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  1. Thanks persephone, I already have the pup and the info + food sample: they were feeding him. He was turning his nose up at the sample given to me so I started giving him the supercoat puppy food that I got to tie him over until I can get a better bag of food. The supercoat was all that was all I could get access to at the time. Better than nothing for now.
  2. I know I can ask the breeder, but I would like to hear from others with experience with giant breed dogs like the Neapolitan Mastiff. What do you feed your dog and the reasons why you use what you do and why you may have changed from another brand of food. I am asking this for no other reason than so I can have more of a reference on this topic other than what the breeder has given. I am not saying the breeder of my Neao is wrong or the food they have given isn't right. I just want to have more info on food for giant breeds than I have right now. Thanks in advance.
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