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  1. Keep flies off dog ears - they're irritating them

    Like for kids? BE cute an functional i'd hope! they are only little ears :'(
  2. Poor Thistle! I thought we had it beat but the recent hot weather it's come back. The flies are landing on her ears and either biting or making her scratch them, resulting in some scabby ears! I've given her a bath to get rid of smells and been spraying the ears with a fly repellent which works on the normal summer days but these 35-42c days, the flies seem to ignore it! Just tried some petroleum jelly on her ears but she's inside for the evening so cant comment on the effects yet. Hoping Thyme doesn't lick it off. Can any one offer other suggestions to try if this doesn't work? No I cannot keep her inside while I am at work. Wouldn't want to either. I got home and it was down to 35 post cool change but still 42 in my lounge.
  3. I attend positive k9 training 2 years now (3 years in may!) and thoroughly enjoy it. I take both my dogs there on a rotational basis. Classes start out as introductory life skills and as you and your puppy get more experienced, you move up to the harder obedience. One of mine is in advanced levels and the puppy is in intermediate. Level 4 social class does introductions to sports such as agility, in multi week blocks. It's a new class starting this week that I've enrolled in Give you a taste at it and the trainers could likely recommend you clubs located near you. I thoroughly enjoy this atmosphere. It is well organised and safe group classes.
  4. I think we can all most of us unanimously say he is an asshole. Here is some stories over the past few days. Warning. The video disturbing. The dog is currently with the rspca, the man identifies and to be charged. Original Facebook post by the Facebook person who caught him is gone: the dog has been found and seized by RSPCA http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-09/rspca-seize-dog-filmed-being-kicked-by-man-on-gold-coast/9315554 being charged http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-11/alleged-dog-kicker-charged-animal-cruelty-on-qld-gold-coast/9321746
  5. Thistle The Work In Progress

    dog update! been doing LOTS of double dog loose leash walking! please do not pull me when you're in a collar! many snoods and much fetch and tug SO MUCH TUG whatever this is (cute) our noseworks facility closed :'( so now i have to practice on my own which means i get LAZY but i bought the sweet adjustable pipes from them. and an updated list for my own memory! Current command list and status...THISTLE GOOD/YES/*click* - you done good No/ah/oi! - verbal correction/try again markers - aka no dont do that, try something else Recall #1 - Informal, speed. Runs to and past me. Always rewarded. Pretty instant Recall #2 - Formal recall - less speed. Position in front of me. Recall #3 - more of a this way for dog walks, a heads up we're going a different way Wait - whatever position you are in, freeze. Sit - all with implied stay and distraction ignoring. She can do these positions from movement and at about 5m distance. been breaking on sit lately Drop - re-teaching drop again. will stay pretty much indefinitely in position Stand - 80% success rate with strangers, with me by her side. 40% success with me at 2m. No success with strange men Heeling - keep focus for about 25-30 metres with distractions, flip to heel, flip-to-heel-on-other-side, come-around-back-to-heel, heel-between-legs-including-default-sit-drop and she can heel backwards/in circles backwards. Heeling is my favourite "trick" to do with her! Behind - walk around me backwards Between - heeling between the legs! been working on drops when i crouch Hold - hold things in mouth, she has done this upwards of a minute. Has started learning to carry things around. Get it - go get an item! - UPDATE now includes searching out a ball. Bring it - Bring me the item! Open doors - has finally stopped opening except when i command Close doors - This command is both sliding doors and normal doors Out/In - for both doors, gates, store entry and the car. She's not allowed to rush through entry/exits, must wait until I give command. We also have a new game where I recall her then command her to the car over and over ;D "Get the mustard" - "get the beer" but with a mustard bottle ;) open cupboard, bring me mustard! Pivoting - she can do both left and right for multiple spins on one command. Has mostly stopped jumping while pivoting. Can pivot with all 4 feet on a small target...i am not teaching her to pivot with her REAR on a target Touch - and the cousin command "high five". Our touch is a "rest your head in hand" command. Jump - jumps on spot Over - jump over and object Through - through and object Gogogogo - weave through poles (WIP) Back - walk backwards/go backwards - can do about 2m now, but still working on doing it in a straight line. includes going back up inclines. Fistbump - basically shake Leave it - applies to food from the hand, dropped food, her dinner, toys, food from strangers, bones and can even do it while eating a bone! Very pleased she'll do a Leave It when trainers offering her food. On - 2 front feet on a target Up - all feet - she can now do this at a target I point at to in the distance Booty - just the back feet Pull - formerly moosh. Very useful for the treadmill and going up hills - now includes weightpull Muzzle - shove your nose in the muzzle Collar - shove your head in the collar Front - Sit in front close to me and rest chin on hand Crawl - this one is so-so but she can crawl two body lengths Who's that? - go nose boop or sniff that person. NO food rewards, up to her Toilet - piss or shit please Mat - her place command. Not to leave until released. will stay for upwards of 30 minutes while i harden, even with dogs or people walking past. rewards for that Bed - just go to bed, but can get up and drink and stuff. Box - all four feet IN the box. We are now at very small level! Cut - Bite through this thing I put in your mouth Bow - Learning to bow on command Switch - heel on my right side Go sniff- NOSEWORKS TIME Side - come round my right side, behind me to the heel position Beg - as on the tin, sit up and BEG Wiggle - Do the wiggle dance on command (WIP) Gentle - take the treat gently, dont eat my fingers! right - dog spins to their left repeatedly left - dog spins to their right repeatedly Back - walk backwards (up to 2m, including walls sometimes Track - tracking (WIP) Cuddle - come up, slip under my armpit and position tummy for some rubbing :D Release word Turn - idk what to call this. It is ....when you do a 180 in rallyo, you turn one way, dog turns another way and ends up in heel Current improvement focus: Bounce - starting rebound off objects Drop - correcting the position Sit - she has been less inclined to hold it lately. may be weather. physical check all clear. General duration distraction I think i'm hitting Thistle's capacity, she is getting mixed up and can not do as huge variety in quick succession anymore. Current command list and status...THYME GOOD/YES/*click* - you done good No/ah/oi! - verbal correction/try again markers - aka no dont do that, try something else Recall #1 - Informal, speed. Runs to and past me. Always rewarded. He's pretty speedy Recall #2 - Formal recall - less speed. Position in front of me. Not so good at this Recall #3 - more of a this way for dog walks, a heads up we're going a different way - bit thick headed about this Wait - whatever position you are in, freeze - WIP Sit - all with implied stay and distraction ignoring. He can do a couple of minutes up to 3 metres. After about 3 minutes he breaks, of if hot will lay down. Re-teaching getting into sit position Drop - good drop. good for 3metres. any further, will break to follow Stand - can do a kickback stand into position. can not hold it. Heeling - still working out the position, calling from multiple directions. Between - heeling between the legs! started on this Get it - go get an item! - includes searching out a ball. Out/In - for both doors, gates, store entry and the car. Pivoting - beginner on this, he has no hind end awareness so it is slow. Touch - and the cousin command "high five". Back - about 30 cm but it straight and includes inclines Leave it - will do it from the hand of myself or a trainer, maybe about 90% of the time. will not succeed with food bowls or items already in his possession On - 2 front feet on a target - dont think he recognises the verbal, but does the signal Up - all feet - touch and go on this Booty - recent successes, continuing to shape Muzzle - shove your nose in the muzzle Front - Sit in front close to me - sits too far away currently Toilet - piss or shit please Mat - he's just graduated to not being tethered for this. needs a low distraction environment and regular rewards for extended period of time Bed - just go to bed, but can get up and drink and stuff. them both doing it at once is hilarious Go sniff- NOSEWORKS TIME Release word Turn - idk what to call this. It is ....when you do a 180 in rallyo, you turn one way, dog turns another way and ends up in heel right - dog spins to their left...once...not yet repeatedly left - dog spins to their right...once...not yet repeatedly Current improvement focus: Bounce - starting rebound off objects Sit - i want a tuck sit, he does a rock back sit General impulse control exercises More body awareness exercises Command recognition/differentiation This year, I am hoping to enter Thistle into RallyO and maybe get a Novice title I have somehow gained a mentor/teacher for that, she is helping me on the weekend. Maybe lure coursing? There is a fun day this month at KCC. I will take a dog, i dont know which. I'm hesitant to crate her around other people and dogs, makes her nervous...wish i had one of those cars with inbuilt crates where can leave the whole boot open. Thyme I would like to enter into noseworks, but not yet....he is much too excited and knocks everything everywhere and destroys boxes in process...he is an overland 4wd kind of dog. RallyO too, but he much too easily distracted by the smells and people in new locations...just keep practicing! But mostly want to just play games with them, go on hikes, teach stupid tricks and learn how to whistle!
  6. Wild dogs and dingos

    On the topic of the ears and colour, the basenji x spaniel study the floppy ears were dominant. And even in the second crossing where the genetics became less predictable the floppy ears, shape of muzzle and general body structure were the least changed. I would hazard that the visual coat pattern and length of fur are the quickest to change/generalise (environment pending) because they would be one of the more significant parts of the physiology affecting survival than if the ears are big, or flopped? Not tha the usual prick ears won't have their benefits just that I can see it as less immediately impacty on feral dogs gone wild. Even Black and Tan is less visual than say white with black spots.
  7. Wild dogs and dingos

    Found it. It's not a study, it's a dude taking photos of the local feral/wild dogs near their farm and commenting on their lives. Think it's super interesting to see how coonhounds and beagles left to roam change and revert to the "average wild dog type", but the drop ears so far remain pretty predominant: be interesting to see what Red's (^) litter looks like. Will they become more prick eared? Does the shape of the ears matter that much in terms of survival and reproduction versus the move away from patterned coats and to shades of brown?
  8. Wild dogs and dingos

    i cannot find it but up in america there's someone on instagram who has been chronicling the changes in the wild dogs in their area. it's about 15+ years of wild dogs where the original ones were abandoned/ditched scent hounds and the like and they're quickly changing to that predominantly brown medium wild dog type. i remember thinking it interesting cause you could still see some houndy variations. they were vocal communicators, a bit heavier in set and quite a few hard large almost-drop ears.
  9. Please help us find Milka

    have you used this website to help spread her face ? https://lostpetfinders.com.au/
  10. Training for stays

    this is why T1 will never go far in obedience. The group stays are my nightmare...because if one dog starts acting funny (a small SWF rolling about barking in a group stay a few months back comes to mind, i took T1 and myself away rather than risk THAT) or if another breaks and comes up to her (a handful of times! one quiet alarming with lots of posturing from both) then she will break too and thus fail. but if they don't break she won't break. The structured SFE we can work on, very predictable and improving...but group stays...I have to trust the other dogs will stay and I just cannot, and I get so anxious. It does bum me out something horribly though. She could be so good, but I cannot control other dogs so it is better that we do not :'( T2 is pretty good at group stays. I chalk it up to T1's guidance, but without T1's nerves. He did a group drop stay with the most dissatisfied look on his face as a poodle broke and went right up his ass for a sniff. no way Thistle could handle that, short of a fluke.
  11. Preparing for NYE fireworks

    We are in the clear. Another dog not fussed by fireworks! Phew!
  12. Preparing for NYE fireworks

    this might be trickier than planned! house next door has at least two dogs over for NYE. Barky-growly ones (hopefully playing!). It's got thistle all hackled up and grumbly so everyone inside a bit earlier than expected. thinking give thyme his first calm drop when is dark, get the movies on, get the kongs out (must buy a second kong!!!)
  13. Preparing for NYE fireworks

    i'll be home. thistle is ok with fireworks but im expecting thyme to be alarmed. he is nervous over new surprising sounds and has a grouch when people have parties outside our house. being will be his first fireworks, im going rescue remedy + a bone or kong. if very upset, i'll bring him into my bedroom to cuddle while i read a book or something. i've been playing fireworks each day on the tv but can only go so loud and it doesn't echo/vibrate. hoping T1 will show him nothing to fear. with luck he will accept it like he did with storms.
  14. Dog walkers walking multiple dogs

    If I see someone with more than 3 dogs regardless of size, I'm doing a 180 and leaving.
  15. Some unnamed brand dna test for humans pulling up marginally different results on physically-identical* humans with no details as to what quality control, what methods and what databases they used is not very solid "proof" as to the resilience of dna tests for both humans and dogs. Should all stop DNA testing for disease markers as well. No more forensics, can't be reliable . Paternity tests? Out they go. They're all similar kinds of tests yknow. making sure my dog is clear of 159 genetics disease and only carries one that I can now keep an eye out for symptoms as she ages...doesn't feel like a rip off for $150 for me. I guess because she might be 25% mastiff instead of 20% mastiff? I probably shouldn't bother doing it on my pedigree ESS either. Why have a bit of fun and check his health at the same time? *identical twins do not actually share identical DNA, just very very very very very similar DNA.