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  1. Excellent article. Should be given to every new GR owner!
  2. Thanks everyone that's all helpful. I've decided not to go with it, too many potential drawbacks and hassles for the expense. They'll just have to keep training on dirt and weeds :-)
  3. In case it helps - My dog is allergic to beef and intolerant of grains (including rice) and dairy too. His digestive issues didn't clear up until he'd been off all red meat, grains and dairy for several weeks - apparently it can take a while for the gut to settle down after being inflamed for so long. Probiotics (e.g. Protexin) didn't seem to help - in fact the opposite. You have to keep it simple, religiously stick to the one diet for at least a month and be patient. Like Taliecat I've found fish-based grain-free diets to be best (e.g. Taste of the Wild salmon, sardines). He can now also have poultry and lamb - but we took a long time to slowly reintroduce lamb. Any exposure to grains or beef causes upset - and nearly all of the cheaper commercial treats and dry foods contain both! Also keep in mind that testing for Giardia etc. can be difficult to get right. Good luck - it's so distressing when they're unwell for so long and we don't know what the problem is!
  4. Thanks sheena. We wouldn't be training when it's hot anyway so I don't think heat's a big issue. I'm more concerned about whether they would rip it up or damage it with their claws or simply by running hard, turning hard etc.
  5. Hello all - Has anyone had success at home with fake / artificial / synthetic grass as an agility training surface? My 'lawns' (weed and dirt patches with a few tufts of grass) receive quite a bit of punishment from my large active dogs racing around playing tag and wrestling as well as from agility training. Any experiences / suggestions that might help? I'm in Canberra, so freezing sub-zero temperatures in winter, hot in summer and water is expensive. Many thanks in advance!