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  1. Yukan Shiba

    Haha, after the Doge meme was released, shibas have gotten a lot more popular
  2. Yukan Shiba

    I've asked a few breeders in NSW and their prices range from $3000-4000, but I am unsure of Yukan's prices because they haven't replied
  3. Yukan Shiba

    Oh okay I see, I will try to email her with detail about myself. Thank you for notifying me !
  4. Yukan Shiba

    Hi ! I'm really interested in purchasing a shiba and I've already called Yukan Shibas but Anna-Lee hasn't replied yet. Does anyone have any experience with her and perhaps knows the prices? I'm absolutely sure a shiba is the dog for me and the last factor that I need to know is the price.