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  1. I have a papillon bitch that whelped and has 3 five day old puppies. She now has severe symptoms of coccidia. She remains thin with meals 3xs a day and has had liquid poop that turned into mucous poop. No bloody stool yet. We have had a problem with coccidia about 4 years ago but I have let my guard down and haven't used any preventative doses in a while. Her appetite was great yesterday and last night she was ill feeling. Puppies were crying a bit. I dosed her with toltrazuril, actually Baycox this morning and she vomited the food and all within an hour afterward. I don't know if she absorbed any of the Baycox. What would you recommend. Help!
  2. toltrazuril in a lactating bitch

    It is a holiday here. I am in a very rural area. Pups are doing well. I will be calling them first thing in the morning.