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  1. Blood Donation

    Hello one and all, A couple of weeks before Christmas, " She who must be obeyed " took Digger and Honey to our vets for their arthritis shots ( contrfin or whatever it's called ). Anyway she sees a sign for volantary blood donation for dogs and adds Luckys name as he fits all requirements. So we get a call on the 27th December about 19:00hrs from local Emergency Vet if Lucky is available to donate blood as they had a Terrier type dog that was not responding to medication and need a blood transfusion for clotting purposes. We said yes and took him up there. We arrive and fill out some paper work and then reluctantly leave him for a couple of hours. " She who must be obeyed " picks him up as I had to work the next day and wakes me upon returning home that Lucky was a superstar. So well behaved and the receiving dog responded well to transfusion. She called the next day and the dog was recovering well and expected to make a full recovery. So our Luck is a true Lifesaver. They said to keep him quiet for a few days but he was the same loveable dog the next morning and didn't miss a beat. Has anyones else or their dogs donated blood ???? :) :) :) :)
  2. Best Flea And Heartworm Prevention

    Panoramis for Heartworm and Flea = VetnPetDirect,The Vet Shed or Pet Circle which ever is best for you ??? Google….? Bravecto for Tick and Flea = VetnPetDirect, The Vet Shed or Pet Circle which ever is best for you ??? Google…..? All round worm tablet from vets for the other worms. We got the first lots from vets then bought in bulk from Pet Circle, but can't remember name. Sorry. Hope this helps ? :)
  3. Dogs Pregnancies Week By Week

    Shit Rebane, I did not know how obsessed one is ? Thank you for sharing. :)
  4. Dogs Pregnancies Week By Week

    Thank you for sharing Krislin and Rebane :) Any chance of a few puppy photos from litters ? :)
  5. Happy First Birthday Ping!

    Happy Birthday Ping :birthday: :) Beautiful photos :)
  6. Happy Gotcha Day Scottie.

    Happy Gotcha Day !!! :)
  7. What's The Weirdest Thing Your Dog Has Eaten?

    What's the weirdest thing your dog has eaten ? Horse Shit, and all dogs that I have loved have loved rolling in it !!! :)
  8. Vet Recommendations

    Hello Dougal, our local Vet is in Collaroy Plateau, we cannot speak highly enough of them !!! :) Have been seeing Dr Boston since 1987 and cannot speak highly enough of the man and his practice. It is small but there is love :) If you need more info, please contact us.
  9. Help Avoiding Ticks At Northern Beaches

    Our Vets recommended Bravecto so far so good, but we had any for a while so not sure how effective it is ?? Frontline spray is the most effective but expensive, especially for three dogs. As you only have one it should not be so costly. If you need to, Pet-N-Vet Direct.com is the best to purchase from. Recommend daily searches and checks. Recommend get your dog shorn for physical checks and searches. Also recommend you don't take your dog on beaches on the Northern Beaches of Sydney unless you want to donate to local Councils funds as the Rangers are vigilant and we think on a rewards bonus just the same as parking. :laugh: Bayview is the best place to take your dog for a swim, but weekends are very busy so be warned. :) But fishing not so good at Bayview. :) If you would like a social dog greet and meet please let us know and we can arrange. :) Or if you want to go for a fish together let us know. :)
  10. Is There Any People Your Dog Can't Stand?

    Lucky,Digger and to a lesser extent Honey can't stand delivery men coming down our driveway even though sometimes it's for them. :laugh: :)
  11. Ping!

    Cheer up Ping, it's only a warm bath. :)
  12. Vet Recommendations

    Hello Dougal, where a bouts are you looking for ? Located in Qld and looking for Sydney North ??? Can help on the northern beaches of Sydney.
  13. Too Much Time On My Hands ...

    Beautiful :)
  14. Introductions ...

    Enjoy, and thank you for letting us enjoy your families journey. :)
  15. Introductions ...

    Beautiful dogs persephone :) None of them looks stressed at all !!! :laugh: