. Oh good on you for coming to get advice. We humans are not always the right match for some dogs. My own dog, a Shepard x kelpie, is completely bonkers. He came from a home that simply wasn't the right match for him. They were a lovely family, but he was alone all day, needs lots of exercise & brain games. I highly commend his former owners for surrendering him, and I am very thankful they did. He is my dog, he was exactly the dog we were looking for. And he is so happy with us, I feel like I understand him. Anyway, I think you're doing a great job trying so hard. There is absolutely no shame in surrendering the dog (to a proper reputable rescue) if it's not working. It would surely take a huge load off your shoulders! Good luck, hope you find a solution.
  3. Trouble is only 12... inoperable tumour... grrr!

    Woo-woos and slobbery kisses right back to you Trubs!!! Enjoy! We wish beautiful Trouble many happy food filled days

    If you get stuck, or it's not working, or whatever. Please feel free to ring/message me PM. Happy to help out in anyway.

    What a good girl. She is happy with you PM
  6. Trouble is only 12... inoperable tumour... grrr!

    lots of hugs from us to your beautiful girl. Have sent some yummies for my fav girl. Whole packet = 1 serve yes!! (Hopefully will get to you by Friday, didn't make the cut off time for tomorrow)
  7. Dog transport

    Does Mel from AngryFace transport still exist? (I don't know)
  8. Where to advertise

    Oh Rascal, big hugs
  9. cat grass tips

    You could just plant pots of good old grass too if you wanted? Be cheap and easy!
  10. Jan Fennell- thoughts, opinions

    Good on you for following your gut. The right home is waiting!

    Oh sorry PM

    Baby steps. Can you take Bella & Gypsy for a drive together? (Even if it is reversing down the driveway and then driving back up) I would assume Bella is Gypsy's security blanket. So maybe she is not ready to go solo yet. Maybe instead of a walk, just sit out the front with both of them on a leash? Happy to help with anything if you need.
  13. Which out of the 2 please

    Ooooh and I forgot, get a harness for walkies. These tiny dogs have fragile little necks. And both of those breeds have weepy eyes, I find salt water on a cotton pad daily is easiest to keep them clean. I have never owned a Cavalier, only a Shihtzu. Beautiful little dogs. But hands down our Shihtzu is 10times the amount of work our mixed breed shedding dogs are. I find I need to bath him fortnightly and lots of brushing. I bet your kids would just love every moment! Get them helping with training, walking, pooper scooping etc from day one. And take pup with you everywhere you can.
  14. Which out of the 2 please

    I *think* Cavaliers are more active. Both beautiful dogs though. With both breeds: Be prepared for grooming costs around $70 every 4-6 weeks. You still need to brush the dog, at least once per week, and check for prickles - especially lodged in between paw pads.
  15. HELP! Menacing / Dangerous Dog

    I feel a bit confused by this thread.. I mean, I understand there has been 2 incidents with your dog and the council have declared him a dangerous or menacing dog. But I dont understand what you're stuck on? Is it that you don't think your dog is dangerous? Is it that you don't know how to manage (proactively) the council declaration? Do you not want to muzzle or confine him? I gather the childs' parents are not wishing to escalate it further? The council haven't seized your dog- have they?