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  1. Do you mind telling me more about Connie pads? And how to use them ect.
  2. Wow! Thanks, this has a great filter system!
  3. Yeah, I'm in the Brighton area but I'm willing to drive for up to 1.5 hours to find my perfect buddy Thanks for your efforts!
  4. Do you know any reputable dog rescues in Victoria? Also, why not from a shelter or pound?
  5. Nope, never had a dog before. I would like my future dog to be fox-labrador sized
  6. Also, if I kept the dog inside when I'm out? Where will be she go to the bathroom? Cheers
  7. Being energetic but soft/cuddly is something I would like in a dog. Sleeping outside would only be a rare thing, but I dont think that having a dog inside while I'm away, for the first few weeks would be safe for the dog
  8. Hi guys! I am currently thinking of becoming a dog owner, however I have had trouble finding a breed that suits me, so I would like to receive some input from this forum. I live in a suburban area with a large house and small/medium yard. I would like a dog that is a companion, so happy to cuddle on the couch when I return from work, small or medium and does not require more than a brush a day grooming wise. I have people who are mildly allergic to dogs come over sometimes. However, I will be at work from around 8am to 4:30-5pm, so the dog would have to be alone during the day. My wo
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