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  1. Corneal Ulcer

    My beautiful little Shih tzu is having a bit of a rough time and has a corneal ulcer. Thus far.. it's been 2 weeks and were not seeing any improvement - various creams, drops, painkillers, antibiotics etc. Its looking like he'll be having Grid Keratectomy end of next week - unless a miracle occurs. Anyway, just wondering if anyone in the dol brains trust has experienced corneal ulcers? And if there other things I should be thinking of doing to help the little munchkin?
  2. Corneal Ulcer

    Definitely more upset about the cone and inability to itch!!! Not upset about having his medicine hidden in lamb sausages though Nice & pink today. Yes still cloudy and also has the trauma/blood ring, gonna be a slow process me thinks. I can see a tiny bit (1-2mm) of a stitch poking outwards, I bet that's as irritating as anything on his eyelid. Aww thanks Trubs, Pickles & Harper them get well woo-woos are the best!! Thank you for the well wishes beautiful dolers. We are grateful
  3. Corneal Ulcer

    Here's today's pic (I know your dying to see it T )
  4. Corneal Ulcer

    OMG I love her!!!
  5. Corneal Ulcer

    Hey perse! He's feeling the same.. sad.. a bit lost.. I don't think he's in pain (is having tramadol AM & PM). The Vet that did surgery was on a day off yesterday, saw senior Vet for check up. Looking forward to hearing what Locum thinks at next check on Monday. Interestingly, Senior vet said he has never done this surgery (only grid Keratectomy). So our Locum is very skilled and experienced (talk about luck having him here!). Eye looks good, nice and pink -oooh I haven't taken a pic yet today, must do that!
  6. Corneal Ulcer

    Awww bless you!!! Eye actually looks better today, that middle part is pinker.
  7. Corneal Ulcer

    Awwww thanks T!!! You're a gem Edit -back from Vet. All looks good
  8. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh you are too sweet Snook!
  9. Corneal Ulcer

    I hope so T!!! Hahaha something like that Give that beautiful labrador a big slobbery kiss from us x
  10. Corneal Ulcer

    Pic from this morning. I am pooping my pants about that middle area being white rather than pink. Fingers crossed it's not dying tissue (vet check early tomorrow morning) He is still sad. Slightly more mobile. But will not seek out water etc on his own, he just cries and then we try figure out what he needs. His big sister Ella is snoozing in bed with him (he loves snoozing with her). I woke up in the middle of the night to his cone snacking me in the face and took him out for toilet. My poor little Teddy Bear
  11. Dog Poo Composting

    Oh yes it was a big investment! We actually wanted them more for aerating the lawn.. our house was leased to DHA for 18years before we get bought it, so the yard had zero maintenance, just a piles of tan bark covering up everything. There was no grass, just overgrown trees and stuff. Anyway, they've been fabulous for the ground so far, and the dog poop cleanup is a mega bonus!! (OH was very skeptical about it all) I'm sure a few people think we're a bit cuckoo, but we are very into composting and returning back all we take from the soil etc. Even when I clip the dogs the hair goes back in the compost I think the lady that has a business here selling them in ACT is trying to work out how to get them in parks, ovals etc. Wouldn't that be great!!!
  12. Corneal Ulcer

    Oh no Jem sorry to hear. I hope you find someone to help you. Yes, definitely feeling very lucky! The senior vet was going to do the grid Keratectomy, but it just so happens that the clinic has a very experienced locum who has been there for a few months, and the vet we see asked his opinion on it (while out the back collecting blood for serum drops). The locum vet said he's done loads of these on dogs & cats. I think also very fortunate that the vets at the clinic are obviously very supportive of each other, one tackled the consults so that other could get surgery done. The clinic is down 2 vets at present and booked out for weeks in advance, so they really went above and beyond. I'm quite shocked at how quickly it went from my boy being very happy and able to see a little bit, to 3 days later the eye had ruptured. I read many different things that all say you can be quite conservative with ulcers and don't need to rush into surgery. I guess when it goes wrong, it does so quickly! If I'd have had to wait to see a vet opthamologist -I don't know how long that might have taken, and at what consequence.
  13. Article on vet shortage

    Oh I wish Bondi Vet would show more of the real stuff too. One of the vet nurses at my usual vet clinic was telling me yesterday they get verbally abused daily, by customers who believe they are being ripped off, and the vets should do the work for free. (I was shocked to hear this, I had no idea!) And the emotional drain for the vets & nurses when people simply cannot afford the procedure the pet needs, so the pet is euthanized. I'm not sure how we work towards changing this as a society? I stayed up till midnight baking jammy dodgers for the vet clinic ahead of our appointment today (I always bake for them). I'm so thankful for everything they do, even when they are giving me bad news!
  14. Corneal Ulcer

    Thanks PK -all good suggestions! I have tried almost all those things, plus some others with him on a 'normal' day. Some were helpful initially helping him with separation anxiety. He's just a sensitive little dude that doesn't cope well with changes, he is usually happy, ball crazy in his safe little environment. We are staying close to him, that's what he wants at the moment (reassurance that everyone is here as usual). And his tennis ball, he is happy to have that with him too!
  15. Corneal Ulcer

    No third eyelid stitching T. We just came back from Vet check (the vet is so so busy, poor buggers), says it looks good. Check on Friday. Monkey boy is sad, I don't think he is in pain, just stressed about wearing a collar and not being able to see. It's a nice cool 20°C in here, so at least he's not having to suffer through the heatwave as well. Thanks for the well wishes you beautiful people xx
  16. Dog Poo Composting

    We have dung beetles that eat & bury the poo. It's a certain species apparently. Haven't picked up poo since we bought the beetles! (Excluding walks, but I empty the bag of poo onto the lawn when I get home from walkies)
  17. Article on vet shortage

    Very sad to learn about this
  18. Corneal Ulcer

    Take 2!
  19. Corneal Ulcer

    Hrmmm.. I do not see a spoiler alert option from this phone Close your eyes now if you dont like grosse stuff! Will try get a better pic when he is up and about next.
  20. Corneal Ulcer

    Labrador Woo woos fix everything T!! Big slobbery kisses back to miss Trouble x
  21. Dog rocks and dog not drinking water

    I've been meaning to pop in and say.. I read that you're not so keen or confident in doing a DIY raw diet for Justice - that's perfectly understandable! Just a suggestion.. for the sake of your purse, your sanity and variety.. Scrambled eggs are a great, easy meal. You can easily add his sardines or Salmon to it, frozen veg, whatever works. When you hear the talk of 'proteins', were talking chains of amino acids, in variable concentrations. But.. different proteins serve different bodily functions. So asuming Justice likes & tolerates eggs, it's an easy meal to make him, if you're up for it! And umm where our pic of Justice.. pretty sure that's a requirement..
  22. Corneal Ulcer

    The little man is home. Happy to be home but very sad Vet said he was hours away from losing his eye (was just lucky had experienced vet willing to find a way to get it done asap) but we dont know if this will be the miracle, just have to watch and wait Can take a pic.. not sure if you all want to see it
  23. Corneal Ulcer

    Thank you lovely x