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  1. Bowel obstruction

    I’m glad your pup is out of surgery and doing well. I had two dogs that chewed up a box (high up on a vbench) oh insulin needles and swallowed the tips. They outgrew the chewing of things they shouldn’t hang in there
  2. Am I being unreasonable?

    I think it’s a combination of vets can’t buy in bulk so they don’t get it as cheap. I believe the companies themselves have a lot to answer for. I had the same problem last year spending $240 per fortnight on insulin for my diabetic dog. The company that supplied the insulin had over a 200 percent mark up per tiny vial to supply it in Australia. Unfortunately their is no regulation
  3. THE Best Dog food?

    I give mine a mix of good quality dry food with dog mince mixed in
  4. I have a 16 month old rescue dog. Even after 9 months she is still very nervous and anxious. She has learned sit etc but will not always come when called and can be very disobedient. She is loving with me but will not accept anyone else and still doesn’t like anyone coming to my house. Food and treats are not a motivator for her. I’m getting desperate to help her. I think she was badly treated as a pup. I have tried desensitising her to new situations. Anyone got any suggestions
  5. My dog has a mammary tumour

    Get her desexed at the same time. These tumours will reoccur otherwise
  6. My dog has just been diagnosed with diabetes and is requiring high doses of insulin Is human insulin ever used for dogs