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  1. Puppy Breeders Fined $22K

    Ohhh how awfully heartbreaking..
  2. Has anyone here used this brand with success? It's what the GAP in Tassie use. I've never heard of it before so just after any experience/reviews. I'm guessing it's fairly new to the market? Link to site about food!! Thank you!!
  3. I cried looking at that picture.. Poor pup
  4. Starved Dog Rescued - Graphic Photo

    OMG! That is amazing that he survived!
  5. I'm friends with Kodi's owner, we worked together at the hospital (nursing). I'm so pleased at the amount of support complete strangers are offering, it's very heartwarming :)
  6. Christmas Gifts!

    Not nothing - they have now got a wonderful new home to live out their lives I gues so.. That's a nice way of looking at it :) Thank you!!
  7. Christmas Gifts!

    Nothing I only got the greys yesterday and bought them some Kong toys, and a mallard duck and a rat squeaky, but didn't even think to get them a Christmas present
  8. Hi there, I adopted two greyhounds today from the GAP in Tassie. The staff were absolutely wonderful! I used to own whippets, but my ex hubby took them with him when we parted ways a few years ago. My partner and I own a property on 5 acres in rural Tasmania, and have been thinking about getting a dog for a while now. I saw a photo on Facebook of two greys and the post said how they've become great friends. I just couldn't part them. So I adopted both!! Say hello to Pirelli Princess and Bridgestone Brocky! Love them to bits already :)