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  1. Thanks Oggidoggy and Rebanne - lesson learned - we did not have a contract..... There was no mating the first time (stud fee paid) and we returned for Surgical AI. Following whelping the a fee for semen has been requested. All vet expenses paid by me. I really did not expect a fee almost equal to the stud fee for the semen. my query was - is it usual to pay both a stud fee and a fee for the semen for AI?
  2. Curious - is it usual to charge a stud fee plus a fee for frozen semen to be used for surgical AI? What is reasonable? Simply breakdown - bitch returned for repeat mating following dog not mating at previous season this time with plan to proceed to SIA. Resultant small litter. Stud owner asking for fee for semen equivalent to already paid stud fee. Is this cool? Or not? TIA for response