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  1. This is Thyme: He is Thistle's new little brother, he just hit 5 months old but I've only had him for 2 months. Lots of pictures of him over here! She is still a bit of insecurity over some things with him, but nothing I don't think time and trust won't fix. He has general puppy excitement but he's not super interested in other dogs and people. He's pretty laid back and stable and eager to please, a perfect match for thistle. He is very soft too. I have to brush him a lot!
  2. Thistle has gained enough weight to just about stop counting as underweight! I am proud, it is nice patting her and not feeling every sharp rib or bit of spine. Her coat is currently so soft as well. I'm laying this credit with Thyme, I have not increased her food in anyway but I think the cuddling and playing and chilling with him has helped her relax and hence, burn less energy. We even did last week's obedience class practically offlead the entire time and she just hit her 50th verbal command/trick. I've dialed back the second dog school now the weather is cool enough to take them both to my usual and rotate. I'm thinking once a month for the second school, with Thistle, as a bit of a new place challenge. She is relaxing more at noseworks too although still hyper vigilant. The only concern is her resource guarding food (prevented by once done eating, i take the bowls away. all kongs packed away too) and the occasional bit of cranky if she's having a cuddle and thyme crawls on her (fair enough!). Upcoming soon is their first joint dog play date, I am hoping Thistle is not protective of him. So far i've been continuing with their each socialisation work individually. We will exercise all dogs individually at first, then let the two big ones do some rough and tumble and when THEY have slowed down a bit, introduce the puppy. Thyme also has his own upcoming puppy play date with a bunch of small dogs of varying ages I've picked to help him work out how to be around small dogs. it includes a 7 month old chihuahua, 8 month old toy poodle, 3 yo toy poodle, 5 year old maltese mix. He is getting big enough he now looms over a lot of them. and of course, little adventures of our own!
  3. it has been anywhere from 3 hours from meal to bedtime to feeding then sent to bed. there is always a last toilet run to get the wees out.
  4. I've been using this for resource guarding, particularly the exercises from page 14 onwards a lot of our resource guarding is insecurity based, so I'm thinking it will fade as confidence/trust is built between my dogs. (I am the resource)
  5. im on phone so hard to paste prob in this new forum style
  6. I believe the lost dogs home does things like this. I did something similar at my workplace except it was my own puppy so easily organised without extra hoops. Alternatively you could you organise a kind of weekly field trip to the rspca to exercise/train dogs. I think it'd be neat if you could organise a group training session where your students get to handle and learn how to train dogs and the dogs get to practice basic obedience. You'd need to coordinate with someone at the rspca. I was a field trip bus driver for my old uni, would Melbourne uni have something similar? You could search local dog schools schools and contact the trainers to see if they'd want to advertise a puppy socialising opportunity? Get students to wear beanies or walk with crutches etc to really help the puppies generalise. Puppy's come to them or they go to the classes. I like the idea of foster opportunities if your dorms are ok with it. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs. Fosters needed for all and can help students give something to care for and destress
  7. I use stainless steel screwgate clips and carabiners. aldi was selling a bunch of small ones recently but any old camping, hiking, fishing store etc should have them about.
  8. ah lets see if i can do this. size limits... he is growing like a particularly floppy weed ^took this about 3 weeks ago ^couple of days ago ^last week, in the city at work (hence, tie ;) ) and here is a recent video of them playing
  9. On this anniversary of Thistle being attacked, we have a guest over. Thistle has not barked or growled once! She has done all these incredibly normal dog things: - when i opened backdoor for thistle to come in if she wants, she came right in and head straight to the lounge even though she knew an unidentified stranger in the house - sniffed hello - after sniffing hello she decided it was cuddle time with this person she met once before, jumped on couch and demanded cuddles - more cuddles - was able to be left alone in the lounge with the guest while i took puppy out to potty without freaking out, panicking, going to her kennel/a corner - only became a concerned "small" dog (hunched up and went low) a couple of times when being walked towards to. would hunch up and crawl away while pointing butt at guest and wagging (my go to when she has "this mood" is to stop going her way, ignore her and let her come out of it herself) Thyme was all over the place excitement of a guest, he's a run over, sniff, run back to me kind of guy. Never had her not bark or growl at a person before even her best human friends get a tentative BOOF...sniff sniff sniff puppy therapy is helping!
  10. Yes that accurate one for me turned out to be pretty accurate! and fun, I like that it did a % match against a lot of breeds so I could read all the "runner ups".
  11. Yeah I was shown the system! I registered on it with help so now can update it myself. But prior to that, they just wouldn't change my details over and would only put in the "note" section that she's owned interstate! Had an email to that effect too It's water under the bridge now, got the chip updated, but it was such a stressful venture I don't want to repeat it! I go on road trips a lot, and sometimes to NSW. I'd hate for some ranger to get lazy and only look as far as the phone number on the nsw registry (which wasn't my number!) and hand her right back to the pound my rescue pulled her from. Imagine if I was in the situation these owners were in! I can imagine the made up facts already, "dogs only run away for a reason (or maybe got lost...), this dog is so scared must be abused (surrounded by strangers is scary!), this dog is so skinny must be abused (drops a kilogram each day she stressed!), this dog flinches at sudden movements (she's a timid dog!) must be abused must be from a bad home (or she's shit scared in a strange place with strange people and is just a timid but loved dog)". I've got notes on all my chips and even the physical ID tag stating she's a scared but loved rescue because people are so eager in the lost dog groups to fabricate stories of abuse if the lost dog looks tired or scared or muddy or hungry. I feel for these staffie owners.
  12. More noseworks down, they recently started weekly short classes. So I'm going fortnightly with both dogs I think. Thyme's a run-screamer lol. Thistle is still lacking confidence, I think it's purely cause when a dog working there no other dogs around so it's just her and the people standing nearby. Kinda creeps her out. I recorded her working and her video will be used in a scared dog behaviour presentation seminar type thing. Lots of pretty typical "i'm scared" signals clearly given. Thyme is helping though, he comes out and she practically turns into a social butterfly, and when he gets put away she keeps a bit of her courage. Thyme's pretty solid and chill. Can't wait for my new clicker to arrive so we can start working on that. She's been enjoying having a little buddy. Thinking by end of April I'll have them running together while I'm at work (he'll be much too big for his puppy pen by then anyway).
  13. I've not noticed any difference in reactions to muzzled dogs on the trains/ in Bunnings than you'd get from an unmuzzled dog. "Everybody knows" those are the rules so it's very unlikely anyone is going to suddenly treat him like he's aggressive...and you'll also be helping to fight against that stigma that muzzle means aggression too. It's good for him to be familiar with them anyway in case of emergencies. Ive got a Baskerville - decorated as such in the pink above for social goings like train and Bunnings. And ive got an adapted greyhound muzzle for more active uses like not eating rubbish on hikes. Ahd it's just good manners to mive your dog away from ppl who may be uncomfortable or scared, muzzled or not. It is public transport, variety of people. Not everyone likes dogs and that's ok. If you go out, follow the rules and do your best to be a considerate commuter, you're improving everyone's views of dogs out and about! do suggest avoiding peak hour, tails are easy to miss and easily trodden on. Also suggest the first or last carriage as quieter options. Vlines are a no.
  14. He is lovely, I'm already seeing Thistle being a little more confident when he's around. His manners need some work but well, he is a baby. He's also missing one of his balls so I hope that shows up or i might have to desex earlier than planned (6 months or a year old instead of 2 years like planned). I can feel something just in front of his penis but i dont know if its his missing ball or his belly button lump. either way, tiny. i'll ask vet in april at his final c5 vaccination. they did just have a minor tiff. i didn't see what caused it, im inclined to think he was bothering her when she was having a lay down based on the location, but she loudly told him off and chased him away. but no actual contact made, just a nasty shock for him. we did some calming exercises for both to ease hurt feelings then i popped him in his pen to give her a break (thistle did just start a new dog school today so is more tired than usual, so thyme can go to my usual one) but overall i quite like him, for a boy and a puppy lol ;) also i got a new camera, a d5200! I broke the mirror box in my d3100 :'( I am still learning how to use it but so far so good!
  15. This is a fear of mine, I'm so glad I finally got that damned NSW chip into my (Victorian address) name in addition to the national register. The rangers I called insisted they put a note that she's on another register in the notes and rangers would respect that and left her contact details in her old ?pound? name but I was paranoid and I'm glad a user here helped me to set the account straight so I don't need to worry when I'm in NSW that they'll give her to someone else because they wouldn't accept my VIC address. That NSW chip though...I'm never going to buy another dog that's come by way of NSW, the NSW chip details are too much of a pain to change.