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  1. House Training Trouble!

    Hi guys, Thanks for your help. We have implemented some of your tips such as taking her on a leash outside and praising (verbal and treats) when she does go as well as limiting any unsupervised inside time to a play pen which has seemed to be helping. Haven't had an accident inside for a few days! We'll see how we go though :D In regards to her being told "bad dog", I would like to clarify that this isn't being yelled at her in any abusive tone at all but more a stern "no this isn't okay". I would agree that this is no way to house train a dog if this negative reinforcement was her only feedback but as it is, we are teaching her that it isn't okay to go in the house, and that going outside is a rewarding, happy experience. As Dogsfevr pointed out, she obviously cannot be assumed to know going inside is wrong and we aren't making that assumption at all. We are simply telling her firmly but un-threateningly that it is not okay to go inside. Again, thanks for all your help guys! She is making leaps and bounds and while the journey isn't over yet, I'm confident that we're a fair way there
  2. House Training Trouble!

    Hi folks, We recently added a purebred Great Dane pup. She is now just over 17 weeks old and we got her from the breeder at 11 weeks of age. She has settled in to our lifestyle very well and is generally a very delightful dog. She is very food motivated and so easy to train in obedience. Aside from some usual pup problems (chewing with teething etc.) we haven't had issues - except for getting her house trained! We have a decent sized, safe and high fenced yard and ideally she would be an inside/outside dog. This isn't the first time we've had a puppy and we knew accidents would happen and were prepared. Initially when she went in the house she was told "no, bad dog" and then taken outside for a few minutes. She was praised heavily when going outside. However despite it being 6 weeks since we have had her she has shown no changes to her behaviour. We have made sure she has easy, constant access to go outside should she need to whenever she is in the house but often times she will be allowed inside and within 2 minutes of coming in the house will do a wee on the floor (usually the carpet)! She isn't at all affected by being 'told off' and instead seems to relish the attention. We have tried ignoring her when she does something bad but this has not seemed to help at all either. This has been happening about twice a week since we got her. We are not expecting her to be perfect yet but the fact that it seems like she will often try to come inside to do her wee is getting extremely frustrating! Has anyone had any issues like this with a dog before or have any tips on how to stop this? Anything is appreciated! Thank you