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  1. I primarily give weekly roo tails. All else I find too small to be much use. The puppy gets chicken necks but not for much longer. I'd like to give emu neck but can't find a seller. We also play tug with... its like a braided dental rope. Idk the brand, it was on sale.... once a fortnight I brush their teeth with water to get any build up off.
  2. Practical info, thanks. Good to know we are in the clear (frozen at <-10c for 2 weeks)
  3. I saw a interview recently that adds more details: both dogs were on lead. they had a sniff then the other dog attacked the woman wasn't able to pull her other dog off two witnesses came to help the woman and dog disappeared Description is: Mr McIntyre described the female owner of the dog as Asian with dark hair, dark clothing and aged in her early 40s. Dog is possibly a large black labrador-rottweiler cross Information to Senior Constable Anthony Reid at Bayside Police Station on 8530 5100 However another description is: Leading Senior Constable Anthony Reid from the Bayside Police confirm they are looking for an Asian female between 25-30 years old in relation to this incident. The black dog is described as looking like a bull terrier weighing approximately 35-40kg. Any information to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Another description: Her dog is described as black with dark brown patches, with a medium to large build. The exact quote is (differences bolded): I really think a dog of that size and that brutal really shouldn't be roaming the streets. And had it been a smaller dog or a smaller child I don't think it would still be alive. Hopefully the woman, if she doesn't come forward, at least either gets some serious training or surrenders the dog.
  5. I'm aware of it. I'll put an update in my post but I don't have any words for this forum. I'm sad. The owners are sad. Some change may happen. Some change may not.
  6. I find adaptil infuser works much better than the collars. my dog is constantly underweight, I give her "satin balls" (minus the gelatin and some foods switched out) and her diet is a mix of black hawk kibble and raw. I have recently started including Vets All Natural because someone told me it helps them gain weight (not the weight loss variety of course). It's only been 2 weeks, and she's gained 0.5kg but that could just be water retention I'm not sure yet. Not the most conventional aid, but she's gained a whole 2kg since I got her a friend. I think he helps keep her calm at home or warm cuddles in winter lol. We really struggle with winter weight loss. But after your latest experiences and your dogs age, can see why antoher dog friend might not be best. i have been doing dr karens relaxation protocl to foster calmness in the house.
  8. NOTE. IMAGES IN THE LINK police looking for owner of a dog that attacked a man and his dog. Reads like the owner did a runner instead of helping, poor form. im o mobile so can't paste the story so link:
  9. I can't wait to meet *insert breed here* !
  10. @melzawelza just the default embark dna test. it includes testing for 159 (?) genetic diseases, breed markers, some dna markers etc. the breeder one i think is very similar, except that you also have multiple dog results tab thing where you can do predictive analysis, genetic health of entire lines...that kind of thing and a new section of the website just for breeders and you get a breeder discount
  11. Absolutely. I consult trainers whenever a new problem behaviour pops up and I'm a bit unsure how to deal with it or what the cause is, including such things as my puppy alert barking over nothing or over excited scratching at the doors. Its good cause they can come to your house and see what is going on and will spot things you might otherwise overlook because you've been stuck with the problem so long. Fresh eyes are helpful!. Cheers
  12. Yup, handed it over to her vet for further noting: Alanine Aminotransferase Activity (GPT) - Low Normal She's a carrier of Degenerative Myelopathy (SOD1 Exon 2) - GA She has tested clear of everything else. It is unlikely she'll develop DM, but it is good to know the signs to look out for so I can catch it early if she turns out to be one of those carriers who will develop it. Then there's the interesting things like she's KBKB (dominant black) and Shedding (MC5R) TT (low shedding). Merle isn't in this result yet, hence why it just says she's a black dog genetically. Her inbreeding coefficient is 3% - and recently got a nice graphical showing the coefficient across all her chromosomes! She has no diversity in any of the three MHC Class II's, no diversity is associated with some autoimmune issues but not yet scientifically validated. Nothing else is yet noticeable with her, but I like watching new things get added as research is updated. I also like knowing if she has any genetic predisposition to diseases that might show up later in life. Well worth it, IMO.
  13. If I recall they sometimes have double dog deals but yeah, if you can get a group of people together with some kind of common goal, they'll give you a discount code. at least, so far thats how it panned out. i'll be getting thyme done sometime this year. i know his breed obviously, but the genetic health and research contribution is well worth it imo.
  14. New Melbourne based online store - Raw and Natural Pet Supplies online My delivery just arrived, dead on time as described (10:30-11:30am on wed, i got home at 10:50 and it was waiting for me!). I ordered a little bit of everything new to introduce to Thyme My order: Minced Whole Chicken Carcass (Frozen) 1kg Cooked Salmon Roll by Pure Tasmanian Pet Food 1kg BARF Roll by Pure Tasmanian Pet Food 1kg Cooked Roll Beef, Lamb and Chicken Roll by Pure Tasmanian Pet Food Wallaby Mince (Frozen) - 1 kg Duck Mince (Frozen) - 1 kg Thought about the duck legs but we're still going through the chicken necks and roo tails so decided against. Here's my loot: (I spot a little extra with my order! I bought the white fridge box it came in too, for future deliveries) This is the ideal amount for my fridge/freezer. I think maybe could fit in 2 more rolls without encroaching on the "human shelves". Ideally, combined with the other food I give them (kibble, Vets all natural grain thing, tripe, roo tails, training treats aka coles dog chicken roll diced) this will last about 3-4 weeks. I'm going to start the introductions to the puppy with the salmon roll I think. Minced chicken carcass tomorrow, its pretty solid and will take some time to defrost I think. Think I found my new raw supplier since my old store closed down
  15. Probably related to the breeder version coming out, I just noticed all dogs have an inbreeding by chromosome section when previously just had the inbreeding coefficient %. and there's a whole bunch of new surveys to do (that contribute to assorted research projects). I appreciate getting all the new research added onto my dogs account without having to pay extra. I can't wait to have the test done for Thyme. Obviously he will be an ESS and I intend him to be neutered so not for breeding, but it will be interesting to see his results. (of which, regardless of his results, was bought as a happy healthy puppy so wouldnt be taking any unfortunate results to his breeder except as an "FYI" about the breeding)