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  1. The motorbike issue is our next big hurdle to tackle and I'll be working with our trainer to try and correct. Our trainer doesn't like to use a halti usually but I know he does suggest them temporarily if it is really required. Hopefully we can get him to a point where motorbikes don't bother him, but a lot of work will be required to get him there. In the meantime I've organised for a dog trainer/walker to take him on his daily walk when I'm away from home and while my wife is not able too.
  2. Very sorry to hear. This is always a tough time to get through.
  3. Found an old pic of my first girl with her litter mates. She's the brindle on the far left. This was taken in 1998, she passed in 2007. She was the best.
  4. Thats cool. Point Erin used to be my local swimming pool when I lived in Ponsonby.
  5. We are trying to provide everything he needs. It was a little difficult while he settled in and my wife thought we had made a huge mistake. Managed to convince her that we would be able to provide him the best future possible and that I was committed to making it work. She loves him now but is not comfortable walking him because of his size and his issue with motorbikes. We'll get there.
  6. Well its been a little over 4 months now and everything has been going well. He has had a month of in home obedience training followed by another month of group obedience training and we'll be attending ongoing group training sessions on the monthly basis to keep getting him around other people and their dogs. He has never shown any major aggression issues towards people or dogs but it can't hurt to get him out there. He does not like motorbikes at all and it has proven hard to try and have him not react so much to them. He can spot one a mile away and gets very aggressive when they are close by. I try to avoid them as much as possible. He had issues with skateboards and bicycles as well but we have been able to manage this and he walks past with out any issues now. He had some food aggression when we first got him this has now completely gone with twice daily feeding. Next step is a behaviourist to see what more we can do to improve his well being. Its been amazing having a dog back in our house after so long and I can't imagine going back to not having one. I'm already working on trying to convince the wife to get another at some point, but that may be further down the line. Here's a pic with his favourite toy.
  7. I'm in Warners Bay. Spend a lot of my time around the esplanade between Elebana and Speers Point walking the dog on lead. Off lead at Croudace Bay, Hams Beach and Red Head Beach. My boys pretty big and a little intimidating so most other dog owners tend to stay away or recall their dogs when they see us coming. He's a big softy though and is dog friendly, he either ignores or gets super excited and wants to play.
  8. I tried one to see if my boy would actually chew on it. I bought him a bag of Greenies and he wasn't even interested in them. The Oravet gets very slimy and sticky and his poo was green the next day, but he seemed to enjoy chewing it at the time. At least he ate it compared to the Greenies. Not planning to rush out and buy a whole bunch of them though.
  9. I feed the same amount of raw twice daily, morning and evening. When I re-homed my boy he was food aggressive and the increased amount of food and regular feeding has stopped that. He was a little under weight and was only being fed one meal a day. He is 5kg heavier, looking healthy and I can do as I wish with his food while he is eating.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to put this. Sad to hear that these poor people have placed their trust in a kennel to take care of their dogs only to find out they have died. By the sounds of it all could have been prevented.
  11. Thank you. We think so too. He is almost 2 years old. Still very much acts like a puppy except for when he turns on guard dog mode.
  12. I did ask regarding his tail but didn't get an answer. I don't think his previous owners really knew what happened. I have seen pics of others in his litter and they did not have docked tails so I'm not sure why he was different. Maybe something happened to it.
  13. He is a beautiful boy. Some times he looks like a pup and is so clumsy, other times like in this pic I think he looks regal.
  14. Just a small update. It's been four weeks now and he has settled in well. He has had a couple of obedience training sessions with more to come. He has a great nature and loves walking on and off lead. We have been trying to get around to as many of the dog friendly parks and beaches as possible. Here's a shot from Ham's Beach
  15. Thank you. His name is Prince, but he thinks he's a King.