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  1. I absolutely agree on the larger dog stuff, its so weird and annoying to have to buy a large harness or bed for my clearly quite small dog! And then there is hardly anything much bigger for the medium or large dogs at all
  2. hehe she is a super cheeky monkey ...stole my sock and ran into the couch today! but its her birthday (this photo is not from today as my phone is too full to take any more photos - so her hair is shorter than that on the face)
  3. More indestructible toys! Other than that I would love something which can wrap around the couch legs - like a hard canvas with velcro, so that toys don't go under the couch ALL. the. time... I'm pretty sure my pup is teaching me to fetch!
  4. I do have clippers but I am a bit attached to the hair and I don't really want the shaved poodle face for her - i have cut it very short on the sides of her face and on her muzzle so i don't think she would have any issues seeing (its more like the Maltese look and doesnt blow into her face) You know I even ordered this book when you first mentioned it to me a while ago but it got lost by Auspost so I ended up getting a refund - reordering it again today! Thank you Heheh I am not 100% sure if is definitely due to the hair either, on the first day she was very well good and didnt hit anything and then the second day, she jumped into the bath when i had just gotten out of it and then ran around the house wet and bumped into two i think its mostly a just when excited thing! She is a pretty laid back dog most of the time with the exclusion of going into zoomie mode. I am also completely uncoordinated and always have a few bruises from walking into door frames and hopefully she hasn't learned it from me! :P
  5. hmm then I dont know... perhaps the brand has changed the original brush over time or their one has softened through use?
  6. What do you mean by soft? I have a Les Pooches green (soft) brush which has polished ends (so theyre not scratchy but they are still metal) and a flexible body which I really love. Activet have a similar product for cheaper but I think the ends are still a bit scratchy compared to the Les Pooches one.
  7. Probably not super necessary! My understanding was that heartworm needs to be done every month (or the yearly injection) and intestinal worms done every 3 months, but typically people find it harder to remember to worm every 3rd month as opposed to monthly on the same date...and lots of products combine the two and then need to be given monthly I take her camping a lot, every weekend or second weekend (including into areas with paralysis ticks and fleas) so I would rather have her covered but if she was just a homely dog that went to the park (in a non tick area) I probably wouldnt get such comprehensive coverage Everywhere we go also has lots of dog poo the council even sent out letters to every single house complaining about it last week
  8. Boo you know if there is something which just does tapeworm?
  9. That's unfortunate that there is nothing that can be done in NSW It may even be different for different councils in Vic? but thats what my council (Glen Eira) said to do!
  10. Our local vet mentioned this a few weeks ago as a new product that has (finally) come to Australia. It does ticks, fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms all in one - which is something I was looking for when I first got my pup Always best to check with your vet if your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients or you have any concerns etc Has anyone used it before? (its been available overseas for ages)
  11. This happens to me all the time even in on leash areas There is so much entitlement of "my dog wouldnt hurt anyone", well i dont care if your dog is friendly I dont want your giant crazy dog bouncing on my puppy! We sometimes go to off leash parks in the middle of the day when theres hardly anyone around and just tend to avoid the people if we can, I don't mind dogs saying hi to my dog, but if a dog is running at full pelt towards us, I will pick up my puppy so she doesnt get bowled over. Then I have been yelled at for "thats not how dog parks work" and "you shouldnt be here if you dont want my dog playing (charging at) yours". Saying mine is in training, injured or sick generally has better luck than actually being in the right, unfortunately. 1) you can report dogs owners to the council if their dogs are not under effective control (even at the dog park) and are harassing you. Its a good idea to get a picture if you can. I have reported off leash dogs in some streets near me and they went and gave them a talking to/warning, fines if spotted again (which hasnt happened ). I did first talk to them and give them some info. 2) either you can print out or you can ask the council to look into putting up the dog rules at the park, including things like "your dog must be under effective voice control", "parks are multipurpose areas and you are not allowed to let your dog rush at people or dogs", "dogs not under effective voice control should never be off leash" etc. I think most people don't actually know those rules or anything about dog body language - theyve typically just gone to the park and most people have a "they'll sort it out" and "dogs will be dogs" mentality even when their dogs are being jerks
  12. How embarrassing! I didn't even think of that, I hope that is the problem though On one had it would explain why the breed/mix perception as derpy...her hair isn't much different to the "typical cut"! On the other hand, I feel so terrible that I could have just cut her hair shorter and saved her the problems of running into things Ive cut it all the way down on the sides just now and will wait and see what happens (fingers crossed)!
  13. Thanks for that -I will check it out, they're less than 10minutes from my house! Good point! I normally tidy up her face hair every week (at least under the eyes and on the muzzle - at the moment its shorter than in the pic above) but I really do need to go shorter on the sides (I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to cutting her face hair!)
  14. Glad to know she isn't the only one Well if she's clumsy forever at least she is my little clumsy dog forever!
  15. Luckily she's too small to knock me over! (9kg) It could be just the breed/mix...she's pretty calm 99% of the time, but then just randomly bounces around! I'll ask at the vet just in case ...I think they know i'm a hypochondriac now (still better safe than sorry~) Thanks PK! Her back is back to normal - it was really only one day of soreness and then two days of keeping her still and entertained in the house. (I wasn't really sure what was wrong when we took her in as she was her usual cheeky self but a little grumbly when patted) What are the exercises like? Are they preventative conditioning exercises?