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  1. Car Recommendation

    Hi, Looking at trading in my car which is currently a Captiva 7 and just looking for recommendations please. I have 2 big muffins Husky x Retriever and Pointer x Dane so I want room for them. To be honest most the time its just me and the dogs but on the odd occasion we might have my nephew and his car seat or maybe 2 other adults in there. I was looking at either another Captiva but maybe the 5 seater if the boot is still big enough for them or either the Hyundai Tucson or Santa Fe. I really like the look of the Tucsons but I've been told the boot door is an odd slope which might take away head room. I have gone to see them but its so hard to tell without the dogs there and in but I don't know how keen a dealer would be to let me do that :D Probably looking at a 2016ish model hopefully. Any help would be great! I'm a bit useless at the whole car shopping thing.
  2. Buying a Hydrobath

    That would be great! I would really love to see the photos
  3. Buying a Hydrobath

    Thanks, I think that's a little out of my area though unfortunately
  4. Buying a Hydrobath

    Hey, moving into a new home soon and I'm looking at buying a hydrobath and dryer. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to a specific brand or company? Figured it might be worth my while. I know its a fair bit up front but getting 2 dogs hydrobathed every month and I'm moving closer to family who have dogs too so would help them as well. Located in Melbourne Thanks!
  5. Moving States - Melbourne Recommendations

    Did you have any issues trying to add your pets? I've tried both dogs and keep getting the error "× Sorry, microchip number is not matching."
  6. Moving States - Melbourne Recommendations

    Is there a better Australia wide one? Yearly fees will take getting used to but from everything I've read Point Cook actually provide services to dog owners so I'm all for paying for that I don't think the council provided bins ever get emptied in my area
  7. Moving States - Melbourne Recommendations

    Yeah I was just looking at some of the houses in Point Cook it looks adorable! Is dog registration yearly in Melbourne? The Halloween pet parade sounds awesome!
  8. I'm looking at moving to Melbourne to be closer to family, probably around Werribee, Point Cook kinda way and was just wondering if a. Anyone know of pet festivals that happen around there (like my local council in Sydney run 2 pet shows a year) b. Any nice places to walk the dogs around there c. Can I just transfer my dog registration there or is Melbourne's registration different to Sydney And any advice on moving interstate with 2 dogs would be great as well Thanks
  9. Elbow Callus - Puppy

    2 cooling mats and unfortunately life with a puppy, my entire backyard is just dirt and holes :D
  10. Morning, Now I know this might be a long shot but I have a 9 month old pup who is starting to get a callus on her elbow. The vet told me to stop her lying on hard surfaces and get her a bed for outside... clearly he hasn't seen my backyard or house lol. I have 2 dogs and there is 2 pillow beds and 4 trampoline beds outside and 4 pillow beds in the house lol. So she has multiple soft spots to lay but she really likes laying on the concrete out the back. I have tried putting a bed there but she pushes them out of the way in that spot so she obviously likes it there. Is there anything I can do to help the callus or is it just one of those life - deal with it type things Thanks!
  11. Raw and kibble together?

    When I first got my girl she was on dry so I kept that in for about a month then started reducing the dry and adding in raw. She is now 9 months and is on half raw half dry. I'd love to do full raw but I just don't understand enough about it and I did purchase I think it was Barf or something and she stunk so damn bad lol. The combo I do now seems to be the kindest to her stomach. I am looking at switching her to adult dry and raw now though
  12. Switching to adult food

    Yeah they both love their fresh fruit though and I find putting some in their dinners stops them stealing it off my plants
  13. Switching to adult food

    Yeah a few people have said that, but then you also see 12 - 18 months on all the info so its so hard to tell what is advertising propaganda and what is legit. This is probably why we stick to getting older pups we don't usually have to deal with this stage :D Thanks!
  14. Hi So I have a mixed breed (GSP x Dane x everything else lol) just over 9 months who has been on ivory coat large breed puppy and raw. She used to love her kibble, she would actually eat it before the mince and fruits but now she has discovered my older dogs kibble (7 year old Husky x retriever) which is ivory coat chicken & coconut oil and reduced fat turkey mixed together. Since she has eaten his she seems to have lost the taste for hers so I'm just wondering what my best option is. Mix in a little bag of the chicken with her puppy stuff see if that will get her eating her own again, try a different brand (not black hawk because that made her hyper and SUPER stinky) or switch her to the adult kibble Her usual dinner is the dry food with either chicken necks or mince, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, sardine, rosehip canine vital and livamol Oscar's is the same just with the adult dry food
  15. Backyard Play Equipment

    Lol for me it would be 2 days and more money than it would have cost to buy it I'm useless at diy lol