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  1. Gday Guys. We managed to get a tip from a local shop here. They produce their own pellets. Which comes under 8% fat content. Made from roo bones essentially. So she is getting about 130g per meal of those and 150g of roo n pumpkin too. She is far less scroungey and doing a consistent #2 routine now. We now move onto her 2nd issue which is multiple fatty nodes. She seems to be getting more n more cyst like bumps each week. Staffies are renowned for it and she just turned 9 . Thanks again guys
  2. G'day Guys and thanks for the replies. Yep she is on full watch now for treats, ever since she was a pup she would have rawhide and dental bones and her teeth are amazing for 9yrs old but I do appreciate that they arent great for her now. Doing some research and have found a few single protein dog rolls that look good, however only feeding 440g a day left Mischa with a rubbley tummy and she seemed hungry all the time. Looking at the rolls tho, it works out to be about 5.50 per day, which I guess isnt too bad, but still on the high side. Nice to have another option I suppose. Shall keep that in mind ( the vitamin ) support if continuing with the roo & pumpkin - Will have a look at the Royal Canin & Advance too. Will keep you posted :)
  3. Hi Guys, I hope I am posting in the right area (apologies if not) Mischa (my 9yr old staffy bitch) was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis and was in quite a lot of discomfort, we took her to the Vet and bloods confirmed the pancreatitis. She was on Holistic Select (Fish) and by our own admission getting far to many pork treats and pigs ears (where I felt the issue was born) Since then (8weeks ago) - she has been on a single protein diet of Roo n Pumpkin, which she loves, however was very scroungy in between meals. She was having 500g of roo and 500g of pumpkin per day and certainly improved, minimal number #2s and generally very happy. The issue we have is the time and cost surrounding this, minimal space and trying to be frugal with money has been difficult, ultimately we want her healthy though. Her recent check up found she was still tender around the gut, but generally ok. We asked about dry food alternatives (with a view to keeping her on single protein) and to my shock were given Hills (Vets own) Now I have read through the ingredients and already can see the shear amount of #2 being left behind and I wonder, what or why this food is being suggested.. I understand the limited fat consumption, 100%, but surly pumping her full of filler isnt the answer either. I liked Holistic Select for a number of reasons, and also that it didn't have much in the way of filler. My question is as follows - Is there a quality low fat dry food alternative available? The other suggest was Royal Canine (again not overly keen) I am not forgetting about doing roo and pumkin everyday again, but would appreciate the space in the freezer also. Hope to hear back Dave
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