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  1. Canine Circovirus

    Does anyone know anything about this?? my vet told me literally nothing!!! What the heck is wrong with them?! Please if anyone can give me any info it would be so greatly appreciated. I am beyond furious. These people are paid to give all pertinent medical advice, not sell their stupid puppy preschool classes!
  2. Puppy scared when meeting people

    Some labs are more reserved than others, don’t worry I would hold your pup very close to you so they feel safe and can pick up on your “vibes” well, then have new people come somewhere like your fence or front door. Make sure that these are people you are going to be happy to see haha! Just be chilled yet happy when you make introductions, and start off small, no letting the humans grab at your bubba! Just a quick “loooooook, it’s Frank!! Hi Frank! He’s cool! And also no big deal!” Let pups stare at Frank, then “Ok bye!!” and you both walk away feeling Zen and go back to doing something fun. Mention Frank fondly throughout the course of the next few days until you repeat the experience again. Brief the humans first, no loud AWWW ing, no 31 grandchildren to come racing over, hey Frank, don’t poke your head over the fence 5 mins later to yell at us and so on. You can then use Frank (hi, Frank) later on as a happy distraction - “hey!! Let’s go say hi to Frank!! And have foodstuffs after! Yay!” just stuff like that. Baby steps. Remember, they need a nap every 3.5 minutes ;p so you don’t need much more than a “S’up? K, toodles!” . Find something positive to say about everyone. “Isn’t the vet so pretttttty??? How neat is Frank? We like him. He’s cool.” If possible, keep a family member stashed in separate room for awhile. Then when you’re playing excitedly, be like “hey! Let’s go see....Grandma!” Then go find her all excitedly (have her happy to see pups!) before exiting and returning to playtime. Make the room one that’s safe for running around in/grabbing random items from. Use going to see that human as a reward. Happily go tell Grandma that you’ve just ate all your dinner, filed your dew claws soooooo beautifully....anything. Be extremely excited about Grandma. (make sure Grandma is ok with an excited pup.). Don’t worry. Dogs have an instinct to not endanger themselves. Some pups are smart and decide to run background checks on humans first Labs aren’t necessarily going to in need of an admiring throng 24/7, but Not being an extrovert is different to fearing people. Just focus on teaching that other humans are ok, aim for “meh” as opposed to fangirl. Soon you might find that huge men like Frank are the ones your pup sits excitedly to stare at and ask to meet when you’re out ;p
  3. Buying a puppy

    Oh gosh, I didn’t even think of the meat issue! and I know people who openly admit to it being a thing over there....good call. Yeah it’s so hard to get Australian dog food, I spend ages quizzing staff on where product X came from and they’ve nearly got me sold when they slip in about how we had a shortage here of whatever....sorry, not buying now!! Even human food isn’t necessarily safe I really wish we weren’t lumped in with Asia for everything!
  4. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    I would probably pay double the price of a pup IF we’re talking a dog who’s the right fit for your household. If you like this dog and you and the breeder click, then you’ve basically had someone else just do the *work* for you. Be a dealbreaker if you wanted puppyhood, but if wanting otherwise I’d jump at the chance to take a dog that young who has been raised by someone good. At a shelter nowadays, at least where I am (glares at dodgy associations...) you can be looking for, at that age, $600 for a dog who was likely left there purely due to Lousy Owner Syndrome. And who still will “benefit from training and socialisation!!!!!” - your doggie won’t be needing all that.
  5. Buying a puppy

    Maddy, sorry to head off topic here, but do you know what the deal is with the Asia thing?? The Australasian animal registry, for example....what IS that?? Are the dogs expected to stray and swim to Bali? Or are we allowed to import pets from Asian countries? (Which doesn’t make sense to me given that to the best of my knowledge even dogs coming from the USA have to sit in quarantine, so why we’d be open to dogs from Indonesia where there are random Rabies outbreaks is kinda beyond me...). In your case at least, is it a matter of you don’t export dogs or can’t (legally)? I know importation is a whole other topic but the Australasian thing really has me thrown....
  6. Please help me make the right decision

    Hi Kenny, I’m sorry for all you’ve been going through right now! not to stick my nose in or anything, but...let me do just that. papered puppy - the cost is more, I totally get that. Example - Even though we’re talking nearly a good three decades worth of inflation here, the same breed of pup without papers cost us all of $100, the paper pup $2,000. Bit of a difference, even after allowing for adjustments!! What I think is priceless though, truly, is the work that goes in to rearing the paper pup (that’s the official term I’m using now haha). I wanted a pedigree this time round purely for health reasons, as many common breeds are bred solely for $$ at less-than-ethical places and come with more health issues than the geriatric dog you’ve just lost passed away with. I knew nothing about breeders, literally nothing, and only by the goodness of God stumbled across my guy who’d just been born, allowing me to skip a waiting list (which again, I had no idea would be a “thing” with common breeds). Well. Let me assure you, my lil kid has been given a much, MUCH better start in life than many humans, including myself (I was put up for adoption at birth and left in hospital for a fortnight before a “difficult” foster care placement for a month). “My” breeder must have some ability to live on zero sleep or to find extra hours in every day, there is just nothing that those puppies might possibly want/need/anticipate needing at some point in the future, that they haven’t been given or thoroughly prepared for. You know the list of “what to do on puppy’s first night” list, stuff like that? Rip those up, pup has already been there, done that, and has more life experience than you do. They basically just move in and humor you as you pretend that you’re the one who socialised them. Having not had a paper pup (yay, name ;p) before I would look at the cost breakdown as something more long term like - — temperament- the ability a breeder has to vouch for a particular temperament (to a certain extent obviously) is not necessarily that important when you’re young, athletic, single etc BUT once you throw in elderly ppl, children, those with disabilities, and so on, it is PRICELESS. Or alternatively, a few hundred bucks to rehome a dog that isn’t suitable for your family and has terrified your child and been traumatised themselves. - Warantee - yes that’s an icky word, but your breeder will take back your pup should you die (sorry) - there’s no need to worry about which lousy relative poor bubba would be stuck with. This is actually something that is harder to arrange when planning your estate than you’d think as a particular charity may fold leaving your wishes to be interpreted in a way you wouldn’t have wanted, or the dog going to, say, the shelter that you’d nominated only for your poor dog to suffer from a change in policy at that shelter....it’s just incredibly good to have peace of mind, and ease in drafting a will. - Contact - also under warantee in a way - you have a lifetime of support and info from your breeder. You also have one of the biggest things of all.... - KNOWLEDGE!!!!!! (My fave)- as cool as it is to get to know a rescue dog and as much as your own pup, papered (love that term) or not will have their own quirks, the knowledge of “oh, he got this from X and X went on to do Y and so we can avoid this problem by doing Z” or ”so the dogs seem to all be fine boarding and they do so at X” ”so these are the scores for (body part name)” or “the pups all seem to like X and thrive on eating Y and exercise for Z amount” and ”if this condition developes do X”..... as someone who has had to to stare blankly at doctors and be all like “I dunno what I’ve inherited”, this means A LOT to me. Ive also had a few(!!) friends lose their $500 ish pet shop pups after a few weeks and a few whopping vet bills later, and they are not only worse of financially, they’re emotionally wrecked. Not to mention that when we’re talking breeds that councils like to crack down on randomly, you will definitely want someone who can prove that your dog is breed A not B, they are of sound temperament, all that stuff. Councils can treat some breeds appallingly IMO. Having someone who can give you proof of lineage if needed would mean a lot to me. - The Ongoing Costs - That 2k or so that you fork up initially has nothing on what even a mild health condition will cost over a lifetime. Especially since insurance won’t often pay out for conditions common to certain breeds, it pays to have others do the hard yards for you when it comes to ensuring that their puppies are at the least possible chance of developing aforementioned condition. Really, even if we look at 1 visit from a trainer to remedy reactivity, and 15 years worth of ointment, we’re up money. That was long. Sorry. And I know nothing is certain in life, and not to be all MasterCard like but...peace of mind is priceless. It is really, really just mind blowing how much work has gone into raising a pup well - and how much work that spares the buyer. Which can be make or break if you’re talking kids or a lifestyle with things like travel (because it’s never fun to drive home praying that no one will hit you because who will feed my frightened and chompy rescue??). Not that this is anything against rescue dogs or anything like that, my beautiful boy was a rescue and worth more than all the money in the world. But in terms of monetary cost it’s more, to me anyway, than just the “microchip and worming and vet check, oh my!!” That many dodgy sellers make it out to be. Thanks for tolerating my preach.
  7. How do you prevent this?

    Ohh no, poor girl!! We have a no running in the house rule in part because we can either slip going around corners or get our nails caught in carpet....or jump at and miss a couch haha (no injuries, don’t worry!). Plus my fear of crashing headfirst through a glass door has been amplified by knowing someone whose dog accidentally sent them sailing through a window (don’t worry, again there was no injury to the dog. Human was not as lucky.). I don’t know if it works for all dogs, but I know one of mine really appreciated rugs positioned as markers, so that it allowed for a visual guide for where to start slowing down, where to step from to get the couch, it was amazing how much attention was paid to specific cues like that. Gotta make sure though that you never change anything in case of blindness or something. All else fails, you can just stand next to bubs and be like “ok one, two three and STEP!” and teach them how to properly navigate all areas of the house. except for the bathrooms because we don’t need slippery paws...or someone trying to hop in the shower with you :p (boundaries, please!! ;) )
  8. Toilet training on command HELP!

    Not anymore, no it was just “play biting”, his attempt at the “don’t do that, do this!!” redirection thing we’re told to do with them lol, but it was starting to get a bit too frenzied. now, he excitedly helps me “find” the poop, trots alongside me to clean it up, and goes when asked (if he needs to go). Edited - yeah it’s not a phobia I would’ve expected tbh but he was obviously terrified that I’d tell him off for toileting. The blood loss would be my fault haha I had super thin skin when he arrived due to an allergy, he actually has incredible bite inhibition now after seeing me wince in pain after his whiskers brushed against my hand! :p but he was quite a mouthy puppy, not unusual for his breed but he certainly would’ve been heading for top of the class, mouthing wise ;)
  9. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    Lol!! RuralPug, that comment made my week although I’m not too sure whether “Officer, wait! I was just trying to socialise my dog!” would spare me a booking for human trafficking ;p. I’m sure there’s a politically correct way to word such an ad, but in my sleep-deprived state, I don’t think I’d nail it :p. Aw, thank you I know I’m prone to erring on the side of neurotic, so your kind words mean a lot. I hope he can handle more waking hours by 6 months, even if it’s just for my sake - I need playtime, dammit!! :p although he’s got about another 15 kilos to stack on so I’m encouraging him to be a, well, typical teenage boy at present. Thankfully, a teen is apparently lot less appealing to the masses; I’ve already noticed a reduction in the number of “Awwwwwww PUPPY!!!!” cries and an increase in the “He’s...big....bye!” comments/slow backward steps. I’d never heard of that FB group, I’ll hop on to it, thank you!! He enjoys our encounters with a construction site, but that’s literally around the corner, I can’t wait to get him up to the “waking stamina?” (that’s not a term hey) for a trip to the malls and the beach etc. They’d all have to be by car, which he loves being in, but right now he’d probably get there only to be like “Hug me. Hug me! Rub my gums. Hug me, now let’s go nap.” Lol. I might pretend to be a human parent and try driving up to and sitting in the carpark with him at school pick up time since we’ve got a few schools near us. They’re well within walking distance for a dog but not a lil tyke with growth plates to think of . The mind games at home will be BRILLIANT, thank you so, so much. I have been open with my intentions to full on stalk a few of my responsibile dog-owner friends , none seemed too terrified by the thought of me planning a play date (win for the crazy dog lady haha ;p ). That’ll require driving and more “wakey-wakey” time, but will be totally worth it for access to sane people and dogs who will be roughly the same size as my bub (he may now inadvertently concuss a lot of the dogs he initially met! ). Thank you
  10. How do you prevent this?

    Easy! Step 1- remove dog from rug step 2 - remove rug from premises step 3 - Learn to distinguish the scratch marks in the flooring so that you don’t spend ages wasting time trying to clean them off ;) step 4 - invest in good quality floor polish to ensure scratch marks have optimal shine. Take pride in your new Vintage Look Floor ;p - although if you need to rug/mat to give a dog good traction as they leap onto the couch etc , just make sure it’s weighted down extremely well. Even the dogs who don’t flip and carry rugs away with them can still skid one out of place unintentionally. For rooms like the living room, I just rearranged furniture to be on top of the edges of the mat, and made sure that furniture would typically have humans in it adding additional weight. Then you’ve just got to check alignment, you can have sofas shifted in no time flat once you’re accustomed to doing so again though, embracing the scratches is a necessity ;)
  11. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    No!!! Lol noooo. No, no, no. 6 hours on a Saturday. It is part of a daycare centre (for the dogs) and they mention their daycare program quite often so they’re obviously thinking that they’ll get business from the clients. Good business strategy, I gotta say! I gotta say I guess that they would be thorough in having things like air conditioning and water, snacks, that sort of thing given the type of facility, that may be what prompted the 6 hour thing. It may work for lots of ppl too, instead of getting in the car, packing the doggy backpack, all for 30 mins of *play*. I, on the other hand, am not that keen on bubba logging a school day worth of work. Or me sitting on a cushion :p ok so I just re-checked their site, the puppy classes may be as you say, they don’t specify - it’s the obedience and learn how to be (chillaxed, accepting of your body type and paw appearance, an environmentally friendly consumer, a level 5 vegan, all that jazz) seminars - basically all the intersting stuff- that are in the 4-6 hour range. My bad. although the times they run puppy school didn’t work for us, someone needs his naps and lunch/dinner/no hour long drive and back at their class times. Not their fault obviously, and may well have worked if it were local. Although that being said, he knew all their “skills” and then some well before his 12 week shot, only thing he could’ve benefited from (or not if something disastrous happened) would’ve been Socialization, and oddly enough that wasn’t listed as a selling point. I opted for puppy parties instead since I have a plethora of dogs and children around and even people of many differing nationalities & languages & accents (culturally and linguistically diverse....they oughta put that in the brochure ;) ). Speaking of, has anyone thought to tell the powers that be to maybe stop saying people from ALL races? Yes, I get what they’re saying - esp since I’ve had a dog who hated even a London accent! But ALL races/nationalities? .....how am I gonna get the dog to Somalia and back in time for his next hiiiiiiiiiggggly recommended puppy class? Will they socialise him in airport quarantine? Do we have any Eskimos handy?
  12. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with a good soap box! Kid hasn’t actually startled ever to the best of my knowledge, he may be chugging Valium on the sly...think it was just good work by his breeder though. Not to say that he wouldn’t of course (my pet peeve here, the “he would NEVER bite!!!” Um, he has teeth. He bites every meal time. And he would be justified in biting you, the way you try and proof him by twisting his ears constantly...). He is a very “look before you leap” type of guy. like, if I were attacked, he wouldn’t defend me. He wouldn’t panic though. He’d likely take notes and start on a composite sketch ;p I did have a reactive dog, but thankfully his appearance put people off, and we were given a wide berth when we made our trips to the vet. He never left the house apart from that, his choice as the streets terrified him, he’d lived on them for quite awhile to the best of my knowledge. That’s a huge factor in my wanting to cover all the bases with my lil guy, I know how hard or impossible it can be to introduce something new after a certain point etc. Don’t get me wrong, he was brilliantly happy and super fit running and playing in the yard with me, but I will always hate that it wasn’t safe for him or others to have him visit the beach or partake in agility as he’d have adored both if he hadn’t been previously traumatised to within an inch of his life. He actually had pancreatitis for like 14 or so years...dog ate better prepped food than I did ;) I lay my palm and wrist on the cement as a test - thank you, you have boosted my confidence big time! And made me feel not as silly for pressing random body parts on the ground haha. I’m not close to a beach, depending on traffic I could be looking at 30 mins to 60. I want to do a test drive or two to scope out the best times traffic wise and people wise. Ironically the middle of the day is probably best for both if we can go on a weekday esp as I wouldn’t want him off leash. I don’t mind going on a low 20’s/high teens day though, he loves the cold and I...well, I signed up for this haha, I’ll deal with the frostbite ;) So a full fat Vanilla ice cream might be ok? Like from Copenhagen or a good commercial chain? ***the pancreatitis thing may be why I’m pretty cautious re diet, to others it’s paranoia but once you’ve seen a bone nearly kill someone you tend to be a bit more cautious I might need to practice my “go away please” voice, it shocked me - even though I knew before the fact that it was going to happen- when people converged on my pup to try and manhandle him at the vet (again! What is with that?? Grrrrr). I guess years of everyone backing away from your “scary” looking dog lulls one into a false sense of security. (I’m lifting heavier at the gym too if all else fails ;p) Sniffing is something I’m always on the watch for as I’ve heard too many horror stories about dogs picking up bait but he is more of a visual dog (dunno why tbh as he isn’t a sighthound), he likes to watch things, and he’s not a fan of foods (honestly), so I mainly have to make sure he’s not collecting a pinecone or ginormous twig. Or at least that he’ll give them back ;) That’s another reason for wanting a sport for him, so he can sniff should he want to and have it be in a safe environment. Thank you for the Rally O info!! The reason I liked the look of it was mainly the ability to go together through a course as he is Team Player!!! all the way. I initially thought about retrieving work until I remembered I don’t own a gun! :p he really is very determined to Do Something, he almost seems dissatisfied if he hasn’t achieved something each day, even if that something is just finding and killing a ball I told him the night prior was giving me trouble :p I don’t care if he doesn’t compete tbh, I just want him to have an outlet for his mind. Even doing prep work in the yard with me would make him feel accomplished. As far as mental pressure goes, he has me beat hands down! my concerns about age are mainly more the time away from home as he really needs his sleep to grow. Putting off training til he’s older though may lead to him learning how to Hotwire my car or something similar...I gotta use his powers for good and not evil ;p are there many people usually in the classes? And are they flexible in terms of things like going home early if Mum thinks it’s home time, that sort of thing?
  13. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    Thanks, Diva yeah he is perfect (not that I’m biased ;p haha), I’m mainly “concerned” about my lack of *dogs in public* experience, as all of my babies have eschewed the public eye, not to mention that things change SO much in such a short space of time as far as dog ownership goes. Our last dog, when we took him for his first vet visit in the early ‘00’s was offered, as an afterthought, Kennel Cough vax “only if you plan on boarding him”. New baby, Kennel Cough is given without even seeking my permission - it’s part of the core vaccines now. Oh, and it’s now made known that it’s a disease transmissible in situations other than literal kennelling. Bite inhibition wasn’t a thing when I was growing up either, just “don’t annoy a dog or else they’ll bite and it’ll be your fault!”. I understand things like this are due to good things like scientific advances and inevitable things like social change (the nerd in me had fun reading up on that haha), I just don’t want to overlook anything. Like, bubba is teething atm, and kind people (who I assume think I’m paranoid ) tell me to not brush his teeth daily. It’s more of a gum massage to get him used to my handling his mouth and because he loves being groomed...he’s such a woman...but yeah. It’s a THING :p Now, my 17 ish year old dog, when he passed, recieved daily teeth brushing from me - he had to as he ate a modified diet from very early on in life due to health reasons. The vet who euthanised him had failed to read the lab report sent a week prior saying that my baby had very little time left. So when he saw my guy standing proudly in his surgery, he was disgusted with me for asking that my dog please be euthanised instead of going home to fall into a coma or bleed to death. He got cross with me when I told him my baby had started to have bleeding from the gums...because that was not illness but MY fault for letting him have “filthy” teeth. Now, when he arrived in our home, dogs weren’t having routine dental care at home yet, so he wasn’t started on toothbrushing right away. He wasn’t recommended to attend puppy school, either. I know that’s a far fetched example, but it is an example of how a f up now can see your little one suffer later on. I know I can only work with what I have now in terms of science and best practice etc, but yeah, I wanna do right by this little guy. I do like me a bit of neuroscience he is very well adjusted, his breeder did an incredible job prepping him for the real world! And I’ve driven everyone good and crazy by capitalising on every loud or different situation to build his confidence haha. It’s the other dogs that get me though, since there really seem to be so many who are owned by people who give zero cares about anything my “oh look, a good example for us to sit and be calm whilst that 4 kg schoodleydoo goes past” turns into “ok that was a very good turn babe, thank you!!! Now let’s walk back gently and see if the owner needs any help getting up off the pavement.” The puppy schools here are ridiculously long - 6 hours?? On the other side of town? For an 8 week old pup? That wouldn’t mess with his requisite sleep needs or anything...seriously. Thank God for neighbours! I might try googling classes in my area for dog sports to suss out what I think he’d like, that would hopefully provide a good mix of training for him and socialisation, but with sane people. I’ll def check out about the leash and collar, there wasn’t much I could find in store so thank you so much for that suggestion
  14. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    Thanks, Diva. It so is a PITA! I don’t get it. It’s like they want their dogs to be mauled to death/put to sleep for mauling someone else to death/really want to have their shoulder dislocated. Ugh. Leash - sorry, I’m still not that up with the terminology (like, I still find myself saying “choke chain” instead of check). We use a 165cm leash, I think that’s regarded as a training leash? He walks loosely on that, though - like he’ll happily walk along side of me and not pull ahead. In the yard, just playing when he was too young to go out, I couldn’t even let go of my end without having him bound after me frantically with “our leash”. (I can’t bring myself to call it “heel” because...well technically it’s more like “ankle”, or “Achilles”, plus what when he grows? Do I change it to “pelvis”? So we do “with me”). We haven’t used a leash longer than that, like one of the 4 metre ones etc. No retractable ones either. I’ve seen a lot of training clips where everyone uses a long leash to have their dog check in with them, stuff like that - I ask if he could please look at me and then say thank you for a “check in”...what can I say, I don’t have the patience for Kohler or the coordination for clickers :p, I ask if he could please sit - - which he does - before we do our next thing, then just tell him what it is and we do it and I swear he seems to like it? But im worried we’ve skipped over something that he’ll need later on or that I’ve missed teaching him something that he’d need, that sort of thing. Ooh, 6 months!! That’s so cool. I don’t care if he wins anything (as long as he doesn’t care. He has a lot of pride!), just want something that would give him a good mix of learning things (addicted to this, he is), being active (he’s an athlete) and doing things together (because everything must be done together, he is a big boy ) I guess there’s the added bonus of the people there not being willing to throw their pets at other people on a whim ;)
  15. Hiiiii everyone....so, I believe I need advice as to how to ensure my dog lives his #bestlife The following are a bunch of questions that pop into my mind often enough that I’d really appreciate some input (please don’t judge, but despite living with beautiful dogs since before I could stay awake long enough to drink a bottle, I’ve had precious little leash experience. This was honestly the choice of the dogs, too little so carry me!! Too big/disinterested - let me rescue you from the ocean!!! Or too traumatised - don’t you dare take me out where I used to have to fend for myself, even if do have my pretty bling bling on). - leash etiquette- if I’m walking my dog, I am of the belief that it’s kinda wrong for my dog to make the decision haul ass (and me) up to a stranger, two or four legged, and do with them as he pleases. I also thought that this was a pretty commonly held belief, as I’ve heard calls of “come away, kids” before (good onya, Mum!), seen service dogs out there, have common courtesy. But today we were chased by a snarling mini designer thing who thought that dragging their owner around would be cool. My dog thought it was pathetic tbh. And to think that big dogs are the ones people are scared of..... anyway, this happened to us before (at the vet of all places! Like, hi! Please give your potential parvovirus to my dog!!), again it was a little dog. So what’s the go with meeting others, especially dogs? Am I out of line by thinking that my dog and I ought to walk on and do our thing whilst respecting others and not interfering in their outing? And hoping for the same in return? Beach- temperature wise, why is it ok to go in the middle of a hot day? I must be missing some strategy to keep bubs cool on the hot sand etc - anyone able to fill me in? (I haven’t taken a dog to the ocean in decades so I likely am missing something. Even if it’s just the improvement in air conditioning in cars since then) Also under Beach Heading - is ice cream actually safe?? I was thinking no with the sugar, xylitol etc but people with more walking experience than I feed it so....help!!! Milage - I’ve got the distance per age thing down and I know that free running is better, but for a growing dog, if I think it’s better to skip a day or two, is this ok? (should prob add that the walks are more for mental stimulation as he likes to follow commands (yes, he does, I didn’t force him to be a workaholic :p )and to observe different sights. Leash length - if they like a short leash and don’t pull, come with you on the honour system when you realise that they likely are strong enough to bust out of their collar or smart enough to unclip it, do you need to learn loose leash? What skills are we missing by not doing long leash? Taking up a sport - I’m thinking Rally O (like, if he wants...I’m not a DanceMom or anything!), it seems like he’d love that as he, well, kinda loves doing things that I tell (ask) him to while bringing our leash with us. What age would you recommend before starting classes, is loose leash necessary first etc? Collars!! What collar do you think gives a dog max comfort but an owner a modicum of control if I should ever have to yank him away from someone who thinks that ambushing a lil tacker out for a walk is super duper fun? he admittedly did extremely well today when I asked him to come with me please. (away from the snarling mini doodle woodle) but I know that any dog can always find something more interesting in than the person who exists purely to open their refrigerator. sorry for the rambling....I really want to make sure my guy has everything he wants (within reason - we ain’t dining on freeze dried liver for tea! ;) ). Plus he is awesome so I want him to achieve his full potential, especially since he honestly does seem very driven to be a #highachiever (honestly if his calling was to be a couch potato, I’d embrace that lifestyle wholeheartedly but he is determined to be a Colonel to my Major General) any advice is much appreciated