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  1. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    I can but yeah once he's done barking he lays down and goes to sleep or sits and watches. Usually he is being left out of something and that makes him sad. I'll try to remember this Sunday to record!
  2. Yeah I can see it being beneficial to those who have never done any shaping before! I had clicked the "somewhat experienced" button as I took it to tailor the kind of content you see, but maybe it was more of an audience survey? mowgli I saved the pdfs I will send them to you when get home tonight. It is fun game I mostly use at back step when I get home (the most challenging time!). I missed the power hour one all together :'( TSD that is good to hear, id need to sign up first ;) might not be this round anyway, have rennovations to pay for...
  3. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    This Sunday we are being tested. I am practicing thistles stand for exam as much as I can. I do not think she will pass but one can hope! We are good for all other criteria it is the stand we always fail. I have signed up fir a rallyo workshop with thistle and have an eye on a tracking workshop for thyme! our daily life is pretty good. There was a tense few weeks where thistles tail hurt her and thyme was a brat but we have moved past this and everyone learning to communicate with each other. When thistle is cranky with thyme he lays down and crawls under her and this seems to woo her over somehow??? Thymr seems to have mild separation anxiety. It's not getting worse and slowly getting better. It's only in regards to not being with me and not alone without thistle. He's not destructive he just barks for a bit but a random person got upset he was barking in the car while I was in pet store. He stops after a few minutes though so with time he get better. Treats to chew on help. i am planning special Saturday in bush for them as not been home as much lately. Must remember us hunting season there! Yellow!! Past month no Noseworks but we hopefully return next week. Been practicing it is so much fun watching them follow the scent. Clever dogs.
  4. Thanks rooza o I do like the pdfs that come with each video. It is the speaking part I seem to struggle most with. I watched video 3 again and was able to complete it this time. Maybe I am cranky this week because so little time with my dogs so short on patience? I want to do games with them! (Did games tonight of course! Some play some training and all important cuddles) hmmm building tug you say. I do enjoy better ways to play with the dogs. Anything really, that gets me doing stuff with them. The engagement challenge recently really helped highlight tug to me but I am just not personally good st it. With the 40 videos being released one at a time...do they disappear at end of the sub? I would worry about falling behind. We are still only at level 2 of the IYC summit games, mostly because I keep forgetting and shoving food in their mouths. I cannot imagine how fast fall behind with 40 videos!
  5. That is reassuring TSD, in the event of not matching the style of videos at all. Would prefer not to do that of course, makes for extra work for everyone
  6. Are the recallers videos quite different in format to these VIP ones then? as I was expecting more on the theory and parts of games and a less focus on life changing stories ? Like in the IYC summit where she explained why you hold the treat certain ways and various angles etc
  7. I've been wondering this too. The VIP pass, the first video is basically a trailer, the second video is about place commands and release words, the third I think was about the value of rewards (I found it hard to focus for this one). I guess I was expecting the VIP videos to be more of a "sample" of the recallers annual sub as a "try before you buy" and less of Susan talking about how great recallers is? Is the layout of these videos similar to what you get on the recallers annual? Just because if I'm going to have to dedicate 20-30 minutes each time to a speech on how life changing it is, followed by a story, then a "game" at the end... very hesitant. I think I liked the IYC summit more, was expecting videos like that that go over a game to play and variations of it. only one video to go
  8. Really unique looking dog

    wow what a cute unique individual that is. Wonder what the personality is like
  9. The attachments were all removed and the power hour summary video (which I think I would have preferred) are removed all together. I saved the PDF quick guides though so not all is lost! I know its a a marketing ploy but damn if it's not a little frustrating! I need more of a taste to mull it over but maybe this Recallers will help give taste. I will watch the video 1 tonight. I need to see a sample of the games and "structure" to see if it's the kind of thing for me.
  10. I signed up to the free, two-week VIP pass for recallers https://recallers.com/vip-guest-pass/ I'm steaming mad I missed the final Its Yer Choice Summit video (was only up for one day), but we have progressed to the ?second? exercise so far I am enjoying the structured videos. Maybe next year can buy the recallers subscription...
  11. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

    Congratulations em and TSD! Wow that's a lot of babies! So sad about the two :'( best of health for the rest of them! They're getting a great start under your care
  12. Miss Em Is Having Babies Too!

    Very silent thread right now, how is Em going?
  13. Online Pet Shop

    I have different kinds lists depending on the computer I'm on. Here's my leather collars list (all Aussie) https://www.facebook.com/OddsNDogs http://www.schaferkennel.com http://www.leatherworksfordogs.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html https://www.facebook.com/thefunkydogcompanywa https://www.facebook.com/pg/lunascucinacollars/photos http://www.koendiddastaffords.com/koendidda-collar-pictures.asp https://www.ruthlessleather.com/ https://www.collarandruff.com.au/
  14. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    Here you go, a 'formal' statement of events from taspol
  15. Online Pet Shop

    toys tugs toys enrichment: https://gameondogs.com.au/ primarily food and medical, many collars and harnesses, multi species: https://www.thevetshed.com.au/ training focussed including the ever elusive manners minder: https://www.dogtrainingproducts.com.au/