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  1. Oops didn't see these other replies. Thanks Dame Aussie and Sport for your replies! So far we haven't left them alone together. I think we might wait until they've both grown up a bit! They will still see each other supervised. Thanks everyone. :)
  2. Thanks for the reply persephone. We still haven't decided! In one month I will be back to full time so can't supervise the dogs if I were to take mine over to my brothers on a weekday. I guess it just about weighing up the risks of them injuring themselves vs the benefit of them enjoying each others company.
  3. Thanks showdog. Yes I am sure it will actually go very quickly! Cheers for the advice
  4. My puppy grew out of this quite quickly. We just ignored it but it wasn't all the time, so the Vicks is probably worth a try. We also noticed our puppy was less likely to bite leash when we got him a harness to attach leash instead of his collar, but I wouldn't get one just for that reason.
  5. Thanks for the replies and advice everyone. It just seems like such a long time to wait until they are adults!! I can understand the benefits and risks though. It is a shame there isn't an adult dog around to regulate their play a bit - that is my understanding of it anyway. I have noticed they have calmed down more with each other with each progressive play date. Is that likely to continue? Showdog- yes she has been sprayed. How does this influence things from your perspective? Thanks!
  6. Looking for some general advice about when people recommend leaving puppies alone together. (If at all?) It is my dog and my brothers dog so I am not talking about all the time. We would hope to eventually do it perhaps once a week but not until we are happy they will get on well with each other. A bit of background on the puppies. One is a female Staffy, 7 months and the other is a male Staffy x Boxer, 4 months. They are now roughly the same height but she is heavier/stockier. Initially he was more dominant but this didn't last long and now it is pretty even. Currently they are very active together but do eventually take breaks from chasing and biting each other. They take turns and do seem to be happy together. Infrequently one has bitten too hard and they have let the other one know.They have spent up to 6 hours together under supervision. They have spent time together around 10 times, most of these for 2-3 hours and at both our houses- inside and outside. Although they take naps, it is not nearly as much as they do when they are each alone. Would really appreciate any advice on this. I know there will be a range of opinions and open to hearing them all!
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