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  1. Hello everyone!

    This is some great advice, thank you. We are still settling after the big move. Once we are in the jobs we want (living on savings at the moment) we will see what sort of time we have available. Only then will we truly consider adopting a puppy. Growing up both my partner and I have raised small puppies but even then, as you say, sometimes we may not realize the commitment needed. We are interested in the Shiba Inu breed and have heard people find them quite overwhelming if they are not prepared. In fact most dogs from the Spitz family peak our interest. Both myself and my partner are active people and look forward to spending time playing with our puppy. We understand this will be a living, breathing being with feelings and a personality so we intend to keep it as healthy as we would ourselves or our child. I'll check out those quizzes and see what they suggest then update everyone once we have things a little more worked out. Thanks again! Code
  2. Glad to have finally made an account as I've been lurking on these forums for a couple of weeks. My partner and I have recently made the move from Townsville to the Gold Coast and are loving it. Our plans to settle down in a nice area with better work are finally happening. We have just moved into a lovely rental home with a sizable back yard and dog parks surrounding us. Having always wanted a little friend of our own, and having had the experience growing up we know there is some preparation and research involved. So my friends, we turn to you! I look forward to hearing from you. Code