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  1. I am hoping this is the good kind of quiet, where everything is progressing nicely for all the dogs!
  2. My favourite toys are the heavy duty chuck it balls, floating water retrieve sticks and a remote control car that I've only had one week. Reslly like my flirt pole too and a ol traditional wrestle.
  3. Got hit with the wonderings on how those in my fave dol thread are going. How is everybody and their dogs? we are good. We are still working out the double dog household thing but I think in time with training and maturity and routine it will work out. Biggest challenge: feeding off each other's excitement and "left out anxiety" from both. solution: making them sit when I get home. Dog with butt on ground gets treats. Release when the initial "mums home!!" jitters wear off. Dog who is being left out gets a bone or kong. RIP my seatbelt though. We just started nosewoeks back up again so theyre going to get lots of time to practice being "left out". All in all. Good little puppies.
  4. I think more important than if your dog wants another dog, do you absolutely want another dog in your household? I'm glad I waited the two years to fully train up my current dog, as having one dog being pretty reliable has made introducing the new puppy go much easier. We've still had our bumps from transitioning from a solo dog household to a dual dog household but I can say with certainity: I'm glad it happened and it's working out. While working up to that, she's had special play dates with some assorted other dogs like with @dididog who also made the double dog leap recently. Certainly costs more and hell of a lot more poop and dirt about the house. I take both to dog school which doubles the amount of time training and I'm still walking them separately since the young one cannot walk as far and needs much more breaks. I have not had issues with super attachment to each other, but I figured my older dog will keep loving me most and I make sure the puppy gets his special time with me. some ways it has benefited my old dog (she's finally at a healthy weight! she's more confident around people!) it's had its cons (was not expecting this to make her develop some separation anxiety, so excited she's injured her tail from too much wagging, puppy taught her about counter surfing). But it is working out and that makes me happy. Happy enough that i'm 75% sure I still want that third dog in a couple of years ;). I am keeping the ages staggered out so all dogs are suitably well trained when the new family member comes, and as mentioned above, I'm keenly concerned about having a nice spread of ages.
  5. I'm sure eventually you will be able to see the market place. I'm not sure the rules on it but I vouch for you as a real person with real dogs
  6. That's article gives barely any detail on anything, it's a very long rambling opinion piece.
  7. We met the gorgeous George today! What a handsome young man! So soft, so big, has so much leg! Already so big! Not quite at the playing together stage, but we had some sillies Here's hoping they will soon become good friends like their older sisters' and owners'
  8. Lisa they are "large" coats....the kind of large that doesn't fit large dogs in the best friends stores is this lovely winter snow jacket I adore, they have an adult bench ESS as the model on the large dog size pic and everything...tried the L on, already too small no way would be good when grown! For """"large""" small dogs. I did get the weatherbeeta houndstooth in 75cm off gumtree a few weeks ago, still in its packaging. pleased, that particular pattern has been out of stock a couple of years now.
  9. Haha!!! I love it!! Unfortunately Still too small. Thistle is 65cm to the base and Thyme just hit 50cm with much more growth to go :'( Next time smalker dog for sure!
  10. We've got the ezydog drive harness I love it, so easy to put on and off once fitted. Doesn't rub or chafe. A dog that tries hard enough could houdini out of it backwards, but for going forward motions it is very solid. Also has a handle for helping your dog in the car (you can fit the seatbelt through it, unless your dog eats seatbelts like mine did :/) It is crash tested to australian standards, but idk to what km/speed that is at. Also works pretty well as a general harness outside of car
  11. I hope Thyme will fit his when he grows up. They're hilarious and soft on the inside.
  12. I got very excited and bought two 80cm ones! A size up to account for the big chests. Plan to keep in the car. Not extreme cold suitable but perfect for tail end of winter walks! thistle got a perfect child and I'm hoping Thyme will grow to fit the killer option The large sizes are for actual large dogs!! Not "large" dogs of 30cm long like most stores :/
  13. I primarily give weekly roo tails. All else I find too small to be much use. The puppy gets chicken necks but not for much longer. I'd like to give emu neck but can't find a seller. We also play tug with... its like a braided dental rope. Idk the brand, it was on sale.... once a fortnight I brush their teeth with water to get any build up off.
  14. Practical info, thanks. Good to know we are in the clear (frozen at <-10c for 2 weeks)
  15. I saw a interview recently that adds more details: both dogs were on lead. they had a sniff then the other dog attacked the woman wasn't able to pull her other dog off two witnesses came to help the woman and dog disappeared Description is: Mr McIntyre described the female owner of the dog as Asian with dark hair, dark clothing and aged in her early 40s. Dog is possibly a large black labrador-rottweiler cross Information to Senior Constable Anthony Reid at Bayside Police Station on 8530 5100 However another description is: Leading Senior Constable Anthony Reid from the Bayside Police confirm they are looking for an Asian female between 25-30 years old in relation to this incident. The black dog is described as looking like a bull terrier weighing approximately 35-40kg. Any information to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Another description: Her dog is described as black with dark brown patches, with a medium to large build. The exact quote is (differences bolded): I really think a dog of that size and that brutal really shouldn't be roaming the streets. And had it been a smaller dog or a smaller child I don't think it would still be alive. Hopefully the woman, if she doesn't come forward, at least either gets some serious training or surrenders the dog.