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  1. How do they react to Cane Toads, we can have a few in our yards ??
  2. She has responded, sometimes you just need to be patient, I always give people time, less stress for me that way.
  3. Great advise all, this forum rocks!!!!! Dogsfevr, http://www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/sa_deafness.html ok have read that, thanks for the heads up
  4. Thanks all, much appreciated, Our fences as good, no holes for even a small dog to get through. Looking forward, will have to wait until the breeder replies on email
  5. Yes, but does my situation fit the needs of the dog I have emailed a local breeder of Cattle Dogs, an hour away, so look forward to hearing from her also. Thanks Stephen
  6. Heya, hopefully this in the correct place. We lost our dog (passed away ) recently, due to ill health, she was an 8 year old ridge back cross we got from RSPCA. We miss her immensly We are outside of Bundaberg, have 3 acres of fenced land, we, (well me really, wife is still upset regards last dog) are looking for information on whether a blue heeler, Cattle Dog, or what ever its correct breed is would be ok with us. Would be taken for a long walk each morning, very rarely left alone for more than an hour (we have to go out shopping), almost con
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