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  1. Thank you we are lucky and she is sweet. (I did not mean to put two of the same quotes but quote zena's mum and puppy love3 but it wouldnt work even though i clicked both to quote. Puppylove3 your puppy is absolutely beautiful, and you are all doing well. I would probably address her nippiness with distraction, give her a toy to chew or ignore her turn away and when she calms then give her the cuddles you don't want nipping means a cuddle. PS what is gorgeousness's name?
  2. We visited our little girl for the first time today - she is 6 weeks old. We spent an hour and a bit with her and her breeder, her mum and grandma. Sorry pics are a bit fuzzy.. She will be called Obi - her official name (without the prefix) is Obi Orange Blossom.
  3. Hope today is fun and goes well - the sun might help a bit !! x
  4. Looked it up - Natures miracle - house breaking spray.
  5. Congratulations - so glad she arrived safe and sound. It has been a horrible day here - I am sure more experienced owners will weigh in - but I don't think training her to go inside is ideal because it is going to be cold for at least another couple of months - I would try taking her out every hour and if she does not go have her in a confined area/room/pen - and as soon as she looks like she is going to go inside (sniffing,circling) scoop her up and take her outside and then be overjoyed with her/treat her. I think the time you take now to get her used to it will pay off in the next days, weeks etc. Also does she need a coat so its not so cold? This is exactly one of the things I am scared of happening in two weeks time. The other thing that helped us once when we were looking after our friends dog - she came over and did not pee for nearly 7 hours!! (we think she was missing her human mummy) was we bought this digusting stinking pee spray from a pet shop and sprayed it on the area we wanted her to go and it worked and she kept going back to the same area - we only used it once and gave it to a neighbour a couple of years later - it was the worst wee smell ever....but it worked.
  6. Don't worry I will post photos - looking forward (and a bit nervously) to this new member of our family. Hopefully get to see her for the first time on Sunday!!! I have read most of your posts Zena's mum in my search for mini info
  7. Thanks Puppylove! I have two more weeks to wait.....remember to take lots of pics!
  8. Hey puppylove3, you have asked the perfects questions for our family too. We are hoping our puppy will be home in 17 days (visiting for the first time this weekend). There is so much information on the net it seems so overwhelming. This is our second dog but after many years. We have two kids 7 and 10 and plan on doing many things similarly to you (pen, crate, quiet kids etc etc). I guess the only thing I wanted to say was I think consistency is the key. And the question I had was which puppy school you found, as you described, I have not really been able to find one that isn't just puppies playing randomly (which is not ideal!). We are in SA (Adelaide). Also what type of puppy are you getting? We are getting a Miniature Schnauzer : )