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  1. Thanks for the tips and the kind words! I am searching for a baby gate and puppy pen right now, we have a spare bedroom we are turning into a pup zone just for him which I will gate off, and I am thinking of placing a puppy pen in our living room. He will have a wired and a soft crate. I am working out a daily plan right now focusing on house training breaks, crate time and training/play, but also prepared to adjust it based on his personality. He is a French Bulldog and I've met a few and have seen how opinionated they can be ;) We love their personalities but hesitated for a long time because of the health issues. We are also fairly active and live in an area known for its hikes and nature. Happily we did find a breeder who has a lot of experience and her lines are very healthy - her dogs are foundation dogs in other breeders lines, they are also very athletic. I will make sure to upload pics when he gets here!
  2. Hello everyone, Sorry for the title gore.. he will be my second pup in 10 years (where has the time gone..?) and the nerves are starting to kick in already. I am refreshing all my puppy training basics and trying to think of areas of improvement from my first one. For example, my first pup was a spaniel so we had to deal with separation anxiety issues, my leash training wasn't great so it took a while to stop him being a puller, and I gave him too high of an interest in playing with other dogs - it was hard to control his overexcitement. I made a lot of mistakes but we learned a lot together. And the mistakes were there even with lots of researching and obedience classes! I am excited to start off better with this little guy