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  1. Raw and kibble together?

    When I first got my girl she was on dry so I kept that in for about a month then started reducing the dry and adding in raw. She is now 9 months and is on half raw half dry. I'd love to do full raw but I just don't understand enough about it and I did purchase I think it was Barf or something and she stunk so damn bad lol. The combo I do now seems to be the kindest to her stomach. I am looking at switching her to adult dry and raw now though
  2. Switching to adult food

    Yeah they both love their fresh fruit though and I find putting some in their dinners stops them stealing it off my plants
  3. Switching to adult food

    Yeah a few people have said that, but then you also see 12 - 18 months on all the info so its so hard to tell what is advertising propaganda and what is legit. This is probably why we stick to getting older pups we don't usually have to deal with this stage :D Thanks!
  4. Hi So I have a mixed breed (GSP x Dane x everything else lol) just over 9 months who has been on ivory coat large breed puppy and raw. She used to love her kibble, she would actually eat it before the mince and fruits but now she has discovered my older dogs kibble (7 year old Husky x retriever) which is ivory coat chicken & coconut oil and reduced fat turkey mixed together. Since she has eaten his she seems to have lost the taste for hers so I'm just wondering what my best option is. Mix in a little bag of the chicken with her puppy stuff see if that will get her eating her own again, try a different brand (not black hawk because that made her hyper and SUPER stinky) or switch her to the adult kibble Her usual dinner is the dry food with either chicken necks or mince, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, sardine, rosehip canine vital and livamol Oscar's is the same just with the adult dry food
  5. Backyard Play Equipment

    Lol for me it would be 2 days and more money than it would have cost to buy it I'm useless at diy lol
  6. So I have an 8 month old pup (rescue - DNA came back as GSP X Dane X Staffy X Everything basically lol) and a 7 year old Husky x Retriever. Both love playing on the park equipment and on the dog agility equipment at the park so I was looking to make do something out the back for them, because yes I'm a crazy dog mum I was just wondering if anyone else has something they have set up in their backyard and if they could give me some pointers. I would prefer to buy because unfortunately I'm a useless D-I-Yer. I've been watching all the dog agility equipment videos but honestly I would end up with a jumbled mess of PVC pipe and wood. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated Thanks Photos just for examples