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  1. Corneal Ulcer

    My beautiful little Shih tzu is having a bit of a rough time and has a corneal ulcer. Thus far.. it's been 2 weeks and were not seeing any improvement - various creams, drops, painkillers, antibiotics etc. Its looking like he'll be having Grid Keratectomy end of next week - unless a miracle occurs. Anyway, just wondering if anyone in the dol brains trust has experienced corneal ulcers? And if there other things I should be thinking of doing to help the little munchkin?
  2. Would you feed Orijen?

    Hey @PANDI-GIRL Unfortunately my views on another dog food brand, on this forum, has bought me some unintended attention (I can't seem to delete my comments either ). So I will be keeping my thoughts to myself on commercially prepared foods.
  3. Corneal Ulcer

    For you Aunty T He hasn't had his bath or trim yet, so he's a bit scruffy & grubby! But he stayed still long enough for a pic!
  4. Corneal Ulcer

    Yeah I think she's a Kelpie/Labrador/Stafford blend. She was in the pound with her sister, but her sister had a sable mask and some darker fur along her back.
  5. Corneal Ulcer

    Bitches That's Ella's "what? I'm just chillin over here" expression. Funny girl. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a human She came from the pound here, she was in an adjoining pen to a dog I was collecting to temp care for 2 weeks. As soon as I looked into her eyes I just had to have her.
  6. Corneal Ulcer

    Aww thanks Pickles & Harper! How are they going without the beautiful golden girl? Yes I agree T, for the most part lots of tennis ball throwing, boxes to chew up to get food, snuffle mats, bones etc are plenty for him. I think the chaos that comes with us having 3 kids too, he really enjoys the goings on of whatever they are up to -and there's always someone cuddle with. Sometimes though, if I have no one to stay home with him, and the others are going crazy without their daily outings (this is usually only when the daddy is away for work), I just have to take him out walkies (he panics and toilets everywhere if left alone), and he hates the car (hates hates hates the car!). He really is a funny little guy. I actually think he would love a smaller calm, confident doggy companion as his 'security blanket'. He absolutely takes lead from the other 2 boof heads, they just have much higher exercise requirements!! Thank you, she's our special girl she turns 7 this year
  7. Corneal Ulcer

    I think so Snook, they say it will always be cloudy -like looking through frosted glass. I think once the rest of that blood vessel sort of "becomes" the cornea rather than just being stitched over. He's not a super confident dog so any variations to a 'normal day' he is unsettled . I don't know the exact conditions of his previous life, only that he'd probably never left his house/yard, and it wasn't the best care. I think if I wasn't in tune with subtle dog body language cues, I'd probably not notice. He's a stoic little thing, he doesn't give much away. As I was uploading the pic, I saw one of the first pics whoa.. I forgot how big and red those first weeks were. Thanks for all the well wishes -people in real life don't even send him well wishes! Makes us feel special I just tried to take a pic of him, he's too busy trying to find his tennis ball So here is a pic of Ella being beautiful
  8. Corneal Ulcer

    Hahahahahaha ooh T I can certainly oblige -I had to take my other boof head to the vet for a script last week, so I took a pic of his eye to show the vet (will attach that pic, it only took me 4000 attempts to get a clear one ). I'll take a nice pic of him this week when I get a moment to give him a little trim & bath. The daddy has been overseas for a couple of weeks for work, and it's been an exhausting time for me with my feral children so the little monkey man is due for his least favourite thing. His eye sight is ok, certainly not back to pre-ulcer, but enough that he is happy. He's not super keen to go walkies though, past the end of our street (maybe 100 metres) is too much and he'd like to go home thanks. He's a bit disoriented by it all. What is most interesting.. Pre-ulcer his eye would be weepy, that under eye area usually wet and brown stained. But so far, no weeping, no brown stains
  9. dogs paw cleaning cup?

    Hey asal.. it was your birthday yesterday happy belated birthday
  10. Worms

    Good on ya Boronia! I was just thinking to myself, "assuming my thoughts are incorrect, I wonder what sort diseases are common in Portugal?" I am guilty of thinking X symptoms must be caused by Y - but that may well be because I have zero knowledge of Z !!
  11. Worms

    Hi Ricky, Luna is gorgeous The symptoms you describe- ie itchy itchy itchy -these are signs that she jas a food intolerance, rather than worms. From the ingredients you listed, is it possible to trial feeding her something that contains none of those things? If dry kibble is the most affordable, then perhaps see if you can find one without chicken, corn or rice. Single protein source would be best. Please do give her bones, eggs, sardines. But again, please avoid chicken, corn & rice for at least 1 month, see if the itching subsides. Chicken & corn in particular, are high on the allergy ingredient list for many dogs. I would be doing the above, rather than blood testing for worms. (My opinion/suggestions are based on my own experiences, and qualifications regarding animal nutrition and food sensitivities. You most certainly don't have to follow my suggestions. I could be wrong!) Good luck!
  12. Corneal Ulcer

    It's just amazing isn't it! We are stoked!
  13. Corneal Ulcer

    Sorry I forgot again! Here we go
  14. Corneal Ulcer

    Oops, forgot to take a pic will do it today I swear!!
  15. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh hi Aunty T , He is good. His eye has been gunky a few mornings, so we have just finished another course of Doxycycline. I don't think there's any infection brewing, I actually think with all his ball craziness he is getting fluff and dirt in his eye and that's the cause. He seems to be able to see a bit better (hasn't walked into anything for at least a week!). He is his usual happy, ball crazy, food stealing self! I'll take a pic when he is finished eating his bone Thanks for checking in, we been thinking of you too
  16. Photography books for sale

    Awwww lurve the profile pic
  17. Food Advice Please!

    Sausages. Sausages are irresistible to dogs!
  18. Dog Poo Composting

    I been thinking about this thread actually.. and provided you weren't planning on fertilizing the veggie patch with it how fabulous is the idea of scooping the doggie poop into a compost bin and letting nature do its thing - very cool. Why didnt I think of this
  19. Hot spots between toes

    I think its food issue. I realise you dont think its a food issue - it's your dog though. But geez, the poor bugger is really suffering for a long time while you figure it out
  20. I have a Shihtzu and clip him myself. I am definitely a novice, so plenty of dodgy home haircuts I bought KM2 clippers with a #10 blade, and metal comb covers. (I can't offer any comparison as they are my first ever professional clippers) I find this the easiest as I can just slip a different comb cover on as I'm going. (The blades switch on and off easily too) I've bought a few different length blades, and to be honest, it was money wasted as I much prefer the #10 blade with metal comb covers. My Shihtzu is a sensitive little pumpkin, so he doesn't like super short hair, and no clippers anywhere near his privates I didn't buy a grooming table, but I did buy a grooming arm that I join on a table. To ensure my dog doesn't leap off etc. Keeps your arms free. I don't have a professional dryer (geez I would love one!), I use good old trusty hair dryer on lowest warm setting. Takes ages! The other thing that groomers do, that you may not be aware of is: *Check ears/ear hair, apply drops/powders if needed. *Clip toenails (you'll need nail clippers), its easier to clip a tiny 1mm often, that trim long overgrown nails. So keep an eye on them and trim them regularly. *Trim hairs in between paw pads (you'll need some very sharp hair cutting scissors). *Anal glands.. while I wouldn't rush in and empty them unless needed, this is often a problem with these little dogs, so if you're not already well versed, perhaps some reading on the subject. Roughly every 4 weeks is my preferred clipping routine. More often than not, needing a bath at 2 weeks. I find any longer than 4 weeks and it takes far far longer to clip/bath, and also he is started to get matted, so it's less comfortable overall. Also be super careful around elbows and arm pits. And ears! There are folds of skin, that aren't obvious if hair gets long, and you can easily accidentally nick the skin. Good luck!!!! Edit for typos
  21. Corneal Ulcer

    Yes definitely!! Feeling much less stressed and he is too, amazing how much difference just a tiny bit of vision makes (and minus the cone of shame). Lucky boy! The only way I could get a decent pic.. play 'tug-of-war' with his tennis ball Am waiting on a new #5 clipper blade.. so his reprieve from baths/clips will soon expire Thanks for all the well wishes (We feel very special)
  22. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh Hi Aunty T Thanks for the woo-woos Pickles & Harper Teddy is good. Actually he is driving me NUTS with his 24/7 ball throwing requests!! He still can only see a teeny tiny bit -so he's a bit of a hazard, and requires constant supervision, to be expected. He's back to toileting inside when it suits him (get those fluffy paws wet-I think not!), little bugger! I'll add a pic of his eye, just for you! (I haven't bathed him yet, I'm holding out as long as I can ) Thanks for thinking of us! I was thinking of you just yesterday.
  23. Lagotto or GR/Pooodle cross as first family dog?

    I'm yet to meet an oodle mix I don't like. But I don't know if I've ever met a dog I didn't love on first sight! If you go with a non shedding breed (or mix) please be sure you are prepared (committed) to grooming. Dropping off at the groomer every 6 weeks is not enough, they still need regular brushing, and at least one bath in between groomer visits. It is A LOT of work. Good luck! Edit for all the typos eeekkk
  24. Corneal Ulcer

    Awww thanks you guys!!!