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  1. Dog Burn

    So my dog was burned by some hot water a few weeks ago and I just now realised there’s this like red bump on his back where it was burnt, he doesn’t feel it when we touch it but like it’s looks rly red. How do I treat it at home without a vet
  2. Dog Burn

    Legit he didn’t show any signs of burning when he was burnt he yelped for like 5 seconds then was fine so I obviously didn’t think much of it, I get burnt all the time and don’t even need to go to the doctor it wasn’t a serious burn I even looked for it and couldn’t find anytjing
  3. Dog Burn

    When he was first burnt I JISY put ice on the area
  4. Dog got small cut on eyelid

    His eye is working as it normally would, with no signs of squinting, excessive tearing or whatever. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain and his eyelid wound seems to not be infected or painful for him. If it doesn’t they better in a few days I’ll be sure to check with the vet! ;)
  5. This morning I saw my dog with a clot of blood what his eyelid, so I cleaned it up, revealing a small cut on his eyelid that just missed his eye. I’ve cleaned it regularly with water and I put a dog cone on him to avoid him from touching it but was just wondering if I needed to take him to the vet or anything
  6. Dog cut

    My dog has gotten really small cuts under his front legs in his armpit area, I don’t know where they’re from but I’ve been wondering if they would heal by itself, they don’t seem infected and I clean it with wet tissue every morning, but just wondering if it’s okay.
  7. Dog ate Readheads

    My dog was biting a read head box and i saw them scattered among the floor and im unsure if he ate on or not but what are the side effects of him eating them and how to treat them.
  8. Dog does weird things

    My dog is lying on the floor on his back wriggling everywhere and making weird noises that sound like his wheezing/chocking. And he recently lost a tooth
  9. I have a apricot, mandarin, lemon, peach and orange tree at home as well as spring onions i know that spring onions are bad for him but he stays away from them but he eats everything else are any of these bad for him?
  10. Are these bad for dogs?

    My dog eats the fruit of the apricot but leaves the seeds does the fruit itself cause problems?
  11. Are these bad for dogs?

    ye i heard that the stem and seeds have cyanide in them
  12. Are these bad for dogs?

    okay thank you
  13. Dog rubs face

    My dog rubs his eyes with his paw and rubs his face against the floor