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  1. Pancreatitis

    Hi cavNrott, Thanks for that i rang my vet today and they said if your dog has pancreatitis that is not making enzymes then its fine but charlie's pancreas in producing to many Im starting to feel a bit un sure of my vet as I phoned Geelong vet that I first took him to when it all started we were on holidays and they ask what food he was on and i said Royal Canin recovery chicken and rice she said it distinctly says DO NOT GIVE TO DOGS WITH PANCREATITIS recovery food we'll i have been feeding this with chicken and rice for the past 23 days confused so looked up royal Canin food website it does say that so I may check with Geelong about this product Enzyplex anything that will help' Today my vets give up and told me they can do no more for him after 7 weeks booked him into a specialist in melbourne , Also I can not see my replys on this forum, not sure what I'm doing wrong.?? I thank u so much for all your help, really appreciate it and will continue to chase up Enzyplex, if it helped your fur baby I want anything to help mine, money is not an issue but already spent $2,600 with this local vet just for March only plus Ultrasound bendigo geelong $240, and now waiting on April bill lol
  2. Pancreatitis

    This is for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Not all animals with pancreatic problems have this. You are correct. It is for EPI but for it has prevented further acute pancreatitis attacks in my dog. I mentioned it here as it may help other dogs with pancreatitis issues. Hi Thank you where can i get this and is it a powder or tablet, would love something to help him, did you give while dog had pancreatitis, cost does not matter he my kid thank you hoping my replays are coming thru
  3. Pancreatitis

    Help my jack russel dog charlie had 7 weeks of pancreatitis, he keeps relapsing has any one else had it goon so long, 3 lots of iv drips chicken and rice ultra sound he is back on drip tonight