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  1. http://honey.nine.com.au/2017/10/19/17/07/put-down-dog-because-of-pregnancy Sad article, but I think is good for people to share their stories so others may know they're not alone.
  2. I think I would have liked such indicators when I was dog hunting back when I got thistle. I applied to so many dogs and kept getting rejected. One of them I'm still very sad about. A foster 5 month old staghound x. I worked too much so wouldn't be able to settle her in? Even though I had outlined my plans to take 3 weeks off and slowly introduce to alone time. They made no mention if she had separation anxiety or not. The real kicker was 1 year after adopting thistle she was still in that rescue in foster. The place I got thistle from were a little unsure of my working hours but didn't mind once I explained my 3 weeks off plan. And she was clearly identified as special needs... so I think a flexible rating is a good idea so don't go pinning my hearts on dogs I'll be rejected for. Saves time on everyone's side... (although pretty sure I've already picked my next rescue dog source lol)
  3. Thistle The Work In Progress

    Thistle is doing really well. Recently we have started having consistent success with doing Stand For Exam - even with some (female) strangers! She is not yet up to say a male stranger but it is good she is slowly getting there. She has started doing room searches for noseworks. She doesn't have the drive and passion for it that Thyme has, but I think she enjoys it enough. Tomorrow she is attending a RallyO intro class. my face was much like hers, we had just walked through busy saturday morning street of cafes and nearly every table had loud angry dog so it was a bit overwhelming but she did good. The wiggle dance is still an intrinsic part of our life. Her recall has come along so well I can walk her in the nearby reserves...at midday when kangaroos are least likely to be about wow there are fat dumb rabbits death wish much??? we take proper precautions she is less tolerant of small dogs these days, i think with growing confidence in herself also growing confidence to want to do what her instincts say (chase and bite) so am careful on her companions. she doesn't like thyme taking toys from her mouth so we work on that a lot. i have a goal in mind, that they chase the toy i tell them too. we lost poor thistles kong so i bought a new one, but when we went back to the dam we found the lost one! so now we have two so nearly every night been working on multi dog fetch where you fetch YOURs but you DO NOT take the other dogs. they're getting there! thistle is starting weightpull soon. she wont compete, i think will just be good for her health now that she is not underweight. waiting her harness to arrive. she has been getting rescue remedy before major events and its really been helping us get more chances to reward good behaviour and help her relax. here is Thyme: he is being a good boy, he is nearly 10 months old now. there is an ORT next month but i dont think he will get his paperwork in time, so will keep practicing on it. he is rotating between two dogs schools to accommodate thistle getting priority at my usual school (as having thistle do noseworks and then two days later go to the unfamiliar school is a bit too much for her). he has some slight challenges with separation anxiety, i think is a genetic thing as his sister seemed to have similar challenge. today he is practicing being alone outside and he is doing incredibly well! no barking or scratching the door. helps it so sunny and warm today! this is test run to see if he could do 6 hours alone so can leave him outback while thistle at rallyo, as i dont want to crate him for 6 hours... he is so much brushing and attracts the mud no new tricks to add to thistle's list, although we have expanded the word "back" to include inclines and are slowly working towards handstands. Thyme is doing this one too here are two of my current fave pics a girl and her fave toy a fast boy
  4. I have taken sick days off for the dogs. Two days after she was attacked by Scarlet (both of us needed that) A half sick day when she ate a bee and needed monitoring (swelling on face and throat) and also took a day off when she cut her happy tail open to the bone in the morning to rush her to the vet, but i took that one using some overtime I already had on hand. My managers are supportive and tbh, if I thought I had the kind of manager who'd say no on account of just being an animal...I'd take it as a sick/personal day for me because there is no way I'd be able to concentrate at work if the dogs are bad enough I think I need to stay home. I'd cry on my doctor to get a med cert if I had to, or do a stautory dec saying I couldn't go to work that day for personal health reasons. My old job at Telstra they let me switch shifts around to look after a very sick rabbit, and even brought her into a night shift with me at one point. But that place, getting sick leave was a huge bother for myself that I'd do everything to avoid it.
  5. So worried about snakes!!

    I'm avoiding areas where snakes might congregate eg on bike paths, around watering holes where the birds nest. But it will be impossible to avoid all together. Our local snake catcher recently went viral with his "weekly spot the snake" picture which highlights how hard they can be to spot. Some of his cases are in areas I live - suburban houses not too far from a reserve. I keep my lawn mowed short to hopefully discourage them and thistle I think I am going to purchase the snake deterrent training. But all that just minimises our chances, it doesn't guarantee I should check the vets near my hiking areas to see if they keep antivenin stock.
  6. Weed detection dogs

    What good strong noses and endless stamina!
  7. Glad to hear they took on feedback! Ours should arrive in next couple of weeks, I will post here
  8. ah that is a shame, did you give them this feedback so they know about the flaw? i dont walk on a flat so this wont affect me overly. hopefully they fixed this!
  9. I've already ordered two collars, been eagerly awaiting the opening! https://outbacktails.com/ 'Outback Friend' will get you 10% off your order
  10. I've already ordered two collars, been eagerly awaiting the opening! https://outbacktails.com/
  11. That live cast this morning with a person and their ess with puppies was interesting ;) what gorgeous dogs!
  12. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    HE didn't do it yesterday at training, was too distracted by his alone-time-bone. Win for me? This is the last time I'm car rotating them as weather getting too warm. Only one dog next week! I'll try and catch him at home. He behaves in a similar way if I have backdoor open. The trigger seems to be seeing me but not able to get to me. Sometimes I do tethered exercises where I walk away, reward for staying quiet etc etc try and build his confidence up. He doesn't carry on like this when in same situation at Noseworks? Can rotate easily there. thistle did not pass into advanced but I think we were not demoted. Also she managed to do 3 stand for exams without doing any go away displays and minimal foot movement! We have rarely had such success. @Starkehre's Bon went up, along with Ralph and Lottie. All three are the dogs Thistle and I felt "safest" being near (in that they won't break and are of reliable temperament). Will miss them! Will have have to carefully scope out the rest for new "dogs we can go between" or just keep putting us on opposite sides to the small and fluffies. Am happy she was able to do something resembling stand for exam
  13. Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

    I can but yeah once he's done barking he lays down and goes to sleep or sits and watches. Usually he is being left out of something and that makes him sad. I'll try to remember this Sunday to record!
  14. Yeah I can see it being beneficial to those who have never done any shaping before! I had clicked the "somewhat experienced" button as I took it to tailor the kind of content you see, but maybe it was more of an audience survey? mowgli I saved the pdfs I will send them to you when get home tonight. It is fun game I mostly use at back step when I get home (the most challenging time!). I missed the power hour one all together :'( TSD that is good to hear, id need to sign up first ;) might not be this round anyway, have rennovations to pay for...