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  1. Im pretty sure that is a "dogs on leash" area too - or at least thats what they showed on the news.
  2. Well I'm glad it wont make her fearful - that was my biggest concern! I'd rather I get hurt than she does Think I'll continue my vetting and picking up in such situations! even if i look like a bit of an overprotective dog mum but she's my baby!
  3. That is such a good philosophy to have!
  4. That is true but I was talking to two of the dog club instructors so I thought they would have known better! Or at the very least had control over their dogs... We are going just for distraction practice as Mowgli aces obedience/tricks pretty much everywhere Ive taken her but there are few environments where lots of dogs are on lead to practise in.
  5. Thank you MrsRB I think i'll continue to keep her quite protected as I have been doing...just didn't expect that at a training organisation I would have so many unruly dogs and that I would have to!
  6. Firstly, does picking up your dog when there are other unruly dogs around cause it to fear dogs? Is this the same as if your dog is stressed verses calm when picked up? And secondly assuming your dog is “dog social” which mine is, should I let her play with dogs much bigger than her who are also dog social, but boisterous, I’m afraid that she will get injured or trampled, she has been stepped on a couple of times by bigger dogs and I don’t want her to fear them. I have been carefully vetting the dogs she plays with so they are similar in size, age, good temperament or compatible (bigger dogs that play gently with little ones) and speaking to the owner before letting them meet. I also recall her from situations if I feel dogs are getting too hyped up. As a little bit of background, Mowgli is very chill, gentle and she will ignore barking lunging dogs and just lay down calmly watching me...normally i just position myself between her and dogs I don't want her to meet, but if i feel that the owner does not have control of their dog and could let go and I cant move away (e.g. If i'm taking to them). I will pick her up so she's out of harms way, she's pretty happy both on the ground and also being picked. However at the a training club i went to they said that this will cause her to fear other dogs, which is not what I want! Should i be letting her "sort it out" and get used to being approached by less obedient crazier dogs...or stick to preventing it? I am happy to be wrong!
  7. Other than the usual clumsiness of running into walls, trees and couches...? She loves being muddy, sandy and messy but if she's got a leaf or even a *gasp!* flower petal on her foot/leg she will refuse to walk one step! (I've done so many injury checks on her in the middle of a wilderness walk thinking that she's hurt herself and its just been a leaf stuck in her hair) If the door is open she will definitely sneak into the shower or bath and then demand to be blow dried after If its muddy outside she will run inside and wait in the bathtub for a foot wash - I suppose thats a good thing though She also likes to climb onto the outside table and whinge for someone to help her down She is quite a cheeky character!
  8. I absolutely agree on the larger dog stuff, its so weird and annoying to have to buy a large harness or bed for my clearly quite small dog! And then there is hardly anything much bigger for the medium or large dogs at all
  9. hehe she is a super cheeky monkey ...stole my sock and ran into the couch today! but its her birthday (this photo is not from today as my phone is too full to take any more photos - so her hair is shorter than that on the face)
  10. More indestructible toys! Other than that I would love something which can wrap around the couch legs - like a hard canvas with velcro, so that toys don't go under the couch ALL. the. time... I'm pretty sure my pup is teaching me to fetch!
  11. I do have clippers but I am a bit attached to the hair and I don't really want the shaved poodle face for her - i have cut it very short on the sides of her face and on her muzzle so i don't think she would have any issues seeing (its more like the Maltese look and doesnt blow into her face) You know I even ordered this book when you first mentioned it to me a while ago but it got lost by Auspost so I ended up getting a refund - reordering it again today! Thank you Heheh I am not 100% sure if is definitely due to the hair either, on the first day she was very well good and didnt hit anything and then the second day, she jumped into the bath when i had just gotten out of it and then ran around the house wet and bumped into two i think its mostly a just when excited thing! She is a pretty laid back dog most of the time with the exclusion of going into zoomie mode. I am also completely uncoordinated and always have a few bruises from walking into door frames and hopefully she hasn't learned it from me! :P
  12. hmm then I dont know... perhaps the brand has changed the original brush over time or their one has softened through use?
  13. What do you mean by soft? I have a Les Pooches green (soft) brush which has polished ends (so theyre not scratchy but they are still metal) and a flexible body which I really love. Activet have a similar product for cheaper but I think the ends are still a bit scratchy compared to the Les Pooches one.
  14. Probably not super necessary! My understanding was that heartworm needs to be done every month (or the yearly injection) and intestinal worms done every 3 months, but typically people find it harder to remember to worm every 3rd month as opposed to monthly on the same date...and lots of products combine the two and then need to be given monthly I take her camping a lot, every weekend or second weekend (including into areas with paralysis ticks and fleas) so I would rather have her covered but if she was just a homely dog that went to the park (in a non tick area) I probably wouldnt get such comprehensive coverage Everywhere we go also has lots of dog poo the council even sent out letters to every single house complaining about it last week
  15. Boo you know if there is something which just does tapeworm?