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  1. Thanks everyone. It’s been a week now and she has improved so much. She’s so much more playful now. Still has a bit of a cough so at least 2 more weeks of quarantine which is frustrating, but at least she’s happier.
  2. My new puppy has very droopy eyes. I wasn’t aware that this was a problem with labradors. She came from pedigree parents so I’m surprised that she has this. Is it hereditary? Will it improve as she gets older? We had a quick viewing of the puppy litter when they were 6 weeks and I didn’t see it in any of them then and it’s not apparent in the photos I took at the time. The breeder selected the pup for us and when we took her home at 8 weeks I noticed them. I messaged the breeder yesterday morning asking if it’s hereditary and if either of the parents have this but she hasn’t replied. Thoughts? It gives her a very sad appearance and I’m worried about them getting infected.
  3. My new Labrador puppy has a terrible case of kennel cough. We only got her last Sunday and on Thursday night she started choking/coughing. By Friday morning it was worse so I took her to my local vet. They didn’t diagnose her with anything, just told me to monitor her. By 9pm it was so bad I took her to the emergency vet in a different suburb. I had also messaged the breeder with a video of the puppy to ask if they knew what it was. While at the emergency vet I received an email confirming that the puppy they kept had come down with kennel cough that day. My vet then confirmed that’s what it was and gave me antibiotics and cough syrup. It’s now 2 days later and my poor pup is still very unwell. My question is, should the breeder be responsible for selling an unwell puppy? I understand they wouldn’t have known prior to selling her and I imagine the whole litter has been affected. Should I be asking for compensation for the vet bills? They did provide temporary pet insurance, but the excess is $300 so either way I’m out of pocket. I bought a dog fully understanding that there would be big vet bills in my future, but wasn’t expecting them this soon. The worst part is that she’s in distress, my kids are in distress seeing her this way, and they haven’t been able to play with her because it’s such a bad case of it. The breeder is a reputable one and she came from pedigree parents. im also having issues with her eyes but I will post that as a separate question. Thank you.