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  1. Hi kami - i realise this post is old but thought i'd try to get on to you to see if you have any tips. it is great to hear your story and i'm very happy for your family and annie. i am also very jealous! We found ourselves in the same situation with a lovely little kelpie dog mix who we adopted - Poppy. she was listed as calm sweet and social. and she is all of those thing bundled up with tons of anxiety! we have been working with her through private dog behavioral therapy with positive reinforcement and now group lessons to try to desensitise her to other dogs. she also went through a horrible crate training period but has since learned to love her crate over night - thank goodness! i'm very jealous is because we still struggle with walks. we still have initial anxiety every single morning then it eventually lets up but can be quite substantial to start with. i'd say tail is halfway up at best on a walk definitely not held high! she has come a long way since we adopted her in February but we still have a way to go. i saw the time period in which annie went from quite nervous to being confident on walks, seems much shorter than our experience. any tips? and well done to you for your efforts. sounds like Annie really landed on her feet.